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Soil stripping has begun

The subsoil landscape that is dotted with archaeological features is being revealed by a cooperation of four gentlemen: Isak is manoeuvring the 25 ton excavator, while Kim D and Peter are frantically cleaning the area behind him; Kim G is working the silent magic of metal detector in the background :) And below you can see the very first moves this work entails!


Summer beach detectorists actually just checking out chicks.

In the peak of the summer months metal detectorists flock to the coast for a spot of beach detecting with many doing so simply to cash in from jewelry and money lost by people enjoying themselves in the sun, others because their favorite cultivated farm fields are currently in crop and out of bounds until after the harvest. 641 more words

Metal Detecting

Diagnostic digging

with Frands Herschend

One of the things we ask ourselves at Kvarnbo is if there were any other Late Iron Age hall farms like Kvarnbo on Åland, and how many more Late Iron Age settlement sites there could be in today’s agriculturally exploited areas. 430 more words


Minelab CTX 3030 Added to the Arsenal

You know it had to happen, eventually…so the latest addition to my detecting arsenal is the Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector.

This detector has a ton of cool features, and after I learn a bit more about it I’ll share with you guys. 41 more words

Metal Detecting

British Museum playing a supportive role in killing for fun?

You might think killing for fun is largely under control. But no, apart from fox hunting you can enjoy hunting with bassets, beagles, bloodhounds, mink hounds and rabbit hounds. 552 more words

Metal Detecting

The Beginner’s Guide to Metal Detecting



In today’s fast paced environment, it’s all about change. This is the 21st century dude!  Lets’ be fair. You just can’t sit back at home with Uncle Jack and gossip over a cup of tea. 1,636 more words


The Brexpig: not all bad.

An extraordinary 86% of detectorists on the Minelab forum said they supported Brexit (far higher than every district of the country). The reason is clear, they have long feared Europe would get Britain to regulate what they do. 186 more words

Metal Detecting