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Meta: Reading Girolamo Riario (Da Vinci's Demons) as on the Asexual Spectrum

I head-canon Da Vinci’s Demons’ Giralomo Riario as somewhere on the asexual spectrum. Not necessarily completely asexual but possibly grey-asexual or demi-sexual, maybe with some sexual attraction to all genders; I also think he could be biromantic and/or… 2,266 more words


Why You Read This Blog Instead Of Actual Poetry

Were it a time of day

And we a natural feature

It would liken us to feel

A passive emotion.

So ere it be

That words long forgotten… 45 more words


Meta Monday: My, Richard III, What Big Muscles You Have (and That's a Good Thing)

I went to see Richard III at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ (STNJ) yesterday afternoon. It’s the story of the last Plantagenet king of England—a man who lived and fought through much of the War of the Roses. 592 more words


What's Going On Here?

I’ve always been fascinated by technology, and I’ve been learning programming since my early days of high school. First, I learned the basics of computers by tearing them apart and reassembling them. 492 more words


In The Beginning...

Well, here we are again.

Numerous times in the past I’ve tried to start a blog only to ultimately “cleanse” (delete all my shit) in order to start anew. 320 more words

First Post

This Blog

today i’ll count as something of a milestone

one hundred followers!

Thank you all for reading, following

believing, or not.

i’m not really doing this to see how many followers i can amass, but to explore and share what I find, in the world, in myself.  40 more words



As someone who writes a lot but hasn’t found a lot of good places to put my writing, I’ve decided to start a little blog to share some of the shorter things that I write.  41 more words