Welcome to Russia

β€œTo make a statement

Through the process of attribution:

That is knowledge.

It is to convey an identity.

To categorize and ask to conform.”

Patrick Imbert… 1,495 more words

Words And Images

Set Sail

You were the wind in my back and I the sail to your ship. Together there was no place we couldn’t reach. With the open sea before us we set out to find a new land we could call our home. 160 more words

Dear Love

Message in a (plastic) bottle

Well, it’s been a long time but I’m back in the blogosphere, at last! What a busy two months it has been. Uig News dominated my April, then I was pushing to finish my tartan lounge refurbishment, and lots of other outstanding works in the house, before Mum arrived for the last week of May. 282 more words


Oldest Message in a Bottle – level 2 | News in Levels

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

14-03-2018 15:00 A woman in Australia was picking up rubbish on a beach when she found a bottle with a message inside it. It turns out that the bottle came from Germany in 1886, and the message was also old and from a German captain. 25 more words

English Language

Message in a Bottle

HIR3 is about to set sail! We will have satellite communication on board, so we can keep you up to date with our progress;) If you wish to receive news from HIR3 Sailing Tribe, please… 59 more words


Sending My Condolences to Insecurity and Self-doubt

Long, but worthwhile, post alert!

Like many people, I listen to music when I work. It helps me focus and block out distractions. Most of the time it is instrumental type music (with orchestral movie soundtracks being my favorite, nerd alert!), but not all of the time. 1,909 more words

Twilight Strolls

Hazy twilight strolls,

When day and night gently caress each other,

In perfect harmony,

Like lovers grown old together.

~ Katie Dion