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A framework for implementing an enterprise data governance strategy in a SaaS based technology landscape

By Raj Kolluri, Vice President, Development

Business requirements are constantly evolving and banks and financial institutions are taking advantage of technology to streamline their data governance processes. 330 more words


Make your data meaningful

Many of us have been in a foreign country where we can’t speak the language. It is like being illiterate, you are unempowered, it can restrict what you can and can’t do. 696 more words


Mass Digitization at the CBC/Radio Canada

Working among a team of Media Librarians, I catalogued thousands of CD-ROMS as a part of the CBC Library + Archives division’s mass digitization initiative. These CDs encompass many different genres, and are in various languages, including English, French, German, Yiddish, and Arabic. 198 more words

Article Summary #6 Preservation Challenges

Preservation Challenges in the Digital Age

  1. Volume of data
    1. Cost of storage, downloading, and maintenance
    2. Decisions of what should be preserved
    3. Indiscoverable data due to poor metadata…
  2. 219 more words


What is Metadata?

‘Data about data.’ (Unknown)

‘A set of data that describes and gives information about other data.’ (Unknown)

‘An underlying definition or description.’ (Unknown) 1,175 more words


Metadata Morality?

I’m struggling to adequately complete my third homework assignment in my Philosophy class today.  I finished reading Chapter 7 on Ethics this past weekend and spent time Sunday between movie breaks gathering my notes to answer my professor’s questions. 952 more words


Metadata Tagging of Popular Novels

Amazon does things much different than literary agents, so I’ve sampled their category system. Choosing the appropriate Metadata can help with sales, but some of the choices below, surprise me. 537 more words