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A Beginning

I have decided after much thought to write my own blog these will be my own thoughts and a diary on my daily life. I am hoping that by writing some of my thoughts down here for others to red that this will help me get a perspective of myself and will help me as I embark on my 3rd book which is already written in part in draft format. 170 more words

David Widdop Author

Nighthawks: the undeserving poster boys of heritage damage.

We recently managed to shame the country’s largest metal detecting shop, Regtons, into stopping selling night vision gear. It was a victory for conservation (which PAS and The Archaeological Establishment should have secured, not us) but it was only a small one, for two reasons: 214 more words

Metal Detecting

Anglesey treasure hoard over 3,000 years old discovered

A late Bronze Age hoard of gold and copper thought to be around 3000 years old was unearthed on Anglesey .

The discovery is considered so important that it has been given the rare definition of ‘treasure’ by the coroner’s office.

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Metal Detecting

Amazing Anglo-Saxon pendant found in Norfolk

In her role as one of the experts in Channel 4’s long-running Time Team series, Dr Helen Geake saw many exciting finds come to the surface.

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Metal Detecting

Teenage detectorist discovers IRA guns

A teenage treasure hunter found more than he bargained for after discovering a massive stash of deadly weapons. James Cork was out with his metal detector searching for bits of old scrap when he snagged a haul quite like any other – a suspected IRA weapons dump. 51 more words

What's New

Lifeboatman who scoured shoreline with metal detectors reunited with lost wedding ring

When lifeboatman Mark Thorne lost his wedding ring in the sea during an emergency call-out, he pulled out all the stops to get it back.

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Metal Detecting

Central Searchers - the evidence. YOU decide.

We’ll keep it simple. Several years ago Central Searchers hid their “Rule 11″ from public gaze. (No wonder. It said any non-treasure find worth up to £2,000 belongs… 170 more words

Metal Detecting