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Jinjin and Rajith

Our guests today are Jinjin and Rajith and they will share their stories about what it really means to own a company. You will have the chance to read about their personal experiences and the challenges that they have faced. 1,787 more words


Subset of Morning 4

    deep gray clouds huddle low on the ridge
    darkling mist clings to the treetops
    tarnished silver morning

    extravagant yellow dawn pours across the cove… 74 more words


Damascus Steel

The creation of Damascus steel blades in the middle east was a phenomenon that begun to take place somewhere between the 300s BC and and the crusades when these blades began to become the legend that they are today.   253 more words

Ancient Civilizations

Advancement in Metalurgy will Fuel Free Energy Devices

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Energy_URL:                      http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21571847-exotic-useful-metals-such-tantalum-and-titanium-are-about-become-cheap
Energy_Title:                    Advancement in metalurgy will fuel free energy devices
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Date:                            Tuesday, February 26, 2013… 250 more words

Free Energy

Two New Questionable Publishers: CDDK and American V-King

1. The Center for the Development and Dissemination of Knowledge

2. American V-King Scientific Publishing. This publisher does not have a website; instead, each of its two journals has its own site: 395 more words

Scholarly Open-Access Publishers