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Day 36: Pony Island

Metafiction has always been a weird genre to me. While I certainly appreciate the appeal of deconstructing the things that have become ubiquitous in our media, too often it feels unearned, as if created under the assumption that self-awareness somehow granted immunity from criticism. 674 more words

Video Games

Another best friend!

Should I thank my stars or what, this is something worth an inspiration that finally I came across someone who could genuinely be the awaited guidance of mine. 246 more words


I have lost myself in the phone

With each aurora of a new day, I swipe my hand beneath the pillow and it would be no less than a disaster if someday I don’t find my phone there. 203 more words


Fake Geek Girl Adventures 1-2: Keeping Up With The Smiths

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Unfortunately for Oliver, he had to spend that morning scrubbing the floors of the Fish N Stuff restaurant.

“Why do they have to drag us in so early?” he complained. 3,816 more words

Creative Writing

100 Book Pact!

Joined the #100BookPact, early 20’s gifted me with forbearance and equanimity to stay intact with the goal unless achieved. So aiming to delight my eyes and sooth the brain with some unique books in the coming 6 months. 119 more words


Open eyes

Aurora of another day
Ariled behind the marmalade cloud
Awakening the flower people around
Vigil I was, the whole last night
Tossing and turning, beneath my shroud…

16 more words

Jersey followed the nightmare.

It was taking its time, strolling through alleyways and keeping to the shadows. Jersey used the feathers on her dreamcatcher net to carry her into the air, holding tight to the net’s staff-like handle until she could make it to the roof of a strip mall. 429 more words