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GABBLER RECOMMENDS: On ‘The Cursed Child’ as fanfiction, and where the problem really lies by Michal Schick

“This kind of self-awareness is, to varying degrees, inherent in fanfiction. Transformative works are necessarily built on the platform of canon, expanding above it in countless ways. 596 more words

On Writing

Moonlake’s Meta fiction (3)

The following three bits of meta fiction are written to tease out a set of two legendary places called Still and Limbo that I wrote up for one of the quests at the Citadel. 1,056 more words


The Garden of Data Bugs

The afternoon heat was dry and gentle, whispers of clouds slipping across the blue sky. The mugginess of the previous week had cleared, the thicker clouds lifting their watery weight from our sweaty backs. 411 more words


Moonlake’s Meta Fiction (2)

Another of my meta fiction pieces, in fact this is part of the first piece I wrote for the Citadel when I first joined up as a member. 767 more words


This is Not a Novel - David Markson

Genre: Experimental writing
Pages: 190
Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Opening Line:

“Writer is pretty much tempted to quit writing.”

What caught my attention first was the title of this book declaring explicitly that it wasn’t a novel.

458 more words
Book Blogger

Shop Dropping: A Spooky Story about People Who Put Things on Retail Shelves

I worked in one of the last bookstores in town. Print wasn’t dead, but it was on life support. The neighboring restaurants drew in most of our business. 2,637 more words


A Dangerous Thought

A lone traveler sits under a dying apple tree. He talks out loud.

“Oh what a thought! Wait until you hear this thought. More of a thought in a memory than a thought, but it still plagues me, still gets to my root, still keeps me awake at night. 417 more words