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Telling the Story

Everything was normal before the incident. You heard a knock at the door, a call to adventure. There was hesitation. You weren’t sure you could do it. 373 more words

Original Fiction

The Metaphormosis

As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a trans-dimensional abomination. Black tentacles curled in and out of worlds as he looked around his bedroom, bemused. 365 more words

Speculative Fiction


I asked a builder to build me a house.

He came to my home and we drank tea at the kitchen table in front of the glowing coal fire and talked about what I wanted. 617 more words

Creative Writing

Meta Procedural

“What’s the sitch, detective?” asked Hume.

“The what?”

“The stich. Uation. Look, just tell me what you know about the killer.”

I didn’t like the way he was ordering me around. 718 more words



Unleashed from the text,

a beast, once snared within these

words, prowls behind you.

The Colonies of Thule

The Forefather

5. The Colonies of Thule

Instant recap: Marcus Geist turned the ‘sixties counterculture on its head by founding a white racial commune which grew into an alternative community so formidable that it challenged the supremacy of the New World Order. 1,557 more words


Deal 785: Authored

We have all the proof we need, it is time to act. We now know for certain why the world is the way it is. And we must find our way clear to bringing about changes that will make it better for all. 425 more words

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