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Traveller: We Are Moving Forward

Incase you had not heard, there has been considerable discussion online about the new licenses that DriveThruRPG put up last week Friday. At first glance these licenses are pretty good: you get to publish whatever you want for the system with an easy path to becoming a publisher. 205 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises

i did the thing again

…where I spend hours on the internet researching life rather than doing life.

Now for some talk about shoes and life plans.

So I’ve started trail running, and honestly, that should just read as some mild jogging downhill on rocky dirt trails, and some huffing and puffing while I walk up the mildest of inclines. 653 more words


Scream: Season 1 (2015)


What I liked:

  • Noah Foster. Holy crap, this guy! I absolutely adore him. He is so geeky and I find that immensely cute, but aside from that, I find him to be a great character.
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Progress Report (03/05): Reasons & Ruminations

Hello everyone. Today, a slightly different kind of update.

First, however, I’ll quickly start with the regulars. IFF has seen perhaps 100 words or so written, so not much.  1,046 more words