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Poking into the Rambam's business

I suspect I am re-evaluating work done by some historic saint, but it is quite eye-opening to evaluate the 613 and attempt to organize them into general concepts.   278 more words

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613 minus ......discovering the Chafetz Chayim.

My unscientific counts of commandments pertaining to the Temple, the priests, and sacrifices was a whopping 176.  Then there’s 4 about the King….which we don’t have.     154 more words

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Chag Shavuot Sameach ROIC Mishpocheh! (Happy Festival of Shavuot Rock of Israel Congregation Family)

As we approach the Festival of Shavuot in celebrating the Giving of Torah on Mt. Sinai and, the Pouring Out of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) on the 120 in the upper room; continuing to fill those who are thirsty still today, I hope this finds you closing the 49 days of Counting the Omer? 1,736 more words

Getting stoned: problems for those who woud be "Torah observant"

As a part of my move away from Messianic Jewish congregations I have finally taken a closer look at the 613 commandments.  I have always said that you cannot take just 10 and call it good, but there are some very hard laws in those 613.   292 more words

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Leaving Messianic Judaism

I have been involved in Messianic “Jewish” churches on and off for more than a close to 20 years. It was a way to satisfy my desire to fufill my obligations as a Jew and retain my belief in Y’shua as Messiah.   454 more words

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Day 4 of Counting The Omer What's Love Got To Do With It?

Here we are at Day four of counting the Omer, in the First week of 7 weeks, culminating in the Festival of Shavuot.

I have titled today’s count after the song title who’s tag line says so much of what the world sadly believes… “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” That title poses a question that deserves an answer……………………….Answer: EVERYTHING, if the world will ever reach it’s purpose, and potential. 1,018 more words

Day Two In counting the OMER " We are NOT alone! G-D Has Not, nor will He Ever forsake you!

For everyone who has been looking for “Day Two” of counting the Omer….Here it is!

We are NOT Alone…even if it looks, and feels like it sometimes…..Pick your head UP! 1,056 more words