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Naxos, the 1st Greek settlement

Mermaid and me

Volcanic rock in the sea

Church gate

Neptune or Poseidon?

Gateway to fun

Archeological ruins in park… 367 more words


In 2013 I was able to go on a ‘trip of a lifetime’ type vacation with my boyfriend, Nate. We were gone for nearly a month and absolutely fell in love with Europe, but we kept coming back to Italy. 1,134 more words


Conclusion of the 43rd G7 Summit - Taormina

The 43rd G7 summit has concluded. The second and final day focused on Africa, with leaders from the continent being invited to Taormina.

The final communique of the G7 dedicated the most space to foreign and security issues, the area which united G7 leaders the most. 485 more words


Day 1 of the 43rd G7 Summit - Taormina

One day into the G7 summit of 2017, and the group are just as divided as they are united.

A signed agreement on combating terrorism has been reached, with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who’s only attending the first day, leading calls for internet companies to combat extremist material being published online. 470 more words


The eve of the 43rd G7 Summit - Taormina

Taormina, the small coastal city on the east coast of Sicily will be inundated by political and security officials this weekend. The reason? The G7 summit. 482 more words



Taorminát legcélszerűbb vonattal megközelíteni. Vonatok Messina-ból indulnak és kb. 1 óra alatt el lehet jutni ebbe a városkába. A Messinai pályaudvar közvetlenül a kikötő mellett található és pár perc sétával elérhető. 80 more words

Messinai street art túra

A Distrart (Distretti d’arte urbana) projekt felhívására számos messinai street art művész, úgymint Maria Rando, Kuma, MaCa, Vanflowers, Nicoló Amato (és még sokan mások) festette ki a város villamosmegállóit és üres házfalait. 74 more words