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Now and then I paint representations of my work area (Desk, Clean Desk). It has been particularly messy these days. I’m not sure what motivated me to revisit my desk in its current condition. 326 more words

Personal Stories

A Method to the Mess

My desk is a mess. I don’t mean at this moment in time, I’m making a general statement. My desk is a mess 90+% of the time. 523 more words


Messy Desk but why?

I am often reminded of my messy desk by my family, colleagues and friends and hence decided to call my blog “My Desk is Messy”. I believe amidst chaos lies creativity. 159 more words

All Things Beautiful

NaPoWriMo 2015 - Day 6 - to write an aubade

Aubade   for   Cat

As I open my eyes, the door is now slightly ajar.

Today, as most days, she is first up, stealthy;

intelligent, alert, and sometimes a jolly nuisance. 167 more words

Does Having a Messy Desk Hurt Your Career?

Are you a messy desk person or a neat-desk person? If you’re the former, do you ever get worried that the boss will see your chaotic workspace, and think you’re disorganized, or even lazy? 183 more words


Science Shows How People With Messy Desks Are

Are you too messy? Instead of a filing cabinet, do you have piles of folders bursting to the seams? Is your Rolodex covered with doodles, while your drawers are full of loose business cards? 127 more words

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Messy Desk? Sign of Creativity

Messy Desk?  Sign of Creativity

By Shlomo Maital  

Say, is your desk messy?  Are you troubled by it?  Try to clean it up regularly, and fail?   401 more words

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