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Adventures in web domains

Welcome, welcome! This site has been a long time in the making… currently learning WordPress so that I can stop telling people I have a web domain with no content, and start saying that I have a living, breathing website.

More to come!


The Cabin in the Woods is about as meta as horror gets

First things first – don’t make the mistake I did and read the Wikipedia plot summary for The Cabin in the Woods before seeing it. I told myself “I’ll never see this but I’m curious what all the hype is about,” and I regretted that decision as soon as the movie started. 480 more words

Movie Review

RPGs Were His Life...Literally 

As the lightning cracked in the purple sky

And the cameras panned over my birth

My parents knew I was the guy

Who’d be destined to save the Earth. 240 more words


Intertwined Destinies I: A Great and Terrible Power

In the ‘Intertwined Destinies’ meta series, I intend on taking a deep dive into the mysterious connection between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. 2,846 more words


Cameo Alert: Yoon Doo Joon and Yoon So Hee On "Because This Is My First Life"

Yoon Doo Joon on a segway. Need I say more?

I know.

I’ll share the lovely makjang show-within-a-show scoop anyway.

Our “Let’s Eat” and kpop bae, Yoon Doo Joon, had a cameo on “Because It’s The First Time”, along with Yoon So Hee (“Memory”).   63 more words

Korean Dramas

Our team is growing

We’ve added five more to our ranks in the last two months, bringing our total size to 32 employees. Their resumes feature words and acronyms like ‘CTO,’ ‘Co-founder’ and ‘Editor.’ You might recognize their names from publications and presentations that advance the field. 545 more words


How Long Should Stories Be?

I have a new poll. This concerns that old bugbear, story length. Tell me what your favourite length is, if you have one. And do feel free to expand upon the issue in the comments.

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