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Concurrent Replication

“A form of replication that has received not much attention yet is what I will call concurrent replication. The basic idea is this. A research group formulates a hypothesis that they want to test. 101 more words

The Good News and the Good News About the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis

Part 1 focused on the history of the treatment of proliferative lupus nephritis. Now for Part 2…

“The bad news is that your lupus is affecting your kidneys. 1,093 more words


[M.A.P.L.E. VI-24] Can't Expand

I get to be quite meta in my post today, because the picture that I will show you is a picture from “behind the curtain.” And it’s yet another annoying formatting thing, that seems to come up periodically on my blog… contrast “ 184 more words


Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis, Birzeit University, May 2017

This workshop takes a step-by-step approach to the practical tasks of conducting and reporting a new Systematic Review to answer a question about the effects of an intervention.  188 more words

Systematic Reviews Workshops

Slides: "Bayesian Bias Correction: Critically evaluating sets of studies in the presence of publication bias"

I recently gave a lab presentation on the work we have been doing to attempt to mitigate the nefarious effects of publication bias, and I thought I’d share the slides here. 96 more words


Do You Want a Record Consultant?

If you’re a fan of sports, then chances are you make statements concerning the winning or losing team. Die-hard fans may rattle off historic details about the failure or success of certain teams. 597 more words

Medical Writers

An Overview of Recent Correspondence Tests

In a recent IZA working paper, Stijn Baert offers a long list of correspondence tests: field experiments where equivalent CV are sent to employer to capture discrimination in hiring. 134 more words

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