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The Ancient Egyptians

THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. (c. 3500-1000. b.c.)

The sun beats down on my back and I take a small sip of beer to alleviate my thirst. I am a scribe, a writer, and am making records for the Government of my land. 1,341 more words

Tapputi – c. 2000 BCE – Babylonian Mesopotamia

The first chemist in recorded history…

Tapputi, a perfumer, is not only the first known female chemist, but the first chemist of any gender known to history. 493 more words


The Rise and Fall of the Akkadian Empire

The first great empire builder known to history was Sargon of Akkad who founded the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia. Dates are always uncertain in ancient times, but the best guess for the reign of Sargon seems to be from 2334 to 2279 BC, though some accounts have his death at 2215.  973 more words


Prepping for Friday's Ritual

The day after tomorrow (on my birthday no less) I will be doing the second ritual of excoriation against Daesh (may they and their supporters be devoured from the inside out by putrefaction). 172 more words

Mesopotamian and Canaanite Deities - A Project

As part of my ongoing ritual excoriation of Daesh, I would like to have prayer cards made for a number of Mesopotamian and Canaanite Deities, specifically: 169 more words

Prayer Cards