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Other Worlds Than These: Extended Universes 102

Although an overabundance of postmodern conventions can alienate a reader from the story, adding a touch of metafiction can go a long way towards defining the relationship between several distinct works tied together across an extended universe. 744 more words


The Lives of Death (Zeroth Movement | Lost Part: The Librarian)

Excerpts from She Who Is Enthroned Above:


She always watches from afar, from a distance be it temporal, spatial, spiritual, or emotional. She can be a mere invisible spectator, an encouraging but forgettable admirer, a nondescript individual in a disappointed audience, a strangely familiar stranger in the crowd, or any background character; but She will never be the actress on stage. 897 more words


The Mantis & the Fox

This one was for Esoterotica’s annual SFF fandom-themed show. I’ve never been much of a Trekkie, or a Star Warrior, or a Veronica Martian, so I wrote a style parody of two of my favorite novels: Vellum and Ink.

1,365 more words

First Impressions: The Keep

These are my first impressions on The Keep (Jennifer Egan; 2006) written after reading the book in March 2014. Some spoilers.

Out of money and options, Danny travels to an unnamed Eastern European country to join his cousin Howard in renovating a decrepit castle, where family secrets are dredged up in this story within a story. 362 more words

Gothic Horror

The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde

I have been recommending Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair ever since I first read it in 2004. Nothing compares to its anarchic take on literature and the jokes still have me chortling. 450 more words


Metafiction Exercise

English 318 Prompt: Metafiction, create a fiction protagonist who shares your name, then write a narrative and descriptive passage about what “you” think, see, and do; focus on emotion. 153 more words


The Lives of Death (Undefined Movement | Unbeknownst Part: The Author)


To Leah Lou Minay,
thank you for urging me to indulge in my creative impulses.

To Katerina Firenze,
thank you for helping me translate the manuscripts and poetry whose excerpts now grace this book. 2,654 more words