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The Epic of Gilgamesh

First published: This translation published 1977

Found: In the cancellation bin of my college library

Pages/read time: 304, two days


The Epic of Giglamesh is a Mesopotamian epic poem which, in the grand scheme of all things literature, is the grand-daddy of epics. 537 more words

Ellan Read

Šumerian Society

Recently, science described the ancient society, pointing to the periods when the craft was separated from agriculture and when the priesthood got separated from the craftsmen. 2,066 more words


History Lesson Log #1: Intro, Prehistory, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt

As I mentioned in my last post, I plan to keep a detailed record of what resources we’re using for history on this blog. Sometimes we may simply read about a topic, and other times we may go on field trips and do activities. 722 more words


Tuesday 11 September 1917 We Lost 441

At Etaples fearing further outbreaks the Base Commandant requests reinforcements as the demonstrations gain momentum.

After a five hour battle the S S British Transport (Captain A T Pope) while carrying explosives and shells from Brest to Archangel rams and sinks the German submarine U-49 in the west Bay of Biscay. 375 more words


Sunday 9 September 1917 We Lost 433

Étaples is a notorious base camp for those on their way to the Western front.  Under atrocious conditions both raw recruits from England and battle-weary… 469 more words


3 September 1917

Extract from war diary of LCpl Alexander Saunders, 8th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Reveille 5 am. Lewis gun Class 530 to 7, 830 to 9. Cigarette issue 2 packets (20) wash pants and bathe.

Sun Princess and Moon Sultan

This young princess would be destined to rule a kingdom that venerates the sun as their supreme goddess. This one is more of a fantasy design rather than anything historical, although of course there are strong ancient Egyptian/Kushite influences on her jewelry. 46 more words