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Weekly message 10/5-10/11

You are more powerful than you think and feel.

We often forget about power we have within, but remember you are powerful.

You can change what you see now. 49 more words


Weekly message 9/28-10/4

Mercury retrograde will be finished some time soon.

You might have some frustration during the period, but stay calm, be patient, and be objective.

You will find a way to resolve your frustrations. 89 more words


20 Ways to Simplify Your Life-2

10. Kindness is a blessing returned: Be kind to others. One day you may be old, sick and in need of kindness yourselves, knowing that you were kind to others and that they want what’s best for you is a load off, and will reduce the fear you feel about the future. 485 more words


Weekly message 9/14-9/20

Mercury retrograde will be starting soon in this week from September 17th to October 9th.

You might experience miscommunication, transportation delay, broken computer, project delayed, review again your contract etc. 128 more words

Not Responding!

How many times have you sent an email or text to someone and they don’t respond? Personally, I find this to be very rude.

I know we all get busy and not everything needs a response but I find when someone is asking you a question it is only common courtesy to respond. 64 more words


Weekly message 9/7-9/13

Sometimes, we worry too much about something we cannot control, or someone who you really love etc.

But, please relax.

How you feel about these things and people who you love, God knows everything. 114 more words

20 Ways to Simplify Your Life-1

Let’s face it, life has become way too compilated. Between spending huge parts of our time at work, paying our taxes, making sure everything in the house is in order, fixing our cars, making sure our kids are ok, working for their future and dealing with the ever increasing demands of technology from us, sometimes we just feel screaming: “Enough! 482 more words