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Lonely Light

Each day you’re away my soul shatters a little more as I try to keep my heart at Bay. Each time I must reach deep within to feel a little less alone again. 125 more words

Dear Love

There is something indescribable

In a way we feel content

With crashing waves and sand under our feet

Like how the wind touches our skin… 47 more words

Message In A Bottle

Science In A Bottle - Beakerhead 2017

IdeaMosaic is going to Beakerhead! In September 2017, IdeaMosaic will be on the streets of Calgary, as part of the Four to Six program at Beakerhead. 245 more words


Filmed this cover using my new Mooer Echoverb pedal.

Watch this space for a new video tomorrow that is a “behind the scenes” series I’m starting – really hope you like it…

Music Industry Commentary

Around the World...in seconds

Yesterday I had the most views here that I’ve ever had! How exciting! I love to see all those little flags lined up, showing all the places people visited from. 245 more words

A Quick Thought

Irish Sisters Send Twin Messages in Bottles, Both Found Days Apart in UK

There are a few kinds of message in a bottle stories I am a sucker for. Near the top of the list are those involving kiddos, and those highlighting the plastic pollution plague in our ocean. 595 more words

Message In A Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Sometimes when I don’t know what to write, I take out a book that someone bought me for Christmas which has emblazoned upon the cover: 500 Writing Prompts. 726 more words