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Influenza vaccine also prevents heart attacks, UNSW study finds

The Sydney Morning Herald Harriet Alexander August 27, 2015

It is like riding a bicycle to avoid the traffic and accidentally getting fit.
People who get the flu vaccine are less likely to have a heart attack. 114 more words

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ESA 2015 Tuesday Morning Talks IV

This talk was essentially a meta-analysis of manipulative selection experiments to try to understand the environmental causes of selection. The following questions and answers were addressed: 537 more words

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The Time is Right to Remake Super Metroid

Metroid.  It’s probably the actual best franchise Nintendo has created.  Solid gameplay based on exploration and item progression, a story timeline that actually makes sense and features a consistent protagonist and universe (lookin’ at you, Zelda), and some of the most memorable and atmospheric worlds ever navigated in games.   1,163 more words

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Perioperative Tunes Ease Patient Pain and Anxiety

Providing patients with an opportunity to listen to music during advanced imaging such as MRI scans is well accepted. Now, according to a recent Lancet systematic review/meta-analysis… 166 more words


Large study identifies trans-fats as the risk factor for heart disease, not saturated fats.

Fats, we love to eat them but they are often the target of much hate from the latest health crazes. They make you fat, they clog your arteries, or they give you heart disease. 768 more words


Mario Maker Musings

Found a post on a forum I frequent bemoaning the presence of a full $60 price tag for the upcoming Super Mario Maker, a game that, funnily enough, involves designing one’s own Mario platforming levels.   701 more words

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Video Lottery is the Most Harmful Form of Gambling in Canada

This paper summarizes the degree to which different forms of legal gambling contribute to Problem and Pathological Gambling (PPG) in Canada. Legal gambling activities were compared using meta-analysis of publicly available data concerning Canada’s legal gambling industry. 59 more words

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