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Cardboard box tower and a covered desktop - The Monday Messy Office Report - July 20, 2015

My Monday Messy Office Report returns!  I’m sure you were feeling incomplete without it…

Today two photos that show what I arrived to this morning: 533 more words

Accepting Differences: One Woman's Mess Is Another's Desk

Sometimes I look around my house and despair. I seem to have so much stuff. My desk is a great example. Along with the piles of notebooks, index cards, and scraps of paper, I have a stack of reference books, a bunch of journals, and a herd of critters — ceramic, knit, and fabric — who all keep me company as I write. 567 more words

Kit Dunsmore Writer

10 Things Workers hate about work (apart from work)

A new poll has revealed some quite pronounced differences between genders when it comes to finding things annoying in an office.

While messy desks, lateness and eating smelly food annoyed men and women, 56 per cent of respondents said they wouldn’t bring up their gripes with colleagues, with most citing “not wanting to upset team dynamics” as their main reason. 92 more words

Dick Lannister: Management Guru


My watch read 5.20am when I woke up this morning. I stared confusedly at it, wondering if I had only planned to reset it and never actually got around to winding it back, but confirmed with the help of my laptop which was conveniently in the exact position it was when I was using it last night and evidently feel asleep. 2,453 more words


You Want The Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth!

Honesty is the best policy, so they say, and honesty and transparency in small, indie business is something that you don’t see a lot of. So many one-man bands portray the image of “we” and “us” when it’s just one person in their pyjama bottoms all day at a laptop. 387 more words

Random Utterings


Now and then I paint representations of my work area (Desk, Clean Desk). It has been particularly messy these days. I’m not sure what motivated me to revisit my desk in its current condition. 326 more words

Personal Stories

A Method to the Mess

My desk is a mess. I don’t mean at this moment in time, I’m making a general statement. My desk is a mess 90+% of the time. 523 more words