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How to Tell it How it is!

Well, actually, in the name of honesty and an unerring commitment to the truth, far greater rigour is, and must be, demanded here of not only the description itself but the very details composing and forming it — and let me tell you, it just so happens that that is what I am gonna darn well give y’all, with all the masculine, steely resolve pre-1980s Hollywood heroes and heartthrobs employed when it  came to  getting “their girl”.)  I am sure—though, on second thought I am not so certain; no, not certain by a long way. 321 more words

The Reflex: Writing in the Dark

The post is about writing and self-reflexivity or meta-fiction.

It seems to me that writing is naturally self-reflexive. Especially creative writing. Why that is I don’t know but it goes back all the way to Homer’s epics and the dawn of Western literature. 434 more words

Creative Conversation

A few days ago I wrote a post about having a conversation with one of the characters that I was writing. I figured I might as well post the actual conversation as well: 763 more words


It's too early for it to not be dystopian

I was born in the back end of paradise at the foot of a wall. Now I’m old enough and ugly enough to fend for myself. 270 more words


Books versus Vignettes

I wonder how long I drag out the self-referential fox jokes for. Until they’re as frayed and meatless as scraps of dried up kebab dragged from a 6am takeaway by hungry urban vermin. 327 more words


By Your Hand

Imagine a woman. And not just in the abstract; see her in your mind. Her hair, the clothes she’s wearing, her jewellery and makeup, the colour of her eyes. 1,639 more words


Auburn Against the Green

In the park I am a nobody. A nothing. A part of the foliage, the cut grass, the dirt and twigs. Invisible to the human eye as they pass by with pushchairs and dogleads or sit on the bench midway round hunting Pokemon on their pocket computers. 320 more words