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Goethe – Faust, Fundamentals and Yabby Ponds

Goethe and I share the same birthday, albeit in different centuries. We also share an interest in science, art, literature, the natural world, communication and the elements. 868 more words

The Elements

bird's garden

It’s been almost two years since the winter I work-traded on the flower farm with Eilidh and Nikki. It feels so recent and fresh in my memory. 880 more words

Maui Magic


Dearest reader. Hey! Down here. I’ve transmogrified into a field mouse, you see. I’m typing this by daintily pirouetting across the keyboard. All is good. Although I’m wary of the beloved cat and his inbuilt and entirely natural intentions toward his now rodenty mistress. 190 more words


Books books books

In the past month I have rediscovered how much time I actually do have for reading, if I really want it, and it has been good. 231 more words


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Wheel Bugs

When bad bugs go good!
I encountered this pair of wheel bugs on the screen door. They totally ignored me as I moved around in an attempt to get a decent photo. 455 more words

Natural History


My veins ache a deep blue of yearning for new beginnings
and the unfolding of my wings
when shedding old selves
I am learning.


The gifts of our personal magic.

I settle lightly on the edge of a dream and begin to soar. Between closed eyes the terrain becomes waves upon a golden shore. Mammoth ethereal wings brush my skin and I’m lifted high above to see a timeline sketched in the sand dunes of my mind. 262 more words

Let My Voice Be Heard