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Page Break

Well, I got some cobwebs to clear out in this here blog. I want to start writing more and collect the stuff I do somewhere, so I’m hoping to use this place more. 223 more words


Introducing Investigations.

  1. I want to name this blog ‘Investigations’ but I feel like DigitalRunes is a good name too. The content will be of an investigative style, questions and most likely incomplete thoughts.
  2. 145 more words

Is this thing still on? Is anyone still here? Well, whether you are or not, I think I’m back. I’ve been complimented on this blog by so many people in the last few months, all apparently unaware I’d more or less stopped writing it while snowed under, that I am very glad to have cleared enough off the decks to be able to pick it up again. 16 more words

Meta B2.198

The title may make more sense if I note that the (natural) log of 9 is 2.198 (to four significant figures).

I decided it was time for a metablog as I have just discovered that GofaDM has sailed past its 600th post without even noticing.   623 more words

Zen and The End

Zen.  When most people see this word, they likely contemplate spirituality, or meditation, or philosophy, or Buddhism.  Or they may even conjure images of NBA supercoach Phil Jackson.  645 more words


Uptown Funk You Up

In case anyone was wondering where I got the blog tagline, it’s from my current jam. Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy!

If you don’t like it, don’t worry–I’m going to be changing up the taglines occasionally.


Proceeding with Caution on the A to Z Challenge

This week I noticed the alphabet soup popping up on my blog…

And I started to imagine a wise guy noticing this too and then starting to tinker with my post trends, trying to spell a dirty word.  38 more words