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Q & A with Nigel Ingram

I first met Nigel Ingram in 1988 when I was the director of marketing for Garrett Electronics. We were looking for a new distributor in the UK and scheduled a lengthy trip there to meet with the various candidates. 2,516 more words

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XP Deus Elliptical HF Coil

XP Deus Elliptical HF Coil

Adam Staples

I’ve been waiting 7 years for an elliptical coil for the Deus. Ever since I first tried the Deus on iron-infested ground, and realised its potential to open up these sites, I have longed for XP to take it one step further with a smaller coil. 751 more words

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Tuesday Trifle...

Working on Nigel Ingram’s Q&A Session and should have it ready for the weekend. Otherwise I’m brain dead so here’s a repeat from June of 2015. 787 more words

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Gawd We're Gaudy!

Gaudy:  adjective – Extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless.

Yup, that’s us!  Glittery, ostentatious, presumptuous and boastful. That of course comes from someone who started in the hobby back in the 70’s when it was hard to be noticed by anyone. 633 more words

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Treasure Tales - What Is Real?

Good lord, all one has to do is to jump online and conduct a basic search, the number of treasure tales being too vast to even fathom. 1,135 more words

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Say It Again Saturday...

Still having trouble getting my act together so throwing out another old (and popular) post from February 2014.  Hang in there with me please… 706 more words

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Object of the month: A Roman ‘licking dog’ statue



A ‘licking dog’ statue. Part of an extraordinary Roman hoard found this year in Gloucestershire, England. It is thought that the statue might have been used in healing… 100 more words