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The Assyrian Treasure

Now, I know you’re used to seeing me write about Mesopotamian history and culture but I promise this isn’t another essay about some ancient artifacts or traditions. 1,787 more words


The Lion Beggars of Kuutu

An imaginary folklore by Andrew Assaad

Ah, that’s an interesting cuneiform tablet. It was unearthed back in the thirties at a site about a mile away from the banks of the Tigris, in a small city state called Kuutu. 611 more words



Today I asked one of my friends to allow me to share her thoughts on Bride Price .Enjoy yourselves!

In two months, I will turn twenty-four, and will officially have crossed the age at which I used to plan to get married. 2,178 more words


Israelite Lamb & Chickpea Stew

Between 750BC and 587BC, the people of Israel (Samaria and Judah) faced the threat of a growing Assyrian Empire, followed by the Neo-Babylonian Empire which took their place. 1,036 more words


Saturday 20 May 1916 - We Lost 276

The British regain the mine crater on Vimy Ridge lost three days ago.

The South bank of the Tigris to Shatt-el-Hai is cleared of Turks. 85 more words


Friday 19 May 1916 - We Lost 276

Britain and France conclude the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

Turks evacuate the Es Sinn position on the right bank of the Tigris.

Today’s losses include:

Indian Army


Words are powerful. If you allow them to, they have the ability to release transformative feelings in the human heart – for good or bad. Words also have the ability to motivate us to action, or stop us from acting. 233 more words

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