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A small gesture of greeting

This story is about a person working with a freezer plant.

It was almost the day end. Everyone had packed up to check out.

A technical snag developed the plant and he went to check. 209 more words


Look for God in others

One day, when I was a freshman in high school,

I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school.

His name was Kyle. 815 more words


A Message from Kyuuichii

I apologize that this isn’t a script update, but a couple of the current project members recently received an email from our original manager kyuuichii ^-^. 525 more words


The Four Pillars Of Any Democracy

It is spiritual resilience that is keeping the country united despite the inherent diversity . Our spiritual ethos ensures everybody the freedom to practise whatever faith they believe in, making it the most democratic and tolerant country . 571 more words


How Lord Krishna teaches the message of detachment -1

Not about leaving the world
Detachment is not leaving the world and fleeing into the jungle of loneliness (though there is a separate procedure for that which was followed in India during ancient times, and the people who followed that discipline were called Vanprastha—the one who has gone to the Jungle), but to be unconcerned about the dualities of this world. 593 more words