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The boy I mentioned about four thousand words ago came back into my life, or maybe it was I who returned to his life. I made a mistake. 2,137 more words

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When the rains came

The rains finally came. After decades of drought, fallow fields, skin like sand, shaking fists at a bleached-out cold fish sky. Except by then, we had evolved to live without water. 283 more words


Bluetooth speaker inside rusted copper resonating bowl

Lily and I moved to opposite corners of the hot tub. Because it’s outside and we live in the Pacific Northwest, the underside of the cover attracts slugs and undesirable life. 456 more words


A simultaneity of selves: Auster's 4321

We humans are a messy business with our many different selves, often conflicting selves, all bundled into one body and not allowing us to sit easy becauseĀ  523 more words



I want to talk about my little brother, since I’m talking about relationships and life changing experiences, after all. Five years younger, and sometimes five years wiser, Nick offers the most insightful and infuriating interactions I’ve ever experienced in my life. 1,061 more words

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My life changed when I applied for a job entirely out of my comfort zone. Logan, still a part of my life when I applied, supported it at the time. 1,059 more words

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