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Coffee Table

A DIY essential… Your very own coffee table in your living room. I went with an industrial look with pairing angle iron together with square tubing using a MIG welder. 626 more words


Scratch made bolt knob

I had to wip up a bolt knob real quick at work today. We were one short and really needed to meet our deadline.



They arrived the third week of my 8th grade year.  The shiny black car pulled up to the curb while we were all outside chatting while waiting on the first bell to signal that we had class starting in 10 minutes.  3,951 more words


Shameless Advertising Alert (but not 100% about me for once)

Hello all,

This is a short post to share something that is not about music  from some talented fellow humans.

I was recently asked to provide a theme song for them and I think what they are doing is kind of cool, so I am sharing this in hopes that they can get some more listeners and be able to keep doing this. 105 more words

Updates from the 2016 Hammer-In

WKU’s League of Sculptors hard at work at the aluminum pour booth. #metalworking #kyfolklife #hammerin #wkuhammerin2016 from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2dVsFqK


Updates from the 2016 Hammer-In

Randy Hulsey showing how he shapes his tin cups. #hammerin #kyfolklife #tinsmith #folkart #metalworking from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2daQKqK


Updates from the 2016 Hammer-In

Randy Hulsey demonstrates how to make a tin cup besides the Felts House at the Kentucky Museum. #hammerin #tinsmith #kyfolklife #folkart #metalworking from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2dZKv7H