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Day 17: Might as well tell you...

To LN –

If you are who I think you are and if I am who you think I am – if you are who I want you to be – and if you are looking for me – and if it’s true you hid your secrets in me that night you reached for me across the sea – of blankets – and if you meant it when you said you’d read anything as long as I wrote it – 41 more words

Day 16.B: Bad Writing #1 (A series)

C-, See Below

Hocus pocus / horus chorus / rosiscrumptious

ecstasy below / (x2, see below):

♫ to enough that is / let’s and uh gets / a little bit is come in since / could from another… 53 more words

Message In A Bottle


The calm after the storm,

Like a soothing caress after a tantrum,

Reminds us that even in the fiercest of times,

There is always another sunset restarting time.

754 more words

Review: Message in a Bottle, by Matt Hunt.

Tonight we read a book that has been on Big Brother’s bookshelf for a few years now, and it’s been at least a couple since I read it with him. 383 more words

Book Review


it’s realising that I have to let it go.

That nothing was ever the way I wanted it so badly to be.

That all that energy was misplaced, misused. 65 more words


Day 3: u/WhenYourHeartSpoke

So, a couple of days ago, I posted on r/MessageInABottle, because I’ve been missing LionNose and it’s the only way I know how to reach out to him. 555 more words

Save The Last Dance For Me - Message In A Bottle

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“Do you remember what this is?”

“A message in a bottle?”

“You write down your wishes in a letter and put it in this bottle, then you throw it into the sea.” 87 more words