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I lose my friends way too quickly, too easily, too regrettably.

I don’t think twice before I jump into a new friendship, especially when we are bounded by activities, such as orientation, or competitions, or seminars, or whatever. 121 more words

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Archives of the Sea: "A Message From a Wrecked Bark"

What is a “Bark,” you ask?

Ya’ll, this is a Bark!

Also known as a Barque, this style of sailing ship 579 more words

Message In A Bottle

Building the "Message in A Bottle"

Building the “Message in A Bottle”

Combining a physical object with the invisible and connecting it to the datasphere to create an object that is interactive is the project “Message in a Bottle” 462 more words

Message In A Bottle

Mysterious 12 year-old message in a bottle has the man who found it scratching his head

They’re seen as being impossibly romantic, sometimes heartbreaking and often mysterious.

But messages in bottles date back to 310 BC and had a more practical motivation, when a Greek philosopher tossed one in the water to see if the Atlantic flowed into the Mediterranean. 223 more words


The "Im-material"

Miriam Webster defines the


– as not consisting of matter

– of no substantial consequence

This definition is in response and is in opposition of the “material” which does matter and has consequence.   5,472 more words

Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle.

Project Summary:

  • 3 d printed bottle – printing starting on Monday 9th Jan 17
  • Light sensor Toby/Nick to link this with the Witty
  • Cork lid need dimensions of gap…
  • 198 more words
Message In A Bottle