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Finally, a Ramble

Ah! Another Sunday! And, so, another recap of the week so far!

What’s that you say? I haven’t done any weekly recaps so far? Not a single act of reminiscence? 552 more words


This blog was made for you and me

Since we’re all here, I might as well tell you where I’m thinking of going with this blog. That way, everyone knows what to expect from each other, and you don’t have to question why you’re reading this. 189 more words


Blogging blog

I write a blog post in my head every so often, and in the past few months almost every day. Once upon a time, before parenthood and studying-while-working-full-time, the head posts materialised (or digitised) on an old, long-gone weblog. 194 more words


Meta Blog

Blogging is hard. Self reflection is even harder.

Previously, all my experience with blogging could be linked directly back to Tumblr– a platform where angsty pre-teens discover self expression through glamorous photos and cliche quotes. 240 more words

2017: onward and upward

2016 was a complicated year, to put it mildly. On the one hand, we had unqualified scientific successes: the discovery of gravitational waves by LIGO ( 800 more words


private gz posts - which blog

Background — I have a few dozen “private and confidential” blog posts about work experiences and plans.

Choice: recrec blog, private view
Choice: 1330152open blog… 74 more words


Spend your winter on Mars and the outer Solar System!

I’m pleased to announce the first CosmoAcademy classes for 2017! CosmoAcademy is where experts in various areas of astronomy and planetary science teach you in small online classes.  223 more words