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Message in a Bottle


Spiralling to a height in Middlesbrough’s Central Gardens is a giant sculpture of a bottle. At first glance, the object is tipped to an angle with white painted metal whirling around the outside, taking on the form of a glass vessel. 482 more words


Message in a Bottle

Year 3 came back to school to find that Mrs Easterbrook had been on a windy walk by the sea on Boxing Day and found a message in a bottle. 14 more words

Sail Away

This term, the Year 3’s are sailing away to the Americas. They are looking at how the Tudors started to explore the globe and what perils they faced. 19 more words


Meet Kelvin and Sammie Euridge–father and daughter.

Ah, wait. They’re kind of far away in that photo… let’s see… Oh! Here we go:

It’s September 1983. 601 more words

Clint Buffington

Cry Me a River Marathon

Over the past couple of days I have been dong a marathon of all the Nicholas Sparks movies. One might think I owned stock in Kleenex. 69 more words

Our Everyday

First breath

“…A little word. Some short and lovely line of ink on old vellum. An endless book of impressions, feelings and dreams you hide even before yourself is within just this little word like the essence of your soul. 16 more words

Message In A Bottle