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change the yourself, change the world.

Oh dear ones

It is a time of heavy emotions and hard ships.

This is temporary.

For as a whole we can shift the vibration of this planet to one of love and healing. 287 more words


The Truth About Angels

Carl is no angel.  He is far from it. If I get too close to him while he is dozing on the couch, I have learned that if he is irritated by my proximity, he will let out a quiet but effective growl. 373 more words

No matter if you’re just getting started or

… intuitive gifts so that you can more easily tap into Divine Source, Angels and Spirit which gives you insights into your path, guidance about the right next steps to making the kind of difference you want to make … 250 more words

Angel Lady Terrie Marie

At its highest of level of vibration transformation …

Is waiting for you … BUT … if you wait too long … opportunities fade away, disappear.

What’s even worse, those kinds of opportunities may not ever come back your way. 310 more words

Angel Lady Terrie Marie

Do you … trust guidance you are getting?

So many times I hear — if I could just trust more, I could really take that next leap to the higher level in my business or career, raise my fees and know I could and would attract higher-paying clients and customers. 330 more words

Angel Lady Terrie Marie

Energy Portal Two Workshop

Take Your Life to the Next Level of Fulfillment, Contentment, Harmony and Joy, Prosperity and Abundance …..

…. the BluePrint for Energy Portal Two: Deepen Your Connection with Divine Source is …. 222 more words


August 30th Workshop:

*7 Ways to Open and Activate Your Channels of Intuitive Communication with Angels and Spirit

*Preparing, Consecrating, Protecting and Properly Storing Your Cards in Between Readings… 26 more words

Angel Lady Terrie Marie