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A brief history of Mesozoic theropods research in Gondwana

In the last decades, the study of Gondwanan non-avian theropods has been highly prolific, showing that the group reached a great taxonomic and morphological diversity comparable to that of Laurasia. 595 more words

Warning Mode

The plates on this Stegosaurus ungulatus blaze bright right to reflect its aggravated, defensive mood. I personally like to imagine that Stegosaurus and its cousins could change the color of their plates much as chameleons change their hide color today (it’s an idea that evolved from the portrayal of Stegosaurus turning its plates red as a warning display in the old BBC documentary Walking with Dinosaurs).


Rainforest Glade

Tyrannosaurus rex stands at the edge of a glade deep in the rainforest. There’s a bit of compositional inspiration here from the paleo-artist Doug Henderson, who’s known for dinosaur scenes dominated by the foliage rather than the animals themselves.



Kentrosaurus aethiopicus was a cousin of the Stegosaurus which lived in Africa during the late Jurassic period, around 155-150 million years ago. It stood out from its North American cousin by having narrower plates, a greater number of spikes on its tail, and then a pair of large spikes sticking out of its shoulder. 22 more words


Proud Survivor

This Triceratops has had a chunk of his frill bitten off by a tyrannosaur, but he is proud to have lived to tell the tale. 22 more words


Mesozoic Worksheets

Worksheets on the Mesozoic for Portal Quest! book 1: The Vortex.

These are meant to be used as open book, retention tools, and will not work unless children are allowed to use and reference the book as they fill these out.


Cretaceous Jungle

Deep in a Cretaceous jungle where dinosaurs roam free, this primitive bird is stretching its wings while perched on a mossy tree branch. It’s probably one of the Enantiornithes, which thrived throughout the Cretaceous Period before becoming extinct along with all the non-avian dinosaurs. 14 more words