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INKTOBER Middle Eastern Guard

This is my second entry for Inktober 2015. He’s supposed to be a guarding soldier from some ancient Middle Eastern civilization, such as those along the Fertile Crescent from Mesopotamia (Iraq) to Palestine.


Week 9: Agriculture & Food

I was so anticipating this week, since food is my everything. Ya know, besides my husband and kids, of course. Of course. As it turns out, avoiding the dentist for 12 years is a… 156 more words

Ancient Near East

Iraqi Americans: The Lives of the Artists

Artists have a story, a story that affects their pallets. In Iraqi Americans: The Lives of the Artists, I wanted to honor artists of Mesopotamian ancestry by giving them the opportunity to share their incredible stories themselves rather than risk having others to do it for them, as was the case with Layla Al Attar. 162 more words


The Rise and Fall of Sumer and Akkad

7 JUNE, 2015 – 14:44 BRYAN HILL

The Sumerians were the first known people to settle in Mesopotamia over 7,000 years ago.  Located in the southernmost part of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (modern day Iraq), Sumer was often called the cradle of civilization. 1,351 more words


I shall be an awful knut

Atherstone, Coonoor, Madras
Oct. 6 1915

My dear old Elsie

I cannot thank you enough for your delightful birthday present which came this Mail – you could not have sent me anything more useful than the handkerchiefs & tie and I shall in future be an awful knut1 – I shall enjoy the smokes too – it is naughty of you to spend… 764 more words


Chapter Four, Lesson 1: Mesopotamia, The Sumerians

Silt: fine particles of fertile soil

Irrigation: a system that supplies dry land with water through ditches, pipes, or streams

Surplus: an amount that is left over after a need has been met… 72 more words

Campbell Drive K-8 Center

Week 8: Trade & Transportation

This week we covered trade and the transportation used for trade. The coolest thing I found was the Fertile Crescent Foundation, which does research and treatment on the Tigris River. 140 more words

Ancient Near East