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Pandorus Sphinx Larvae About To Pupate

The family Sphingidae consists of sphinx (also called hawk) moths. In their larval stage, these moths are often referred to as hornworms, because of the horn, eyespot or hardened button they all possess at the far end of their bodies. 177 more words


Butterfly Journal: Awareness (Month 4; Entry 1)

With self-reflection, truth, and faith we have begun to clear our view of ourselves and of our lives. This clarity of sight brings awareness to our every-day living and being. 555 more words


musicology #0705

aHymnForCon #11

Bertha Tillman – Oh My Angel

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.” 12 more words


Caddisflies Laying Eggs

Most caddisflies lay their eggs in or near ponds or streams. A very few species (in the family of northern case makers, Limnephilidae) deposit their eggs above the water on aquatic vegetation in a one- to-two-inch-long mass of jelly (some species’ eggs lack the jelly). 351 more words


the end of the world

What a nymph calls

the end of the world

we call a dragonfly.

by Jens


Annuit cœptis

Blood or rose. No matter. Life in all its mechanical horror watches over us, with the potential to unleash without warning moments of beauty indecipherable to those who do not see the glory in this image. 15 more words

Toulouse Street


It is again the time to change,

to fly and leave this humble plane.

This lumpy body’s soft comfort

shall be exchanged for winged fame. 77 more words