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Ghosts at my table

there are ghosts at my table tonight
I write, not mentioning that
my table is a pale rectangle
of wood, so that perhaps
you picture your own table, 78 more words

Real Toads


Metafiction is a narrative technique and a genre of fiction, wherein a fictional work (novel, film, play, poem, etc.) self-consciously draws attention to being a work of imagination, rather than a work of non-fiction. 306 more words


On A Cleanse For Transcendence


I love the word for a couple of reasons. One, it sounds like a type of mineral. Probably one that’s in a dark teal shade with hints of rose pompadour. 322 more words

Creative Writing

Michael Ende--The Neverending Story (1979, transl. Ralph Manheim 1983)

What a book! I wish I had started with this one. Or ended. Either way, as an actual book quest, it’s so conceptually appropriate for this blog, and it’s so! 929 more words


A Lover's Grudge

I’m sending letters to you, with these distant signs delivered by my eyes,
I’m sending letters to you, with these words passing through my lips.
284 more words



And we don’t have a car

So the journey seems miles long

And we don’t have a coat

So all forms of warmth must come from our lips. 154 more words



I’ve tried all kinds of bait in the past: worms, fish, murder, sex, jealousy, and revenge, but so far none have worked. So today I bait my hook with an image that I bought from a small fishing shack at the end of the promenade. 153 more words

Creative Writing