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WhatsApp well on its way to hitting 1 billion Users: Now has over 800 million users

WhatsApp is currently the fastest growing messaging application, as it is showing impressive signs of growth that are much more than its closest competitors, such as Facebook’s Messenger, which has been stagnating on 600 million users. 136 more words

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Mercury: The First Rock from the Sun

Mercury is the innermost planet our Solar System and although no exact date is known of its discovery one of the earliest records comes from the Sumerian civilisation around 3,000 BC.   610 more words


bethere for iOS [v2.1]: Share betheres on Messenger as funny GIFs!

Now, with our latest iOS version you can share your upcoming tasks, activities or going outs as messaging invitations through Messenger! Once you’re up to posting a new plan you can tap on the Messenger icon, select among a nice range of funny GIF illustrations and then choose which Messenger friends of yours will receive the news! 44 more words


bethere app on BOOST TNW EUROPE 2015

We are happy to announce here that after voting for us and having juries picking some of the total of startups to pitch on stage we will be presenting bethere on stage on April 23, 12.30pm at… 145 more words

Actualisation of 'Muhammad is The Messenger of Allah'

It is essential for every muslim to know what is required of them when they make this testification, the second half of the shahadah, ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’. 212 more words


An unequal internet better than no internet according to Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has spoken out in defence of Internet.org, after a group of Indian technology and internet companies pulled out of the initiative, claiming it threatened the principle of “net neutrality”. 438 more words

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NASA's MESSENGER Spacecraft Is About To Crash Into Mercury

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Mercury is about to get a visitor.

The NASA MESSENGER spacecraft that’s been orbiting Mercury and collecting data for four years is about to run out of fuel. 458 more words