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TL;DR: writer's block

The bookstore was a mob scene. You’re glad you’re gone. The heat in your car has finally kicked in–now that you’ve pulled into your driveway, of course. 1,648 more words



January came in from the cold and parked herself on the sofa. Somedays she was grey and full of gloom. Letting the winter in. Icy teardrops suspended above fog. 284 more words

Magic Realism

On reading thrillers: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

This is not a review. Maybe. This is not a critique. Probably. This contains spoilers. (Lots of spoilers!) This is a reflection on how Behind Her Eyes… 1,248 more words


Excerpt from "Intensifying Hearts & Dreams" - season 17, episode 45

Int: Location unknown, the Committee conference chamber

Members of the Committee and various invited guests from other organisations are gathered around the conference table. STERN SPICE is speaking on the phone with wait sorry never mind. 3,360 more words


Secret Wars

The Forefather

Instant recap: Having established a regenerate white lifestyle in two alternative communities in the USA, Marcus set up a bigger challenge by carving out a colony in the Amazon rainforest. 1,502 more words


A Glittering Nothing

We were just fine living our lives the way we wanted to, thank you very much. We woke up in the pm and went to bed in the am, gathered our socks and shoes around us in bed so we’d always be ready to run away, even in our skivvies. 950 more words

Flash Fiction

George Lucas in Love (1999)

Ever wonder how George Lucas dreamed up Star Wars?

Well, I’m reasonably sure that this film doesn’t have the answer, but what we have instead is a wonderfully witty little short which dares to present its own warped vision of George’s attempts to write the original Star Wars script back in 1967, mixed with his romance with the girl with the familiar hairstyle – and a lot of knowing winks at the original trilogy of films. 45 more words

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