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TV Impression - Walking With Dinosaurs

Walking With Dinosaurs

Series length: 6 episodes

Genre: Documentary

Going in chronological order, I watched this after Walking With Monsters. However, it was made several years earlier, in 1999. 210 more words


Bringing fossils into the digital age | Digital Collections

What do an Iguanodon’s thumb spike, an ichthyosaur paddle and a shark fin spine all have in common? Well these are just some of the specimens we’ve digitised as part of the museum’s eMesozoic project, headed by Fossil Mammal Curator Dr Pip Brewer. 849 more words

Curators And Researchers

Those Wondrous Rocks - Valley of Fire, NV

Our scenic drive into Valley of Fire (click here if you missed it) and the breathtaking trail explorations left us wanting more.  Fortunately we had a week to explore this park, and did we ever rock out! 640 more words

Where We Have Been

Vice: After 160 Million Years of Success, Climate Change Killed Ichthyosaurs

Vice: After 160 Million Years of Success, Climate Change Killed Ichthyosaurs

“Ichthyosaurs, dolphin-shaped reptiles that lived alongside the dinosaurs, were among the most formidable marine predators in Earth’s history. 584 more words


News: New Species of Late Cretaceous Hadrosaur found in Alabama

Two weeks ago (though I’ve just heard about it today), paleontologists published a report that they had discovered a new species of dinosaur which inhabited eastern North America during the late Cretaceous Period. 314 more words

Life Is... #surprisingthing in #science #poetry

Age of Fishes, Paleozoic,
Age of Reptiles, Mesozoic,
Age of Mammals, Cenozoic,
Age of Man, Anthropocene,
These all miss the major theme.
Outstanding feature of life’s scene… 97 more words


Gold and Green

Antonio López Garcia
Los Melacotones y Las Rosas (detail), 1956

The Consent

Late in November, on a single night

Not even near to freezing, the ginkgo trees… 461 more words