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Why Open Data is Awesome - A Completely Self-Interested Explanation

If you look at my CV, you’ll see that I have 3 published peer-reviewed papers.

Let’s not dwell on how small that number seems in terms of the academic job market. 517 more words

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New publication - Plant mycorrhizal status, but not type, shifts with latitude and elevation in Europe

Text by Guillermo Bueno

Understanding the distribution of plant mycorrhizal traits of the European flora should guide us to keep understanding and to expand our curiosity about the ecological roles and distribution of the mycorrhizal symbioses in plant communities. 464 more words


How to run a meta-analysis? A video tutorial

Christina, Page and I like meta-analyses. We are convinced they are a great tool to leverage past research in order to move forward: To gain an overview of the state of a field, to get an idea of research practices, to plan new experiments, and even to get novel theoretical insights. 252 more words

Paper Out: Prokaryote genome fluidity is dependent on effective population size

Last year, I had the pleasure to host (now Dr.) Nadia Andreani from the University of Padua in Italy for a six-month visit in 2015. She did lab work on blue, food-spoiling Pseudomonas but we also did a population genomics meta-analysis, together with BioSciences/ESI Research Associate… 217 more words

Paper Out!

Why are studies important anyways?

There is one simple and very straight forward way to answer : what makes studies so important?

It allows us to identify a problem and hypotheses on the causes.

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Who really does better at therapy a man or a woman?

Women and men can both go to therapy, can both talk about their feelings. It’s not that big of a deal to talk about feelings. I think that people are led to believe that men do not go to therapy, that therapy is something women do. 382 more words