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A truly Inspirational Woman

When I first though of what I was going to write in this #blog I had a lot of ideas.
Then the one idea that I actually liked was talking about the thing that #inspired me the most to achieve my #dreams since I come from a country where dreams are killed every day by a bomb or a new terrorist or a very bad economy. 651 more words


21 Is The New 31

“It’s not about the years you’ve had in life, but the life you’ve had in your years.”

1. You’re weirdly offended when people say you look young.

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What Kind of Author Will You Be?

Today, I want to talk about discovering what kind of author you want to be. 

I’m not talking what genre, what constitutes success, or advocating traditional publishing vs. 873 more words

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Have you ever met one of your favorite romance authors in person? Yes? How did it go? And if you haven't yet, how would you handle it? In our dreams, we want them to be well...magnanimous towards us, right? And as authors, we love to hear from our readers. But, what if the dream wasn't the reality? Here's some food for thought for authors and readers alike...

My Romantic Thought of the Day 49

True love is when two separate people can be a complete mess, but still find union and happiness.



सत्संग और कुसंग -८-

दुराचारी पुरुष और दुराचारियों के कुसंग का फल

जिस प्रकार सत्संग से बहुत अच्छा प्रभाव पड़ता है, उसी प्रकार कुसंग से बुरा प्रभाव पड़ता है । भगवद्भाव से रहित नास्तिक, विषयी, पामर, आलसी, प्रमादी और दुराचारी व्यक्तियों का सँग तो प्रत्यक्ष हानिकारक और पतन करनेवाला है ही; इनके संसर्ग में आये हुए मनुष्य, पशु-पक्षी और जड पदार्थों का संसर्ग हानिकारक है । जो लोग गंदे नाटक-सिनेमा देखते है, रेडिओ के श्रृंगारपरक गंदेगाने और वार्तालाप सुनते है, घरों में ग्रामोंफोनादी पर गंदे रेकॉर्ड चढ़ाकर सुनते-सुनाते है, व्यभिचारियों और अनाचारियों के मोहल्ले में रहते है और उन लोगों के संसर्ग में आये हुए पदार्थों का सेवन करते है, उन पर भी बुरा असर होता है एवं जो लोग मोह या स्वार्थवश ऐसे लोगों का सेवन, सँग या अनुकरण करते है, उनका तो इच्छा न होने पर भी-शीघ्र पतन हो जाता है । 33 more words


First Post: Whohooo!

This would function as a sort of agenda, linked to a NomadsImprov Twitter account where we can keep people up to date on coming events, post new videos and the like. 17 more words


What is the value of Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind and we keep accumulating things like mobile phones, cameras, DVDs, VCDs, iPod, cars, digital instruments just for the heck of it. 420 more words

Practical Advice