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Since I started silversmithing , one recurring issue seemed to keep cropping up from various keyboard warriors: “I can buy something basically the same for 1/4 of the price from TopShop/Asos/*insert highstreet store/internet shop *”.  659 more words


Mother Nature, Finest Artist of all Time

When we are hunting for design inspirations, students bring all sorts of wonderful things to the studio. Everything from flowers, weeds, leaves and entire branches, birds wings, caterpillars, butterflies, bugs, shells, beetles and precious stones.   497 more words

Art And Design

Bench Hack: Binding Odd Shapes

Bench Hack
(A typically occasional metalsmithing series by Christine Cox)

If your shape doesn’t lend itself to being wired for soldering, like this bird brooch, cut notches in the base-plate. 35 more words


Recently I was asked to make an engagement ring for my oldest friend.

I was so honored to be asked! I immediately had flashbacks to the times we spent having sleepovers, talking about boys, music…what kind of engagement ring we’d like! 337 more words



As the last few hours of 2015 are closing in, I can’t help but think of all that has happened over the year. I’ve made a list of the top 5 things I’m most thankful for (in no particular order) : 137 more words


In Bloom ~ Corelyn Earrings

These are showy flower earrings full of beautiful textures.  They are hand cut to a shape that is daisy-like and have a feathery texture for a vintage, yet modern flare.   21 more words

Making corkscrews with a forge

I fired up the forge and made a pair of blacksmith tongs based out of need.

Then I grabbed some 3/16″ pencil steel (a little bit too thick, I’ll probably go down to 1/8″ or even 1/16″ for the finished product), drew tapers on the end of the rods then got them to a dull glowing red, I then used vise grips to attach the rod to a 3/8″ rod I had clamped in a vise, after it was attached, I wrapped the rod around the other rod (I know, I know, Rodfest 2015) and came up with this. 85 more words