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The Future...and Past...of Music

North Dakota native Chuck Klosterman did a piece today for NY Times Magazine that poses this quandary: Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember? 471 more words

Tire and Testicles...Again


Above is a piece from The Atlantic on the place of cars in American life and the sheer absurdity of it all. A user posted it on Metafilter and it was off to the races with members kvetching on the evils and glories of the automobile. 466 more words

After fifteen years of downtime, the MetaFilter gopher server is back

A few Potentially Asked Questions:

What’s a Gopher server?
Twenty bucks same as in— It’s a text-based menu-driven document retrieval system dating to the late pre-Septembrian era of the Internet, a kind of alternative approach to distributed document sharing that ended up being the Betamax to WWW’s VHS. 334 more words

Hacking News