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An Introduction to Observed Power based on Yuan and Maxwell (2005)

Yuan, K.-H., & Maxwell, S. (2005). On the Post Hoc Power in Testing Mean Differences. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 141–167

This blog post provides an accessible introduction to the concept of observed power. 5,621 more words


A Surge of Questionable Systematic Reviews on Periodontal Therapy and Diabetes Mellitus

Currently, teachers experience a general problem, a surge of published systematic reviews where slightly modified search criteria have led to slightly different bunch of papers with slightly different results of meta-analyses. 1,174 more words


About City U Summer School '15

CityU Summer School in Social Science Research is aimed at offering advanced graduate-level training in methodologies and technologies of social science research. Our inaugural session will focus on two methods of big(ger) data research in social sciences by introducing students to meta-analytic and computational approaches applicable to the fields of communication, sociology, psychology, political science, etc. 102 more words

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The Self-Weighting Model Tutorial: Parts 1 and 2

This is a two-parts tutorial on The Self-Weighting Model (SWM), available at


In part 1, we show how the model provides a solution to the problem of computing valid averages from non additive quantities. 42 more words

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Defending the Decimals? Not so Fast!

In a recent article in Sociological Science, Jeremy Freese comes to the defence of ‘foolishly false precision’ as he calls it. To cut a short story even shorter, the paper argues for including these conventional three decimals when reporting research findings — as long as the research community continues to rely so much (too much) on p-values. 183 more words

Didier Ruedin

Science Has Finally Determined The Average Penis Size

It’s not exactly a big secret that men across the world are insecure about their penises. Really, spend five minutes on the internet, and you’ll come across somebody who’s obviously compensating for a perceived lack in the shorts department. 302 more words