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high concept

  • The look of the film is simply how visually appealing it is to the public, usually before its release. Jurassic Parkwould show the world dinosaurs as they had never been seen before.
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Concept Bank

I mean, like, genuinely afraid

My name, for the purposes of this blog, is Sal, I am 19, and I don’t have opinions.

Okay, this is not exactly right. If you ask me what I thought of some webcomic’s latest update or of an abstract moral dilemma you just came up with, I will probably give you an answer, and quite lengthy at that. 489 more words


You Heard It Here First

I haven’t done link posts on Putanumonit for two main reasons.I waste enough hours reading stuff on the internet, I hardly need extra encouragement to do so. 3,238 more words


The Love Series 1

My love burns.

Singeing the cords of my straining heart

Breaking the frail bonds of reason
My love is hot.

Lava racing down my brow… 33 more words


Announcing: Digital Paper

Congratulations! You’ve found the very first post in this blog. There’s no computer science in this post—only a bit of philosophy on why this blog exists. 145 more words

One of my dad’s favorite sayings is, “the worse the experience, the better the story.”

Let’s test that theory.

I’m giving away copies of my book… 167 more words


5 Things (3.23.17)


I’m in the middle of my second ~life~ transition and I’m handling it better than I handled the last one I think?

I graduated from college last May but the majority of my friends and I stuck around our college town. 649 more words