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The Prisoner and the Captor Chit Chat

“The burden of communication falls on both parties. I’m going to do my best to not only speak not only so you can hear me, but to speak so that you want to keep listening. 405 more words

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The Catch Up

For those of you who didn’t just tune in, we’re back on schedule, which is to say that today is today, March 2nd. What does that mean exactly? 415 more words

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PARSIFAL and the Holy Grail

For a long time I was intrigued by the timeless legend of Parsifal, especially Richard Wagner’s operatic version, and in 1997 I was inspired to retell the tale myself. 482 more words


Birdman, or (The Techniques of the Postmodern Text)

By now it’s pretty clear I’ve been hooked by Birdman’s talon. It continues to rattle around in my skull, making connections to other texts I know and love and creating new shades of meaning and significance. 1,421 more words


Ποσειδων Gets Got

Shocked at the arising circumstances, the circle of Cadets on the ground floor of the academic building began talking amongst one another, deciding whether what was happening was fair, looking for something to say, and not picking a candidate for debate. 408 more words

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Sometimes, he blathers about RPGs and comic books.

The more I learn about the Marvel Universe and superhero movies and comics in general, the less impressed I am with the so-called creativity of some of my tabletop-RPG buddies from back in college.  552 more words

100 days of Webb

Back in July 2014 I competed in Camp NaNoWriMo and for reasons now unbeknownst to me, I made it my mission to get away from the internet, snap a picture in some random locale and upload it to social media once I returned. 32 more words