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Acupuncture for Chronic Pain is effective -Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis says


Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis

Andrew J. Vickers, DPhil; Angel M. Cronin, MS; Alexandra C. Maschino, BS; George Lewith, MD; Hugh MacPherson, PhD; Nadine E. 275 more words


1. StacksExchange: My New Favorite Form of Open Science

This is my first post, on a personal blog where I hope to occasionally share my thoughts on psychological and sexual science. My focus will often be on methods and statistics, but I may occasionally discuss specific articles that I find interesting. 725 more words


An Introduction to Observed Power based on Yuan and Maxwell (2005)

Yuan, K.-H., & Maxwell, S. (2005). On the Post Hoc Power in Testing Mean Differences. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 141–167

This blog post provides an accessible introduction to the concept of observed power. 5,621 more words


A Surge of Questionable Systematic Reviews on Periodontal Therapy and Diabetes Mellitus

Currently, teachers experience a general problem, a surge of published systematic reviews where slightly modified search criteria have led to slightly different bunch of papers with slightly different results of meta-analyses. 1,174 more words


About City U Summer School '15

CityU Summer School in Social Science Research is aimed at offering advanced graduate-level training in methodologies and technologies of social science research. Our inaugural session will focus on two methods of big(ger) data research in social sciences by introducing students to meta-analytic and computational approaches applicable to the fields of communication, sociology, psychology, political science, etc. 102 more words

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