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SORCERER: No longer a demo band

Sorcerer is a band whose name brings tears of sentimentality to many the eyes of many fans of underground doom metal from the late eighties and early nineties. 3,488 more words

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Here Comes GWAR B-Q!

Come celebrate GWAR‘s 30th year of conquest on this fucking shit-hole planet at the most ear-bursting, bone-crushing, mouth-watering, belly-bursting, beer-guzzling, nut-bustingest party of this or any summer! 292 more words


Album Review: Apophys - Prime Incursion

It’s been a while since we’ve covered some straight ahead death metal. Thankfully the Netherlands based Apophys are here to end the drought with their upcoming album, 643 more words



1. SACRAL RAGE “Illusions In Infinite Void” (Cruz Del Sur)

– Riffs and vocals straight out of the US school of metal. The best Greek band ever! 77 more words