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PAS is shrinking. It really matters. So what's to be done?

PAS funding is declining relentlessly. The gaps left by departing archaeologists are being filled by artefact hunters. Despite PAS’s brave face about it at this week’s Conference,  that’s a bad thing surely – for detecting will carry on but the education and mitigation by archaeologists the Government said were the two reasons for letting it do so are shrinking. 222 more words

Metal Detecting

Detectorist of the year

Went to two people last night at the end of year AGM at the club

George Robinson and Martin Head had both scored 120 points each over the year, and a very big congratulations to them both. 23 more words

Metal Detecting


A metal detector in my Christmas stocking. By Roy Goutté.

I have to say that I have longed to own a decent metal detector for some years now. 2,748 more words


Farmer Brown to speak at the Portable Antiquities Conference!

Dear Friends,

Good news! I’ve been invited to speak at the PAS Conference on Monday. In my dreams. I’ve already written my speech. Here it is: 235 more words

Metal Detecting

My First Day Metal Detecting with Micronta 3001 Metal Detector

When I was trying to decide what hobby I wanted to get into I wanted to find something that I could do alone that would allow me to unwind from work every weekend. 749 more words

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting Facebook Group owner shuts down group following Sikh backlash.

When Martin Lees set up the Southern Seekers Facebook group some years ago, no one had any idea what conflict raged within him. Our foreign correspondent Jeroffé Möyland, was originally intending to interview Mr Lees about the success of the group, but instead was on the receiving end of a chilling confession that is poised to shake the metal detecting world. 430 more words

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