My favourite 5 novels (to date)

Fiction novels will forever be one of my favourite forms of escapism. It’s always nice to find a gateway from our daily life, not because our reality is insufficient but rather because it’s interesting to experience different realities just by reading a few words and having our minds imagine those scenarios vividly. 523 more words


Off & Away | by Cale Atkinson

Off & Away by Cale Atkinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jo’s dad has a pretty awesome job. He works for Off & Away Message in a Bottle Delivery, making sure that every bottle gets to the right home. 196 more words

Book Buzz


In a search for “Freaks” for his waxworks at 101 Trongate, Glasgow, Albert Ernest Pickard set sail from Liverpool on the 4th August 1904.

Aboard the RMS Carpathia he put a message in a bottle and throw it into the Atlantic: 21 more words

This Is Not Yesterday

Message in an Internet Bottle

This week has been strange. Really REALLY fucking strange. I got a message on Tuesday which shocked me to my core. I’m not exaggerating, I was literally lost for words. 278 more words

Refracted Reflections

Pushed together, ran with the current,
The tides seemed to know where I wanted to be.

Reflections on this broken sea never repair the same. 170 more words



Ripples broke the smooth, still surface of the pond, emanating from the object the little girl had thrown in. She watched it, barely even blinking, until her mother’s call broke her attention. 856 more words