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One Good Find Saves The Day

I have been super lucky lately when it comes to finding silver. My last few hunts have all netted silver coins or a silver ring. I was hoping that my luck would continue this past weekend when I did some metal detecting at an old picnic grounds and gathering area. 408 more words

Metal Detecting

Some Silver, Some 14K and a Pearl

My last two blogs have centered around the same detecting spot. So far it has produced 9 silvers over the first two hunts there.

Before going back to that spot, I decided to metal detect at a fairgrounds where I have had decent luck on jewelry finds over the years. 524 more words

Metal Detecting

Went Back to The Silver Spot

I was excited about my last hunt where I found 5 silvers so I had to go back there and see if I could find a few more. 389 more words

Metal Detecting

AT Pro & My Best Silver Day Ever

Man, finding silver coins in my area has proven difficult to say the least. I’ve managed to pull a few silvers here and there, but never more than one at a time, and usually only one every few months. 474 more words

Metal Detecting

Tokens added to TokenCatalog

I like finding tokens… All types of tokens.  That’s one of the cool things about this hobby, you never know what you’re going to find.  If I find a token I get excited.   283 more words

Metal Detecting

2014 Gold & Silver Jewelry Finds

It’s been awhile since the last time I posted finds on my blog. I’ve been busy with a few projects so I haven’t shared much lately, but here are a few finds from this past season of metal detecting. 237 more words

Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting Finds

I have not yet found many cool items in my adventures of metal detecting. I have not been detecting for long now, only a couple of months, and have yet to make that big score. 94 more words

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