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Ghost, smooth and sweet Swedish metal

I’m a huge fan of Swedish music and metal so it’s no wonder that I love Ghost (Ghost B.C in America). Self-described as a mix of pop music and death metal, their songs are satanic and very melody-driven, and include some of the smoothest vocals in music.  251 more words

Defined By Music

Not F***ing Giving Up

What a great week this has been – NOT. I’ve spent half of it lying in either bed or the sofa, mostly curled in fetal position trying not to choke in tears.  770 more words

So it has begun

I wanted to start this because I have watched the love of my life struggle to make his dreams come true. I have tried to think of ways to have people see through my eyes this amazing talented man. 187 more words

Life has changed from the woods to the 'stream'

By C. Olivia Sanders

I wasn’t exactly the typical awkward child that is enchanted with the electric silence like children of today. I spent most of my time exploring the woods and dreaming of exploring the world. 441 more words

University Of Mississippi

Metal Band Spotlight: Nightwish

In 2004, I was introduced to a band that would change my life in some ways.  I became exposed to metal music that wasn’t back in the 80’s, like Judas Priest, Megadeath, etc. 368 more words

Microtia's 'can you hear the jets'

This is a track microtia recorded on their LP that i wrote with them right before i dipped. I could school the rest of the parts. 65 more words

Avant-Garde Art