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Fat Birds

The studio is in chaos with Fat Bird Sculpture, Cockatiels and pots of metal oxides

In a little while, I’ll light the smoke fire bins again, and hope for the best. 24 more words

Using the Sun to Create Hydrogen.....There is something poetic about that.

New Scientist has a piece on an article in the journal Science that details the plans of a team at the university of Colorado to split water to produce hydrogen gas.


Ceramic sculpture smoke firing.

Another glorious day of high windy weather, perfect for smoke firing!

I place my sculpture in a galvanized dustbin

Fill the empty space with sawdust, dry leaves, straw, newspaper; anything organic. 120 more words


My totem pole is almost finished and this is the top sphere – a smoke fired globe with whales and water

I have only used metal oxides to colour the clay… 39 more words

What is Metal oxides?

Metal oxides comprise a class of materials that contain transition elements and oxygen. They include insulators as well as (poor) metals. Often the same material may display both types of transport properties, hence a Metal-Insulator transition, obtained by varying either temperature or pressure. 274 more words

Cobalt Oxide

January 29th smoke firing workshop

We lucked out during today’s smoke firing workshop because the moment we had lit the barrel, the rain came pouring down.

The technique we used is quite simple; bisque fired work is painted with copper, iron and manganese oxide and then placed in a smoke chamber along with colour enhancing ingredients such as coffee grinds, copper wire, salt, soot, sea weed and hydrangea heads. 148 more words

Classification Nano-SAR development for Cytotoxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

A classification-based cytotoxicity nanostructure–activity relationship (nanoSAR) is presented based on a set of nine metal oxide nanoparticles to which transformed bronchial epithelial cells (BEAS-2B) were exposed over a range of concentrations (0.375–200 mg L−1) and exposure times up to 24 h. 182 more words