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So Der Ya Go!


Thanks for all the nice comments about the recent Q & A posts. Keep in mind they are only as good as the interviewees, a.k.a. 738 more words

Metal Detecting

PAS performs another round of the Darwinian quango survival dance!

It’s a great story, much publicised. 913 gold sovereigns found hidden in a piano. Plus, all concerned acted impeccably. The finder said it “would not have been right or proper” to keep it secret and the previous owners said they were “very happy” the money was going to the college and would benefit the pupils. 333 more words

Metal Detecting

Meanwhile at the Saloon...

Thanks to John Howland for the following bits and pieces, brainfarts and provocations from the U.K…

The Times are a-changin’

by John Howland

Contrary to how I’m usually depicted by archaeology’s Warsaw wing as a wholly unsavoury anti-archaeology bast**d (not that I give a damn anyway) I’m more than happy to report that mutual co-operation continues to grow between ‘us’ and ‘them’. 1,065 more words

Metal Detecting

Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. Detecting Diva...

I may be wrong but one of the first gal tekkies to come on the scene in “recent years” was Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. Detecting Diva… 2,287 more words

Metal Detecting

As if Dr Sam Hardy's conclusions weren't embarrassing enough for Britain ....

Dr Sam Hardy has concluded laissez-faire applied to metal detecting simply doesn’t work (see here). But the question is WHY? The answer has been voiced for some years by other independent academics: 348 more words

Metal Detecting

Is It the Detector or is it You?

I’m always amused at those YouTube videos with a tekkie opening the box of their brand new detector. Not putting it together or using it mind you…just a grand opening of the carton.  846 more words

Metal Detecting

Spring and Plasti-Dip

Yesterday it was 55 degrees and sunny. Today its supposed to be 70 with bright skies, so I’m headed out a little later with a new hunting buddy, Josh, going back to the second 1870 house that Tom and I scanned last weekend…hopefully, with better results. 388 more words