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Why I love her

This post is dedicated to the queen of my heart.

         I love about her the grace of her words, the majesty of her walk, the charm of her smile. 380 more words


Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Seven: Anger

If you are calm whilst standing in the centre of a terrible storm, you can handle anything.


My Aunt and Uncle have grown quite fond of me and I dislike it, a lot. 433 more words


Ramadhan Diary ~ Day Six: Concentration

When you lose focus, you can either struggle, experience luck, learn something new, or experience everything all at once.


Whilst offering my prayers in congregation, out the corner of my eye, I saw my cellphone disappear. 358 more words


Getting No Message Is Also A Message

After a journey which spanned over 4 days and 3 nights, I checked my message inbox,There was not even a single message from anybody. Then all excited I checked whatsapp, there were about 500 messages in more than 8 conversations. 519 more words


S.O.S. Open

today until Sunday.

If you need someone to talk to,

ask questions about anything,

a friend,




Message from My Angels/July 4th

Dearest Dear Lauren,

This year will finally bring the long awaited changes to your country and to the world… How appropriate that today is “Independence Day”… Most of humanity has no idea of the changes that are happening right under their noses… but they will! 113 more words

Angels To You

Independence Day!

July 4th is a national holiday commemorating the declaration of independence of the U.S. from the British Empire. A lot of Americans are celebrating today by having get-togethers, barbecues and shooting fireworks. 294 more words