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Joe Grasso - Classified

Familiar with the site Treasure Classifieds? Well here’s the man behind it, Joe Grasso.  Joe is an accomplished detectorist, a fellow New Jereseyite and I very much appreciate his taking the time to do the following Q & A spot!  3,148 more words

Metal Detecting

"Why oh why can't I metal detect on public land?"

An Irish detecting site has just echoed the lament of countless British detectorists. They believe they should “have access to state lands …. where many other groups already enjoy the hobby of their choice.” … 138 more words

Metal Detecting

To Sell or Not to Sell?


Then by all means do it. No need to feel guilty. Your finds are yours to deal with how you see fit. 734 more words

Metal Detecting

A hoax detecting rally at Stonehenge but the reality is all too real.

Did you see the recent April Fool joke about a detecting rally at Stonehenge? A joke, yet tens of thousands of people DO detect legally on thousands of  other archaeological sites. 95 more words

Metal Detecting

Unproductive & Useless...

Still alive for those of you asking…just haven’t had much to share. Might be a sign that my efforts would be better served by  working on my book and putting this blog to bed.  367 more words

Metal Detecting

antiquities, drugs and arms – organised crime, intelligence operations and dirty wars in Turkey and beyond

Returning to the “series” of posts on Turkey, I want to trace the connections between antiquities trafficking and drug trafficking, arms trafficking, organised crime and conflict financing (or other conflict facilitation) in Turkey and beyond. 6,155 more words

Illicit Antiquities

Warning! Blatant door-to-door scam.

Please warn your elderly relatives. Numerous people are going door to door offering loft clearance for free – but with 3 disreputable conditions:

Scandalous or what! 188 more words

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