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First Post: An Explication

This is my first blog, so I guess I should start off by explaining my motives behind writing what will probably be a sporadically updated blog. 68 more words

First Post

128kb (day 93)

I need to post twice today or I’ll officially be behind a day. I’m technically already a day behind but I don’t want to admit it because when I started this I said that missing a post would be a signal of the beginning of the end. 119 more words



So I AM in the hospital in Singapore. But my phone is permitted in my ward (weird, but nice) and I’m using my dad’s phone as a WiFi hotspot. 97 more words

Week 48 updates

December is approaching and nothing much has changed…

This post contains some impressions about Crazy Rabbits and Starry Sky ~After Spring~. 807 more words


Taking a Breather

Hi internet!  It’s been a while – let’s catch up again.

Let’s see.  A while ago I launched my first commercial game on Steam.  The game was in development for far longer than originally intended, and its release was much overdue. 504 more words


Coffee in the Morning by Russ Bickerstaff

She sat there with her hands around a cup of coffee looking out the window at passing traffic. Tomack Alto tried not to stare, but she was a total stranger sitting there in his kitchen in the early morning and she had come to his door speaking something to him that he had never expected to hear. 989 more words



Dear readers,

I’d appreciate it if you could indulge me for the next few paragraphs. There’s a bit more for you at the end.

Dear Small Beds & Large Bears, 384 more words