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Metal Detecting reform: China points the way!

China is to ban ivory trading! It’s a huge step towards the end of elephant poaching. But it’s more – it’s an endorsement of Lord Renfrew’s mantra: “collectors are the real looters” and a recognition that  demand and supply are the same force. 114 more words

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Recently, a metal detecting newbie had an amazing find just 20 minutes after beginning to metal detect in Sherwood Forest. He discovered a golden ring, though to be from the 14th century, which may be worth up to £70,000. 307 more words

AT Pro Metal Detector Finds Pendants & More

Man, I love the 5 x 8 DD coil on my AT Pro!  It really helps me isolate these small targets like pendants and other small items mixed in among other junk targets. 291 more words

Metal Detecting

Places to Find Coins with your Metal Detector

We’ve all read the Metal Detecting How-To’s about relic hunting at civil war sites, or the articles about How to find your first silver coin. 672 more words

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So farmers are history-hating ignorami are they?

In a “hobby” replete with falsehoods it’s the commonest of all: “I can’t report the finds as my farmer won’t let me“. On that basis, millions of artefacts, whole swathes of knowledge, are lost to science and history. 173 more words

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1. LIVON: Let Me Introduce Myself

Now you’re probably thinking this is just another travel blog…

It might be, I may just be like the others travelling Australia and recording my adventures along the way BUT I have these two machines right, that beep over metal objects in the ground as I go. 281 more words


More than 2,000 Roman artefacts discovered in Staffordshire, England



One of the Roman coins discovered by metal detectorist Stephen Squire. The coin dates from around 37ce


Kerry Ashdown, writing in the Staffordshire Newsletter, reports on the discovery of more than 2,000 Roman artefacts in a field in Barlaston, Staffordshire, England – 149 more words

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