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Time Capsule Theorum

I’ve been thinking about making a couple of time capsules, one of which would be buried. I’ve read into it a bit online and seen a few YouTube videos. 59 more words

Man arrested for nighthawking pleads rare sleepwalking condition.

A young man from Portsmouth in Hampshire identified as 19 year old Ben Aukin has been arrested on suspicion of digging at a scheduled monument and removing metallic objects through the illegal use of a metal detector. 664 more words

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British artefact hunting: "the envy of the world"!

The Erosion Counter has just passed 12,500,000, showing 500,000 artefacts have been dug up in just 21 months. We’ve always said 70% of them don’t get reported but the Portable Antiquities Scheme disagrees, saying only 66% aren’t reported. 129 more words

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The metal detecting problem in a nutshell: artefact hunting "hotspots” are conservation "not spots"!

À prominent National Council for Metal Detecting official, JC Maloney, has just expressed both sides of the metal detecting  argument in a single sentence. Asked how often people find “hammered coins” he explained: “ 171 more words

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British Museum ignoring Irelands right to self determination

As expected, Dr Michael Lewis of the British Museum’s Learning, Audiences and Volunteers department attended the inaugural European Council for Metal Detecting Conference along with detectorists from seven countries including Ireland. 229 more words

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Battlefield recovery is coming to Hastings.

Battlefield Recovery, a channel 5 world war II history series following a four-man team as they explore war zones on the Eastern Front in an effort to excavate and preserve the forgotten battle relics, is set to delve deeper into the past and set sights towards home in England where they plan to locate and dig up the site of the famous battle which took place in 1066 at Hastings. 644 more words

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"Archae-ology for all” - a license to be ugly?

by Nigel Swift

Recently a nice family in Ireland did it right“The find proved a great historical lesson not only for Charles’ children but also for their classmates ….. 291 more words

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