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Preview: Season 0, Episode 10…and some special news.

Today is a special day, not just for the sake of this preview. Today marks the one-year anniversary from the day I first conclusively decided to write this story, which I marked by making this website. 767 more words

Sonic The Hedgehog

Moving to a new site

Hello everyone! I am sorry to inform you, but this is the last post I am going to make on this blog… because I have moved to a different site! 198 more words


[Meta] Running Appeal

Waterfall across rocks.

01.20.17 – Shuttered

You slipped up, tripped up, dropped a knee; called down and out so the play stopped count and we reset with huddle, while you muddled through injury, medic inquiry and looming physical therapy. 318 more words

The Elusive

First Post!

While I will be posting reviews of things I’ve either had for awhile or have owned for awhile, I want to approach them anew prior to doing the review. 51 more words


Drizzle Downwards | An Introduction

Hello, this is Rohan, currently a full-time National Serviceman from Singapore, and welcome to Drizzle Downwards, my online literary portfolio. I have been dabbling in the literary arts since I was in Secondary 3, but only now do I take my hobby seriously enough to make a dedicated blog for it. 299 more words


The Big City is fundraising and will continue to do so through the Winter. Modest means ensure every donation matters,  even coins in the couch cushion help. 61 more words


Just like the landscape

In the way other people’s minds probably do, mine moved along a band of topics in the middle of the night like radio stations or a wheel at the fair, a big arrow that stops and settles. 217 more words