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La review (20/11/17)

(Hello, yeah, please don’t pay any attention to this little nonsense about cupcakes, it’s just the post looked bad without any background behind the title, sorry about that.) 318 more words

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Pandora: Hope on the Scaffold

If you remember the tale of poor Prometheus, he hooked mankind up with fire.

(for more on his story, click here).

Note, the use of ‘mankind’ was intentional, not sexist. 613 more words


A Moth Or A Butterfly Which Would You Rather Be?

 The moth and butterfly are similar insects.They share the same physical structure and the same process of metamorphosis -where they are transformed from caterpillars into flying insects, yet they are different.People have used this process as an analogy to describe the painful process human beings must go through in life in order to become better. 300 more words


I know a person who chose to sail in spite of her ship experiencing rough winds.

It is a must for her to learn new things by traveling.

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This is for all those who are afraid of new things in their life. People who are afraid of change. People who think that a change can make themselves redundant. 202 more words

À Coeur Vaillant Rien D'Impossible

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

I will love without fear and trust without hesitation. I will laugh more than I cry. I’ll count my blessings frequently and tally my losses far less often. 287 more words


Brilliant !

This is so very brilliant that I had to share

William Blake writing to the “reader” of his poem Jerusalem says:

The Spirit of Jesus is continual forgiveness of Sin: he who… 107 more words