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Ram tracking on March Hill

I’ve been reading up on the mesolithic hunter gatherers who spent some of their time on March Hill on Marsden Moor and this weekend seemed a good time to walk back up there for a mooch about. 656 more words

Marsden Moor

#FlintFriday | A little small talk between friends?

If you’re a Twitterer and ‘into’ archaeological lithics and flint, why not join the weekly #FlintFriday celebration of beautiful flint—as well as good fieldwork, recording, curation and sharing? 90 more words


Bronze Age pastoralists played key role in spread of crops in Central Asia

New archaeobotanical data highlights cereal cultivation by mobile groups during period 2800 to 1200 BC.

Mobile pastoralism first appeared on the steppes of Central Asia during the fourth millennium BC, and was established by the early part of the third millennium BC. 501 more words


Wolf Brother's Wildwoods, a Forestry Commission Scotland resource

Michelle Paver’s series of books set in Mesolithic Scotland, The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, published by Orion Children’s Books are a fantastic read. The world is full of demons and spirits and one boy, Torak, is the hero who can save the world. 543 more words

Teaching Resources

Fishing was rapidly abandoned by first farmers in Britain and Ireland

Lipid residue study finds evidence for dramatic change in diet after Neolithic transition

Agriculture reached Britain and Ireland around 4000 BC, but the means by which the transition from hunting, fishing and gathering occurred has been debated for many years. 338 more words


New posts?

Eight Forty five on a Sunday morning and I’m on the foreshore again. Only me on this occasion. The competing draw of Mothering Sunday, Charlton and Greenwich or a conference at Reading left me to my own devices. 328 more words

Pencils to digital pen and back again. An Illustration update.

Well the weeks and months are falling off the calendar at a fair rate. It’s not been a bad first quarter of the year, and I’ve made good progress with using my digital tablet to work with much more than pens and paints etc. 371 more words

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