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Metamorphosis (the Sun & the Moon)

The greatest of tales as narrated by TIME

Witnessed to go beyond eternity

it’s about a journey

That started with a little warmth

A magical experience so soothing and calm… 150 more words


Kutna Hora and a Train Ride with Franz Kafka

My last few days in Prague have been full of ups and downs. After switching to my new (and much better!) hostel near Prague Castle, I spent a good bit of time wandering and exploring. 1,122 more words

Real metamorphosis

Caterpillars are not ‘transformed’ into butterflies. There is no blast of magic that gives the little crawly pest its beautiful wings. The whole process is in fact gruesome. 657 more words



The question of why we go through challenges have always been with different answers and different interpretations. I was reading a book recently and a story was told therein which I felt I … Sourc…

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Gray Treefrog: A Frog of Many Colors

A Gray Treefrog starts life off as a ¼” yellow tadpole. Eventually it may reach 2 ½” in length, and its body will have turned olive green with a red tail. 109 more words


a friend commissioned me for an artwork. basically she offered me the liberty to use any kind of expression based on one of the metamorphoses from the roman poet Ovidius. 215 more words



One of things that I’ve learned about the power of dedication is that it transforms you. You give yourself wholly to this new thing, this new element and it becomes a part of you. 1,289 more words