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Proceeding with Caution on the A to Z Challenge

This week I noticed the alphabet soup popping up on my blog…

And I started to imagine a wise guy noticing this too and then starting to tinker with my post trends, trying to spell a dirty word.  38 more words


Time For A Science Break

Happy Monday to all six of our regular readers, two of whom are our mothers. I’m taking to the interwebs today to make a quick and very exciting announcement: Aaron and I are hard at work on a brand-new website! 168 more words


Let's Play Wheel of Fortune with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!

With just over a week to go, it is time to prep for the April 2015 A to Z Challenge!

Let us have a little fun with my choices of words throughout the month.  539 more words


All She Wrote (so far): Error Statistics Philosophy: 3.5 years on

Error Statistics Philosophy: Blog Contents (3.5 years)
By: D. G. Mayo [i]

September 2011

4,800 more words

A bit of housekeeping

I’m working on a final look for this blog, so I’ll be experimenting a bit here and there, and the appearance will change. Excuse our dust!


Happy Anniversary to me... ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

One year ago to the day, on 28 February 2014, I wrote my first blog post, Introductions are in order.

So… Happy Anniversary to my blog! 564 more words


Reflections after 494 WordPress Followers (because waiting for 500 would be just too gosh darn easy)

My thoughts and reflections on the blogging experience to-date…

WordPress, the Blogging Tool

Initially, I tried several different hosts and found, by far, WordPress.com’s to be the easiest and most straightforward to use.  674 more words