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Everything is F**KED: The Syllabus

Come on, admit it. ┬áThis is the course you really want to teach. ┬áProfessor Sanjay Srivastava’s PSY607’s weekly topics include:
–Significance testing is f**ked
— Causal inference from experiments is f**ked… 54 more words

Everything is fucked: The syllabus

PSY 607: Everything is Fucked
Prof. Sanjay Srivastava
Class meetings: Mondays 9:00 – 10:50 in 257 Straub
Office hours: Held on Twitter at your convenience ( 629 more words

Reading Media Reports and Studies About Breastfeeding

Articles about breastfeeding books and breastfeeding research appear in the various forms of media on a regular basis. Sometimes they are reporting on the results of studies and sometimes they are opinion pieces. 1,109 more words


It almost feels like a shame to simply discard an analysis without keeping get a record of it somewhere.

Analyses should be recomputed at futuretime, because the interconnections between the variables cannot be fully projected down into writing. 57 more words

Transcranial direct current stimulation & cognitive enhancement

There’s so much research out there… So much that some time ago I learned that in science, as probably in other fields too, one has only to choose a side of an argument and then, provided that s/he has some good academic search engines skills and institutional access to journals, get the articles that support that side. 559 more words


Did I just find these "missing" papers in the meta-analysis on hiring discrimination?

When Eva Zschirnt and I were working on the meta-analysis on ethnic discrimination in hiring, I also run one of these tests for publication bias (included in the supplementary material S12). 448 more words

Didier Ruedin

Cumulative biology and meta-analysis of gene expression data

In talks that I have given in the past few years, I have often made the point that most of genomics has not been “big data” in the usual sense, because although the raw data files can often be large, they are often processed in a more or less predictable way until they are “small” (e.g., tables of gene expression measurements or genetic variants in a small number of samples). 1,191 more words