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Book Review: Dinosaurs: The Grand Tour

Books about dinosaurs literally fill up entire entire store and library shelves due to the numerous amounts of them (we are after all in a “golden age” of paleontology!) While when I was younger I’d buy or ask for nearly any book relating to dinosaurs as I got older (and the books became more in depth and factual) the books began to raise in price. 1,076 more words


News: Bat-like dinosaur discovered in China

I’ve just GOT to write about this.

Recently, a new dinosaur from China has been discovered and named. It is called Yi qi – yes, that’s it’s full scientific genus and species name; not very impressive, is it? 320 more words

Euanthus pannii

I’ve seen some coverage of this new putative Jurassic flower published online and open-source in Historical Biology a few weeks ago, so I decided I’d share my thoughts. 807 more words

Anthropocene, the Human Epoch

We’re living in the Human Epoch, an age where humanity is profoundly affecting the Earth’s biosphere. We can’t control it – too many of us running off in all directions – but we may be able to precisely date its beginning. 469 more words

Neat News And Thoughts

When Life Almost Died

Friday, 13th of March, 252 Million Years Ago

The most famous mass extinction is the one that killed the dinosaurs. (Check it out on Logarithmic History, April 6). 287 more words

Early Mammals: more than just a pretty smile

Early mammals, it’s all just teeth. This is certainly the discouraging message you hear as a student learning the ropes in palaeoscience.  Like my compatriots, I acquired a negative mammal attitude by osmosis. 672 more words

February 2015 - best month for views yet

My views are booming! February has been the best month in terms of the level of views on this website, with over 800 views! That breaks every other month’s record. 38 more words