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DADDY ISSUES: Rihanna Sues Her Father For Using “Fenty” Without Consent

ALEXA, Play ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ by Rihanna because she’s about to be in the courtroom with her father.

Girl! The tea is RiRi is filing a lawsuit against… 262 more words


Messed up in every ways possible

A different chapter, a different heading, definition, perspective and a different everything, perhaps a little too overwhelming like is this ever going to pass will it be over but it won’t be until you’re 6 feet under so i rise each day and look at failure and darkness in the face and i go yeah you are an essence of life but this book i am the author the master of the game i’ll use you i will call you when i need the bar high and you’ll be my measure gauge of where i want to be so sit back in line with the crew eat and get fat cos your work day is there too you’ll be beckoned when you’re needed. So the match began.

Studyblr Desk

I can’t ever keep my desk tidy. I have too many pieces of paper, notes, stickers, and notebooks… But I’d been out with mum and bought a few new candles, plus ones I’d bought before and never used. 82 more words


Roommates... They're a Problem.

I’ve had my fair share of roommates over the last four years.

I was lucky enough to never have to share a dorm room with someone. 1,048 more words


Polymer Bouncy Ball

Every child loves a good bouncy ball. Give your students an exciting chemical reaction they can make themselves! These bouncy balls are made from polymers and are safe for all ages to make and use. 581 more words


The Ghost Cat

The Ghost Cat

Imperfection is bliss.