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Asana Cara Niña

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

— Rumi.

August 22, 2019 ~ Today an invitation was given. The call was heard, and accepted.

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YouTube is closing its private messages feature…and many kids are outraged

People love to share YouTube videos among their friends, which is why in mid-2017 YouTube launched a new in-app messaging feature that would allow YouTube users to private send their friends videos and chat within a dedicated tab in the YouTube mobile app. 16 more words


Preferring what is Real

When you feel fear, we ask you to consider the word prefer. In some way you have preferred this state of contraction and reliance on false self. 727 more words


The moon revisited and Willow

Just over a week ago, I was meditating and had the sudden image of the moon along with the word Moon bursting into my head. With no idea what it meant, I searched for… 466 more words


Steve Smith's Benching Should Set The Standard For The Way We Deal With Injury Across All Sport

It’s probably safe to say that, given the importance Steve Smith has demonstrated to Australia’s ashes campaign so far this series, this is basically the only time in Australia’s sporting history where the thought of pulling Smith from the next test would be even comprehensible. 471 more words


20-08-19 Quest for truth, hidden truth in vaults, blame for atrocities,

Transcript Date: 20th August 2019

Note from Michael about this sitting: As normal I lit a candle at the start of this sitting, but after a few seconds it extinguished itself and I was joined by new energy unknown to me. 1,491 more words


Translating Infinity

My inner guidance over the years has been, “No need to concern yourself with detailed scientific explanations of your experiences with nonhuman intelligence. Just keep documenting it for a future time, about what this is like and how it changes you.” Frequency, resonance, and vibration deliver data from what feels like an infinite field of consciousness. 1,074 more words

Evolution Of Consciousness