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Prehistoric Shark Week, Day 5: From Whence the Great White?

Greetings and welcome to the final day of Prehistoric Shark Week! All week we have covered sharks that swam in Arkansas during the Cretaceous Period. The dinosaurs get all the press, but we had a diverse marine ecology during that time. 863 more words


Miss 5 and the Mesozoic

Last week Miss 5 announced that she was done with dinosaurs, for now, and she wanted to start working on The Ocean. More specifically the coral reefs. 1,140 more words


Day 4 of Paleo-Animal Fest

Welcome to Day 4 of Paleo-Animal Fest, celebrating the creatures populating the Arkansas seas during the Cretaceous. Today we are going to look at a fish that has survived for an amazingly long time. 529 more words



The cheetahs of their time, these were among the faster dinosaurs around; velociraptors were fierce pack hunters that would take down prey many times their size. 247 more words



One of the icons of the dinosaur world, this is one of those that is instantly recognisable.

Meaning of name: Roof lizard.

Size: 8-9 meters (26-29 feet) long. 293 more words


Tyrannosaurus rex with scales

Behold my masterpiece.

This is the fifth T. rex drawing that I’ve posted to this blog, and it is the hardest drawing that I have ever had to make. 193 more words

Dinosaurs in the Otways

For many years palaeontologists, locals and tourists alike have been finding and unearthing a rich history of dinosaur remains along the coast of Victoria and hardly anyone knows about it! 955 more words