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99 Word Blog (#028) “Just Following Orders”


That phrase fabricates the lamest, flimsiest excuse ever uttered by war criminals found up and down the military chain of command.

“Just” following scramble-brains Hitler’s orders unleashed the Holocaust… the slaughter of six million innocent Jewish people… bombed beyond recognition European real estate and infrastructure. 54 more words


Podcast: Boating with the Ubaid people

An interesting look at one particular aspect of Ubaid culture, one principally found on the western shore of the Persian Gulf. While the Ubaid people have their predecessors, it was they who appear to have first occupied southern Mesopotamia near to the gulf. 11 more words

World History

The Zykes-Picot Agreement of 1916

The Sykes-Picot Agreements of 1916 (Britannica) (see Sykes-Picot Agreement, Wikipedia), was a secret agreement between England and France, concluded with the assent of Imperial Russia. 283 more words

Middle East

Home From Dujailah - Braunton Sergeant's Experiences in Mesopotamia

In August 1916 one of the journalists from the North Devon Journal visited Sergt. George Kerswell in Braunton. George Kerswell was born in Dunsford, near Exeter, in 1878 before moving to Braunton. 1,005 more words

Friday 25 August 1916 - We Lost 626

The Armed Boarding Steamer HMS Duke of Albany (Captain Robert Lyttle survives) is sunk by a submarine twenty miles east of the Skerries in the North Sea.  546 more words

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