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The Mesolithic Lunar Calendar

The other day i have been writing about the Moon and its importance for our ancestors in ancient times and today i came across a very interesting article about an archaeological finding which comes to prove what i have writen, about our ancestors guiding their lifes through the phases of the Moon rather than the Sun as we do today. 580 more words


Fran Hallaristninger till Hallmaninger

Från Hällaristninger till Hällmåninger (och Fångstgropar)/From rock art to rock painting (and elk trapping pits)

In my last blog post I wrote about a field trip to a series of Swedish rock art sites including Nämforsen, Glōsa and Gärde – all situated near rapids or fast flowing water. 535 more words

Rock Art

Skulls, Shamans and Sacrifice in Stone Age Britain | Mesolithic video

Mesolithic videos update

Having had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an antler ‘headress’ in situ in the 2015 excavation season at Star Carr earlier this year (plus shed loads of flint, wood, antler and bone), here’s a short video from the dig team. 81 more words

British Archaeology

From Pre-history to civilization [History opt.] - Part I

Palaeolithic age (2 M.Y.A) and Mesolithic age (10.000 BCE) :

  • During this phase the people lived in very small nomadic communities.
  • They used tools and implements  of stone which were roughly dressed with clipping…
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Monument Examination: The Cat Stones (Aill na Mireann) - A Bronze Age Site

Time Period: Primarily Bronze Age (2500 BC  – 700 BC in Ireland)

Site Type: Natural Feature / Ceremonial Structure

Importance to Humanity: Shows evidence of construction and early organised ceremonial worship. 2,057 more words


The Cave

The cave is in a small cliff on the hillside. A dark hole in the grey basalt cliff, it is intriguing and curious, otherworldly even, inviting us to investigate. 759 more words

Past Landscape

The Mesolithic Period: Ireland's First Settlers

What is so mysterious about Ireland?

It is a difficult task to state who founded Ireland? This is because Ireland itself was never one unified country under one leader until maybe the coming of Brian Boru. 456 more words

Mesolithic Period