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"I Love Paris in the Winter When It Drizzles"

With the thesis proposal, mini conference and other deadlines looming, it feels appropriate to take a break from the incessant research of the Waste Land to think about something else for a bit. 245 more words

Whoa. It is all connected right on my plate!

So, picking up my work where blog entries “Odd Discoveries” and “So! Did Some Homework” left off…

Hello, dear readers!

Lately, my life has been like going further and further down into the rabbit hole in search for The Ground Hog. 230 more words

Random Thoughts

Back Talk

I crouch and look through the keyhole at a dimly lit office. Two silhouettes stand on the far side, just blurry shadows thanks to the streetlight right outside the window. 1,574 more words

Short Fiction

Prometheus Rising

Hermes dreaded Tartarus. He hated going there. The darkness, the cries of pain, unimaginable horrors that lay twisted in anguish over time immemorial, whispers of hate and resentment and the grotesque shapes of the Titans chilled his bones. 447 more words

Short Story

Our response to: How 'knowledge about language' for schools could be so much better, by Michael Rosen

Response to: How ‘knowledge about language’ for schools could be so much better, by Michael Rosen

Michael is right when he says the government and the DfE should have spoken to practitioners like us. 1,644 more words

Holmes Entangled, by Gordon McAlpine

I’ve only read a few of the original Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. For some reason, I’ve been more interested in the character’s afterlife in other authors’ hands.  337 more words


Book Review: Mister B. Gone, by Clive Barker

Mister B. Gone

By: Clive Barker

Published: October 30, 2007 by HarperCollins Publishers

Length: 248 pages; paperback

The Rundown: “You hold in your hands not a book at all, but a terrifying embodiment of purest evil.  794 more words

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