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The Mess!

One thing everyone notices about baby led weaning is…the MESS!!!

When you take on BLW, you have to also be prepared to embrace the sometimes catastrophic, all-encompassing turmoil that comes with it.   801 more words


Too Many Cooks Make One Heck Of A Party

Celebrating men looks a lot different than celebrating women.

Women get excited about flowers, fancy decorations and chocolate.

Men are easy. Bacon. It makes everything better. 513 more words

Summer Drinks Surprise

Sameena picked up her phone and read the text message again:

Summer party tonight. 7PM. North Arcade bar. One free drink + entertainment provided.

She’d never actually met any of her co-workers. 4,033 more words


Sam Cleans a Kitchen

After Sameena’s first messy outing she had been waiting eagerly for another opportunity. But with a couple of weeks of forced mess-celibacy behind her she had almost given up hope. 2,094 more words


Yes, we do poop

As goddess-like I am in beauty and mind and all that, yes, I, like all women, do indeed have the normal bodily functions of mere mortals. 316 more words


Basically, I suck at it. I think I have a brain disconnect when it comes to cleaning.

When I married my first husband (aka Satan or Dickhead) I cleaned as much as possible. 586 more words

4. Hitchhiking - Toilet Letters 

If you’re ever in need of an adventurous way to travel the countryside, there can be no subtitute to rollerskates. However, if you’re among the group of travelers in society with a noticeable thumb and various questionable payment methods, there is another way. 233 more words