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Latest scrambles from Tumblr

Greasemonkey script to restore the Tumblr sidebar. It was a little bulky/long for my screen, so I downsized the font to 14pt and the line-heights to 16pt, and, look, now I can get to my sideblogs from the dashboard with a single click! 146 more words


Is It Wrong To Create Happiness for Characters in An Alternate Universe?; Nagato Yuki-chan and the Importance of Fanfiction

This past weekend, me, my friend, and her brother had managed to marathon the entirety of Mawaru Penguindrum in two nights. The rewatch was memorable – Penguindrum is one of my favorite shows, and I was happy to share it with a friend who was expanding her own palette of anime for the first time. 1,022 more words

By Illegenes

Heart of Faith Published

The cover art is something I grabbed from US government archives under public domain, this time using the site run by the federal highway folks. They have these nice tourist drives with pictures listed on their site. 52 more words


The Creation of Content for the Reader or the Author

Anyone can blog; Not everyone who blogs will have an audience.

To have an audience is to have people who follow your content.  These people are there for your opinions, be it in agreement with their own or otherwise.

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The What Award?

It’s coming up to 3 weeks since I began my blog, and thanks to WordPress’s fancy stats page I’ve been able to track the flow of reader traffic passing through each day. 1,194 more words