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I Must Be Crazy...


Hmm, not sure where to start or where to go with this, but I have a feeling it won’t matter anyway when it comes to the treasure hunting audience and regulars on Facebook and Twitter….. 1,084 more words

Metal Detecting

Bet no farmer has ever been told about this!

Recent advice to colleagues from a well known detectorist: .

“It helps to mark the envelope ‘Numismatic Specimen’ rather than ‘roman coin’ thus helping to deflect the attention of prying eyes.” 7 more words

Metal Detecting

There's extinction and then there's extinction without trace

Western Black Rhinos became extinct recently, but we still have pictures.

Northern Black Rhinos are about to join them, but we’ll still have pictures.

Thirteen million bundles of knowledge haven’t been reported by metal detectorists. 13 more words

Metal Detecting

Want More Gold? Then Become A Student Of Your Beaches!

We beach hunters tend to toss the word erosion around rather loosely these days but the truth is that not all erosion is the same. Per example, if we see two foot of erosion over an area of beach and that remaining beach is still made up of several feet of deep fluffy sand then that erosion generally isn’t what we’re talking about unless it has invaded those generally dry dune areas, etc. 348 more words

Everything You Never Wanted to Know and More...


Was digging around in the garage and opened an unlabeled box (packed by friends after the tornado) and found a shoe box of detecting finds….all junk, or so I thought. 590 more words

Metal Detecting

Found Will Rogers Memorial Token, Italian 200 Lire Coin, 46 Wheat Penny

In the hobby of metal detecting we always say that  “You never know what you’re going to find when detecting.”  That proved to be true recently when I detected an old school yard where I found an Italian 200 Lire Coin that was definitely a surprise. 590 more words

Metal Detecting

The Frome Hoard voted top Treasure

Alan Graham excavating the Frome Hoard

Sam Moorhead, Finds Adviser, Portable Antiquities Scheme, British Museum writes on the British Museum bog here

When working with… 137 more words