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deep nature intro class: 15/3/21

Hello deep naturalists!

Once again I am delighted to offer an interesting, fun introductory class in deep nature gardening. The next “deep nature 101″ class will be held here in Menlo Park on Saturday, March 21. 480 more words


nightmares of words and music

What benefit, and to whom, might there be to me (almost) “mindlessly” buying $60 worth of books on Lithuanian history and poetry, ostensibly so I can revise the (Poetry) Book Review? 1,012 more words


HICTWFAV: Chapter 3: I'm not stealing if it's in my name, right?

How I Came To Work For A Vampire

3: I’m not stealing if it’s in my Name, right?

March 5, 2023

7:29 A. M

Portland, Oregon… 741 more words

Lolita 52 Week Challenge: Week Forty-Five

Week Forty-Five:  Something that was a gift

I was oscillating between two different items for this, but they were both from the same person, so I decided to go with the most recent item, my Metamorphose Necklace. 123 more words

"Change is the essential process of all existence."

It might be a bit weird, to basically resurrect a blog that has been without new updates for far too long (i’m working on a big althistory/conlang project) with a post about someone’s death, but here we go: 274 more words


¿Por qué no?

Una pregunta sencilla que aplica al 98% de todo lo que hago. El saber que puedes haberte perdido de una gran oportunidad por no intentarlo es algo que me motiva a hacer lo que en varias ocasiones me sale bien pero en otras llego a fracasar. 603 more words


se due persone remano nella stessa direzione, si aiutano davvero?

Ora, questa è ovviamente tutta un’enorme metafora di una situazione quotidiana a me successa e credetemi, non è facile riordinare tutto il casino che siamo riusciti a fare in due persone. 178 more words