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3 tiny chicks fight for a worm

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Twice Baked Tom Waits: Mashups with Cookie Monster & Aphex Twin

The mind reels. Eskmo with this needs a thousand upvotes or whatever their preferred internet point currency is. Is BitCoin safe again yet? Because both this remix & the one below are fantastic examples of what Tom Waits can be combined with. 82 more words


Information Wants to Be Free, but These Sites Would Like You to Pay Anyway

If you have an extra eight dollars a month, you can spend it on a couple lattes or a Netflix subscription. But why not give it to some well-meaning websites that could use the cash? 240 more words


The Downfall Metafilter

Until today I had never heard of a website called MetaFiler. MetaFilter, known as MeFi to its members, founded in 1999 and based in the United States. 580 more words


Fik Shun Isn't Real. (Amazing Performance @ World Of Dance!)

Can we get this dude in something? Are there any more breakdance movies coming out? Can there be an entire one of liquid, popping/locking, b-boying and everything else associated with EDM? 26 more words


#JulyByWomen Statistics

Metafilter is a site where interesting links are discussed. You have to pay $5 to sign-up to comment and the site actively moderates discussions, so the discussions tend to be thoughtful. 1,497 more words