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H.A.M Pop Up Shop Now Open

My Handmade Art Market Holiday Pop Up Shop is now open over on the H.A.M. Facebook page. I wrote a post the other day that I was planning to offer some of my handmade jewelry for sale. 165 more words

ICE Resin

Aluminum Practice Plate

Here’s a scrap chunk of aluminum I used to practice engraving some scrollwork.


Casualties of Over-ambition

Hello again,

Here I will just be discussing the aspects/concepts that could not make it into the finished set.

Engraved Motifs: I was unable to locate a suitable pattern of 1/4″ hexagonal wire/mesh to stamp into the motifs of my outer walls, but that would have just been icing anyway; with the type of paint I’ll be using on them they’ll pop regardless. 144 more words


Get Bent

Hello again,

So all of my walls have now been both cut and all their “lips” bent; I used the Brake at the U (thanks Darcy!) for the most part but for the secondary bends I actually found a hand tool in our garage: it’s roughly the size of a normal ruler (about a foot x a few inches), made of real strong metal and has a slit lengthwise where you can insert your material then just hold on tight and manually fold your piece. 32 more words


Hubby Project: Ulu

The hubby finished this ulu for a friend. She said her mom used one as a collard knife. If you aren’t familar with them. You can flat out cut carrots, rutabagas, butternut squash in chunks, but quick. 158 more words


Test Results and Beyond

Hello all,

So I have completed testing and have moved into full gear. I am proceeding with a single sheet of plywood attached to each sheet of aluminum so I actually have something to grip while running them through the jigsaw; working with aluminum alone was incredibly difficult to maneuver and it rattled like a mother. 76 more words


Hooked on up-cycling?

A month or so back I took my new girlfriends to meet my parents, yes one is an ’87 Fiero GT and the other a human female, we had a grand day of logging & tree killing, but on the drive back to Aberdeen I took us on a small detour up the coast road via Arbroath.   882 more words