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Metal Yoga Strengthening Series: Why We're Here

As you have decided to take action through your own volition to advance your abilities and transformation potential in human form, it is important to solidify the basic concepts that few elucidate about the basics of the yoga meditation atmosphere. 436 more words


Metal Meets Yoga

In the last couple of months I picked up this thing called yoga.  You might have heard of it.  That thing where you do strength and flexibility poses and it’s supposed to make you strong, limber, and cleansed in the mind and body.  561 more words


Turn your practice up to eleven with heavy metal yoga

This past Sunday I experienced a new kind of yoga at an event entitled, “Yoga Like a Rockstar,” thrown by  Tough Love Yoga in Atlanta. I have to admit I was expecting a super intense, crazy power yoga class, but instructor Neda Draupadi Honarvar, creator of Metal Yoga, led a surprisingly zen class. 250 more words


Yoga For Killer Abs, Pt. II

The heat of the summer is finally upon us, and with this we are forced to wear less clothing in public. This is a good opportunity to feel good about your midsection when at the beach or picnicking in your bathing suit. 2,250 more words


Yoga For Killer Abs, Pt. I

As I write this, it is still somewhat cold outside this spring in New York City. If you follow my advice to the letter in this post, and I’m going to try to include as few letters as possible for your benefit, you can have killer abdominals in time for summer. 1,880 more words



In the celebration of life and movement, let’s go over some of the most beautiful yoga poses that incorporate balance. We will discuss what makes balance so important for health and vitality, and how your balance can and will improve as long as you periodically test your balance and let your body do what it does without having to think about it in your frontal lobe. 1,359 more words


The Living Corpse

“You’re just dead people that didn’t die yet.” -Louis C.K.

When was the last time you asked the question, “Are we not all titans and giants, imprisoned in hell”? 1,209 more words