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Auburn Against the Green

In the park I am a nobody. A nothing. A part of the foliage, the cut grass, the dirt and twigs. Invisible to the human eye as they pass by with pushchairs and dogleads or sit on the bench midway round hunting Pokemon on their pocket computers. 320 more words


The Life of Pie

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Beauty and the Werewolf

This was my first Mercedes Lackey book. I know, I know. How can someone give their graduate lecture on fairy tale re-tellings and NOT include some Mercedes Lackey? 446 more words

Book Review

Postmodernism and Stranger Things

I binged watched Netflix’s new show Stranger Things this past weekend and was impressed by its overall look and emotional punch. The show feels both self reflexive and self contained, embodying the same kind of world building one usually finds in a fantasy novel. 893 more words


The Universal Baseball Association Inc

I found this book lurking on a shelf in our guest bedroom. How long it’s been there is anyone’s guess, and I’m fairly sure I only read it once or twice soon after I bought it – but it’s about to get a third read. 290 more words

1 - Writing

Erofagy, the eating of love

I transformed
the whole

of the world
into my lover

and my lover
into the poem

you are reading
right now. I sure do

miss him
but my art



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XN is a new initiative from Northeastern University (NU) that offers graduate and professional students and sponsoring organizations experiential opportunities to collaborate on short-term, real-world projects in the best co-op program in the country, and positions NU as the global leader in experiential learning! 247 more words

Short Short