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This would be a sketchbook doodle of Utahraptor ostrommaysorum, the largest known of the “raptor” dinosaurs (or dromaeosaurids). The scaly hide I have portrayed here is purely speculative, since other members of the dromaeosaurid family seem to have been feathered like modern-day birds. 41 more words


Eyes in the Dark

One misty night in the late Cretaceous, the eyes of a Tyrannosaurus rex glow like twin embers. The effect is caused by a structure in the back of each eye called the… 46 more words


Parasaurolophus Sings

Parasaurolophus walkeri, among the most famous of the hadrosaurid dinosaurs, sings a resonant song deep in the jungles of Late Cretaceous North America, circa 75 million years ago. 31 more words


Unwelcome Invitation

No matter how friendly they may appear, never take your tyrannosaur neighbor’s offer of hospitality at face value. Especially if they’re inviting you over for dinner.


Stegosaurus Drinking Doodle

I doodled this Stegosaurus ungulatus drinking in my sketchbook around 1 am when I had difficulty going to sleep. Stegosaurus is a really magnificent animal, by the way.


Diving into the Deep

A giant icthyosaur of the shastasaurid family dives into the ocean in search of deep-sea prey such as squid. Recent fossil discoveries in the UK… 56 more words


Megalneusaurus, Before and After

Years earlier, I posted a picture of a Late Jurassic pliosaur known as Megalneusaurus. The illustration that I put up was based heavily on a skeletal drawing of… 150 more words