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When Loves Ones Pass

Dear Ones,

The pain of losing a loved one

Is very real indeed

However there is much you should know.

Your loved one when, when leaving the human body. 228 more words


Let us talk of love

Let us talk of love

And that which you call Valentine’s Day

Love should always be celebrated and enjoyed

Not only on one special day… 195 more words


You are perfect

Since the beginning of your time we have been here.

Angels have always assisted humans when required or requested.

Just because things don’t seem to happen the way you wish them to… 211 more words


The Universal Energy

We are with you

We have always been with you

Since the beginning of time

And We will never leave you

The law of attraction… 226 more words


Where did the time go?

Timing, dear one, is something only you created.

Time is like everything else.

Just an energy that human beings created in order to understand themselves better. 240 more words


Be Present

This message was channeled this morning, while journaling and the message is beautiful not to share-

There is only the now. The present moment.

For the future has not been created yet. 319 more words


change the yourself, change the world.

Oh dear ones

It is a time of heavy emotions and hard ships.

This is temporary.

For as a whole we can shift the vibration of this planet to one of love and healing. 286 more words