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Be happy with your own progress

Don’t know what date this is but I just simply know it was last Sunday when I wrote this.

On Friday I stepped on the scale to see what my weight was as my mom said I look like I lost weight I try not to make a habit to step on the scale every day or every few days because it can just end up overwhelming if you are not losing weight to what one thinks. 675 more words

Your God Is Too Small

The third message in our “Your God Is Too…” series from Griffith First Christian Church in Griffith, Indiana.

Another One (DJ Khaled voice) Lessons from my final childbirth

I haven’t come here to share with you in a long time. I would say I’m sorry,  but I’m not. It is unfortunate, but I’m not sorry. 709 more words



“Online”, both of ’em.
“Waiting”, both of ’em.
“Typing…”, none.
United by friendship, divided by ego!


Philippines' police using puppet of President Duterte to get anti-drugs message out to schoolchildren

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippine police, heavily criticised by rights groups for killing hundreds of drug dealers and users, are using a comedy puppet of President Rodrigo Duterte to get his war on drugs message across to Manila schoolchildren. 345 more words

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Spiritual inclination

“But as for you, son of man, your people who talk about you by the walls and in the doorways of the houses say one to another, every one to his brother, ‘Come now and hear what the message is that comes from the Lord.’  They come to you as people come, and they sit before you as My people, and they hear your words, but they do not practice them; for with their mouth they express loving devotion, but their heart goes after their (unlawful) gain.   429 more words

Bungou Stray Dogs review

Before anyone “reminds” me that I didn’t do a first impressions blog post, I want to tell that I know that. I forgot to do it and I’m so sorry, but by the time when I remembered I was already deep in this show. 370 more words