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Lutto Lento - Till Tomoro. After The B-52's

Some spooky stuff going on here. The B-52’s crux of it all is mmmhph yeah.

Mesopotamia…seriously <3



Mesopotamia is my favorite country in the world tour so far. I love their diet, which consists of grain or beans, figs, dates, water,  beer, meat, fish, and milk.  111 more words

Thursday 25 November 1915 - We Lost 193

The Battle of Ctesiphon, Mesopotamia ends. This brings a standstill to the advance up the Tigris. The British have suffered 4,600 casualties and the Turks approximately twice that number. 180 more words


22 November 1915 - Fulton falls

The long awaited attack on Baghdad began today as British forces began their assault on Ctesphion, and after severe fighting, which lasted all day, the enemy’s first and second lines were captured, together with eight guns and 1,300 prisoners. 83 more words


Wednesday 24 November 1915 - We Lost 214

By this morning the 6th (Poona) Division has lost more than half its strength at Ctesiphon, which at only 8,500 men is well under establishment before the battle began. 205 more words

Indian Army

The World's Oldest Love Poem

by Joshua J. Mark, published on 13 August 2014

In the 19th century CE, archaeologists descended on the region of Mesopotamia seeking physical evidence which would corroborate the biblical narratives of the Old Testament. 1,384 more words