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Surviving Tselinoyarsk: Degradation in Metal Gear Solid 3

For Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Hideo Kojima, series creator and director, decided to step out of the series’ trademark urban infiltration environments in exchange for a Russian jungle that doesn’t exist. 1,155 more words


Most Iconic Female Video Game Characters Of All Time

Strength can take a number of forms, especially in gaming. Not everyone on this list can throw fireballs or slay dragons, but they all bring something unique to the table in terms of their skills and abilities. 465 more words


VGC Day 9: Cutting Onions

AmbiGaming continues its “30 day” video game challenge! Missed a couple days? You can catch up here.

Sniffle sniffle *wipes away tear*

Who left these onions here?? 614 more words

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Metal Gear Solid 3 Looks Absolutely Gorgeous In This Fan Made Video

While definitely not official, it certainly looks pretty believable, all of which was forged thanks to some tinting and After Effects. Konami have so far refused to commit to a full fledged MGS 3 remake and instead chose to turn it into a Pachinko game. 9 more words


4 Times NPCs Were Unexpectedly Thankful

With Thanksgiving upon us, I started thinking about how NPCs in video games rarely really thank the playable character for things that they do. It always feels scripted, forced, or perfunctory. 836 more words

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Uncharted and Violence in Video Games

One of the very first things I ever heard about Uncharted, before I even knew what kind of game it was or what it involved, was people calling out main protagonist Nathan Drake on the number of people he killed. 675 more words


Hashtag top ten games tbh

With all the really, really good stuff I’ve been playing lately it seems high time to expand my top twenty games list into a top twenty-five one. 952 more words

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