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The Tension Between Grace & Truth

Before I actually review the book, Messy Grace, I want to share with you some backstory.

I recently signed up for an organization that gives free books to bloggers so that they can read and review the book on their blog.   1,221 more words


Book Review: Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach

I don’t know Caleb Kaltenbach. Not really.

I “know” him in the same way I know everyone I know online — we connected a while back on social media, and I’ve “liked” and “favorited” a few things from him in recent months, and that’s about that. 676 more words


MESSY GRACE - Caleb Kaltenbach (2015)

Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach is an insider’s look at a pastor who has developed a deep and growing love for the LGBT community.  Pastor Kaltenbach has a unique perspective on this subject, as he grew up with parents who were gay. 335 more words


Space for Grace

“Gratitude prepares a space for grace to reside.”  A.A. old timer

I am a firm believer that there are two primary ways that God’s grace comes to us, there are unfathomable ways for that to occur but these are the two prime ones in my life: they are through a wound in our hearts and/or when space has been prepared.

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Messy Grace

[Book Review] Messy Grace

For months now, a friend and I have been emailing from across the world as we wrestle with, read about, and pray through our interactions with the conversations surrounding the LGBT community (and more recently, the U.S. 875 more words

Book Review

Book Review - Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach

I think this is one of those books that could not have come out at a better time. I know it will most likely get misconstrued in one way or another. 250 more words


Blogging for Books: Messy Grace

I’ll have to admit that when I first opened Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach, I trod very lightly around his arguments and stories, but about halfway through the book, I was nodding triumphantly and wondering who to share the book with once I’m finished. 747 more words