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A Yo-Yo Without String Living

Pray tell, what good is a yo-yo without string?  I mean, really?  What’s its purpose?  Maybe it will make for a good late, late night infomercial?  904 more words

Kingdom Of God

The battle of Roses

These beauties are from my yard. I have a love hate relationship with them. The previous owners planted a gazillion roses in the yard. Ok, maybe only 20 rose bushes, but whose counting??? 359 more words

Messy Grace - Caleb Kaltenbach

First let me say that this was an informative, enjoyable read. It had Bible verses throughout, and used those verses to support thoughts and opinions stated in the book. 502 more words


Our Churches

I LOVE this quote! Caleb is right on the money with this one. In one of the FB groups I belong to, the subject of the Gospel came up in relation to how does it fit with all of the other rules and “suggestions” we are given at church. 133 more words

Messy Grace

Being Biased and Heartfelt Prayer

I am biased. And it’s not fair to Caleb or his book, Messy Grace. I am having a difficult time pulling quotes to share that more accurately portray his message. 240 more words

Messy Grace

Love Anyway

Caleb’s teaching in chapter three this morning is about sharing your beliefs with those who live opposed to what you believe. The key is the quote above – “It is possible to love others and not agree with areas in which they live their life.” So true! 88 more words

Messy Grace

God's Love is for Everyone

This chapter of Messy Grace is all about loving people and sharing with them how much God loves them. I cringe when I read this book. 108 more words

Messy Grace