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Being Biased and Heartfelt Prayer

I am biased. And it’s not fair to Caleb or his book, Messy Grace. I am having a difficult time pulling quotes to share that more accurately portray his message. 240 more words

Messy Grace

Love Anyway

Caleb’s teaching in chapter three this morning is about sharing your beliefs with those who live opposed to what you believe. The key is the quote above – “It is possible to love others and not agree with areas in which they live their life.” So true! 88 more words

Messy Grace

God's Love is for Everyone

This chapter of Messy Grace is all about loving people and sharing with them how much God loves them. I cringe when I read this book. 108 more words

Messy Grace

Understanding Messy Grace

Caleb gets right to the heart of his message in chapter two – “if we are going to understand messy grace, then we have to understand how to love people, no matter who they are.” This is the statement that best sums up the chapter. 292 more words

Messy Grace

Coming Out at Church

The first chapter in Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach is about the first time he spoke as a pastor about his youth and growing up with a lesbian mother and a gay father (they were married, but came out, and got divorced). 330 more words

Messy Grace

New Book Day

I’m starting a new book Monday, but I thought I’d give you some background information on it and its author today.

As the byline says, “How a pastor with gay parents learned to love others without sacrificing conviction.” … 263 more words

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