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Thriller Live

Last night I was pumped to see the tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Thriller Live at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.

What happened after the doors closed and the lights dimmed was a DISASTER! 1,152 more words

See & Do

Class Review: Gelato Messina

I have been wanting to do the Gelato Messina class for a while. The classes are released a couple of times per year and sell out within half an hour so you have to be lucky! 882 more words


It began with dense fog. (Part 2)

(Click here to read part 1.)

The name of the picnic area – Musolino – reminded me too much of Italy’s erstwhile dictator, but we had just left the zone of the fog, and after the disappointment at the peak of Mount Dinnammare we were happy for any opportunity to stretch our legs and go for a walk in the forest. 479 more words


It began with dense fog. (Part 1)

Mount Dinnammare sits 1,130 meters (3,700 feet) above the port city of Messina and offers splendid views across the strait of Scylla and Charybdis, to Calabria, across… 308 more words


Wow, this ship is huge!

When you walk or drive along Via Giuseppe Garibaldi in Messina, a wide road running parallel to the shore and the port, you could at first sight believe that there is another row of multi-storey buildings behind the ones you’re passing by. 172 more words


Carol and the Kama Sutra.

DAYS 115-116.

There exists a fierce rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, so I was excited to make it to the latter to make my own mind up. 2,028 more words


Anoia; Hawthorn

And this little piggy went to…Anoia.

I’ve visited Anoia three times in the past three months. If I lived closer I’m sure this number would be much higher. 642 more words