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Goodnight thought

I’ve seen a quote on pinterest that says: “Do what you love, love what you do”, and it’s true. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love. 93 more words


Weekly message 8/24-8/30

Flowers have strong power for us.

When your family or friends get sick, then you bring flowers to then.

When you want to express love or appreciation, you give flowers. 77 more words


अगर न रखेंगे इंद्रियों पर संयम तो-

क्या आप जानते हैं मानवीय स्वभाव से जुड़े दोषों में से एक ऐसा भी दोष है, जिससे बुद्धिमान और नासमझ के बीच का फर्क खत्म हो जाता है?


A truly Inspirational Woman

When I first though of what I was going to write in this #blog I had a lot of ideas.
Then the one idea that I actually liked was talking about the thing that #inspired me the most to achieve my #dreams since I come from a country where dreams are killed every day by a bomb or a new terrorist or a very bad economy. 651 more words


21 Is The New 31

“It’s not about the years you’ve had in life, but the life you’ve had in your years.”

1. You’re weirdly offended when people say you look young.

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