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So what did I do today? Not very eventful if you ask me.  I adulted a lot: I finished packing for storage (later on today).  I taped everything together, fought with boxes, blehhhh.   75 more words


Kiznaiver Episodic Blogging for Crunchyroll

I’m not usually one for overt blog updates; however, this news is fairly big and I’m really excited about it. It also affects actual content here. 87 more words


It's a start...

I have a deadline to hit for getting this thing rolling so here is a small first step in the direction of publishing much more compelling content!


Tubular wiles

(A sharp-eyed reader has alerted me that yesterday’s yojijukugo is a repeat from last August! This is pretty embarrassing, but it also gives us an interesting glimpse into my writing process through the similarities and differences between the two posts. 144 more words


I created this blog so I can train myself to write something every single day, even if it feels like the most mundane day ever.  Like today, I started with exercising, packing, procrastinating, more packing, and tomorrow I get to pack some more and log what I have stored and what I haven’t.   94 more words


Five Things: That Make Me Close the Book

It’s time for another Twin Thursday with Rachel from Undivinelight! As always, be sure to check out her post!

So, last week I looked at five things I absolutely love in a few of my favorite books or series, things that keep me rereading them time and again. 780 more words