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17 February 1917 - Bysshe bashed

After the losses on the 11th and 12th of February, 2 Wing RNAS suffered another casualty today in Mesopotamia today.

Lieutenant Gordon T Bysshe was on patrol in his Bristol Scout D (8996) when he was attacked and shot down by Lieutenant Emil Meinecke in his Fokker DIII. 29 more words


Sunday 24 February 1917 - We Lost 671

Second Lieutenant William Neilson (Cameronians) is superintending men of his company at grenade throwing at a Brigade Grenade School in France. A man throws a grenade from a trench while Captain Neilson is standing out of the trench behind him. 195 more words


Book Review : Alchemist Of The East

Blurb View:

The Alchemist of the East is an enchanting saga of gaining wisdom, following one’s heart and, above all, chasing one’s dreams.
This is a story of… 593 more words

Book Review

Çanda Girê al Ubaid

Dibe ku ev şaristamiyeke hine taybetiyê xwa hene. Dibe ku ev şarisatnî kane bibe dergehekî mazin ji bona naskirina şaristaniyê rojhelata navîn. Yê ku li bin veşartinê bi xwastin da têne veşartin…? 1,598 more words


Çanda Uruk û Jemd Nasr

Ev jî çandeke gelekî kevine, bi temenê xwa digihê 4000 salê berî zayînê. Ev  çand temamkirina an jî berdeamiya çandê ji berî wanine. Çandê ku me dîtin weku ya girê Halaf û ya girê al Ubaid. 1,745 more words


Captain Aubrey Reilly, 69th Punjabis

In the north transept of Bath Abbey is a tablet memorial to Captain Aubrey S. T. Reilly of the 69th Punjabis, who died at Sannaiyat in Mesopotamia on the 22nd February 1917, while attached to the 92nd Punjabis. 2,192 more words

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Myth Monday: And I Was Crying and I Was in The Bath

Last week on Myth Monday, we looked at a couple of Mesopotamian myths featuring guys trying to unlock the secrets of life (as you do). 879 more words