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May the 4th Be With You

So those of you who have been on Twitter today have probably already noticed what day it is. Star Wars day! According to the Wookieepedia… 133 more words

LS 566

Definitive metadata textbook now in its second edition

Metadata remains the solution for describing the explosively growing, complex world of digital information, and continues to be of paramount importance for information professionals. Providing a solid grounding in the variety and interrelationships among different metadata types, Zeng and Qin’s thorough revision of their benchmark text offers a comprehensive look at the metadata schemas that exist in the world of library and information science and beyond, as well as the contexts in which they operate. 173 more words

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More on Metadata and Comic Books

Did you know that there is an XML vocabulary for comic books?

Comic Book Markup Language is the name of the vocabulary for encoding multiform documents. 98 more words

LS 566

Comic Book Archive and Metadata

In another post I wrote about the joys of cataloging Legends of the Dark Knight, a series of Batman comic books which happened to share its title with two other Legends of the Dark Knight series. 290 more words

LS 566

Auburn Player Names

Liz noticed that the 1975 roster for the Auburn team largely has only the last name listed for players. Because we are getting close to the due date on indexing images, I suggested that just using the last name in this case would be fine. 147 more words

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Selecting Points of Parity and Differentiation

Points of parity for a product are those characteristics of a company’s product that are not unique but are rather on par with competing products. Points of differentiation are those areas on which a company’s product outperforms competing products. 414 more words

Last #LS566 Blog Post

For the last #LS566 blog post, I thought I would post the handout from my presentation a couple of weeks ago since it has some cool links… … 27 more words

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