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"The Fallguy's Faith" by Robert Coover

Falling from favor, or grace, some high artifice, down he dropped like a discredited predicate through what he called space (sometimes he called it time) and with an earsplitting crack splattered the base earth with his vital attributes. 448 more words


Stories That Are Also Stories

First, some apologetic housekeeping: I promised you all a review of The Dreams of Ruin, the apocalyptic high level OSR science-fantasy adventure supplement by my friend Geoff Grabowski, and I’ll have it soon (probably over the weekend). 1,081 more words

Rants And Raves

It is a Wonderful Night!

N/B: My love of old movies (It is a Wonderful Life, anyone?) and classic fiction (Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth, anyone?) has been reflected in this little ‘gem’. 1,010 more words

The Forefather

by Joseph Rex Kerrick


Readers of Ram Arising know the good news that the White Avatar heralded by the planetary alignment of May 2000… 1,073 more words


Potato Redux: The Complete Potato Noir

By popular request, we bring you the complete ten part murder mystery Potato Noir, otherwise unaltered from its original format. 

Part I

The call wakes me up from the bottom of a bottle and bottle slumber, a coma induced by cocktail, equal parts Nyquil and Jack Daniel’s. 4,583 more words


The Gradual Instant (Metafiction)

N/B : Another piece of metafiction, featuring my favorite author Anne Michaels! In a way, it is a continuation of “I Look into Your Eyes and I See My Heart” (see post… 1,824 more words

Interview with Dallas Sutherland, author of The Thinking (The Landline Chronicles)

About the Book

Title: The Thinking (The Landland Chronicles #2)
Author: Dallas Sutherland
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy


Guest Authors