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Transfiguration A: Transcendence

OLD TESTAMENT:  Exodus 24: 12-18

Read the passage from Exodus

According to tradition, the Book of Exodus is known as “the Second Book of Moses”.  The major themes of Exodus are identified as liberation, law, covenant, and presence.  2,709 more words

Evolution in Pokémon

I love Pokémon. I still remember playing Pokémon Red on my berry Game Boy Color, spending hours collecting, training, trading, and evolving as many creatures as I could. 587 more words

The Science On...

Gossamer Wings #Romantic Tuesday

You spin words into phrases

Like silk thread

Fine and lustrous

You weave them into

A gossamer shawl

Breathtaking to behold

Delicate and iridescent

Resilient with unexpected… 63 more words


Conversion into Christ - a life-changing experience

True “conversion” is not the same as joining a church, believing certain things to be true or false, and having strong opinions on political affiliations, sexuality, and reproduction. 594 more words

Just Thinking

musicology #0766

#Renewal 01

Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me


Got ‘SHOOK’ this morning. Powerful.

to FEEL Acceptance, What is, to… 28 more words



Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

What is the word meaning of reincarnation?

It is a noun: the rebirth of a soul in another body.

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Write Every Day

Sorry, long time no see. Uni's got me busyyyy.

Here are two of my final pieces for end of first term hand-in and evaluation. The brief was “A Metamorphosis” so, there you are.These Rooftop-perchers are characters for a story I have convinced myself I am working on, but as of now I am getting nowhere with personal projects, I am swamped with animation and stamp projects, but, hey, it’s fun. 14 more words