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Hastily-written scheduling update

Once again, a slight change in plans since I find it difficult to keep to the schedule at the moment. Basically, drawing the mnemonics takes slightly less time than the idiom illustrations on average, but it’s less predictable how much exactly for each, so it’s difficult to schedule for it. 82 more words


I've been absent again!


Long time hearing from me, huh?

My apologies; when I disappeared for that short while due to the website restructure and all the busy stuff I was dealing with at that time, I was only expecting that to only last a few weeks or something. 531 more words


What is Technomaschine?

Technomaschine is a blog dedicated to classic techno music, usually ranging between the mid-80s and late 90s.

What is techno?

The name for techno music was created and spread by the legendary techno producer and dj, the ‘Godfather of Techno’ Juan Atkins. 358 more words


Possessed by a Vampire by Susan Griscom

Title: Possessed by a Vampire

Author: Susan Griscom

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

They possess the power to make their dreams come true—but it won’t be easy. 2,442 more words

Cover Preview

What is this?

Readers and Texts is an informal blog where I talk about my experiences moving into UX from academia / market research / religious studies. Originally it existed on my SquareSpace portfolio, but I decided to separate out the informal tone from the more polished portfolio work. 84 more words

In All Creation

Like so many others, I am compelled to create. Through voice, music, and the written word, the overwhelmingly ambiguous essence of my inner world transforms into a more manageable, relatable and (very occasionally) valuable format. 1,822 more words


Household Conversations

It’s the middle of the day and we happen to all be hanging out in the living room, chatting casually. I’m blogging.

Whore: (reading my… 226 more words