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Intermission 2: Theology Lessons

Siddhar’s Ethics


Glory to the True Dragon, arbiter of will.

I am Siddhar, of House Djuke. My siblings and contemporaries now war and bicker, yet here I, as highest of the House, sit with pen in claw. 862 more words

Crucible: Darkening Skies

Hold Back This Day

Hold Back This Day

by Ward Kendall

Counter-Currents, SF, 2011 (first published 2001)

 A Review and Plot Summary by Joseph Rex Kerrick

 1. The Future Has Changed… 3,060 more words


I Do Not Exist (excerpt from Friend Manso) - Benito Pérez Galdós

I do not exist… And if some distrustful or stubborn soul does not believe what I so plainly say, or they demand an oath from me before they will believe, I swear and double swear that I do not exist. 381 more words



ALWAYS COMING HOME By Ursula K. Le Guin. Illustrated by Margaret Chodos, With Music by Todd Barton. 523 pp. New York: Harper & Row. Paper, boxed with cassette. 58 more words

Breaking down Unbreakable: The greatest statement on race that never mentions it

Obviously, major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, knowing the twist beforehand will lessen its impact. For those who have, here’s a refresher: 819 more words


Mario takes a walk!

There once was a kingdom, Brown, Green and Blue

Inhabited by mushrooms, turtles and plumbers, to name a few

Castles, Trees and Pipes detailed in all its 8 Bits… 121 more words


The Guillotine

I remember almost nothing about the French Revolution, with the exception of the guillotine. There was something majestic about the tall tower elevated on a podium and the slanted blade suspended by a string. 300 more words

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