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Martina J here.  Last month I wrote about jealousy, and meeting your metamours.

Well, it finally happened. My boyfriend Sphere finally introduced me to his other girlfriend, Blue. 680 more words


poly-testing and personal space

I’ve been here about a week now, it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’m here to stay and this is my new home base. 436 more words

Real Life Experience

Jealousy, Comparison Brain, and Possessiveness

Martina J here again. Yesterday I was all worked up about a rather negative experience I had when I found myself in a situation where I was at the same event as my partner, Sphere, and my metamours, who he failed to introduce me to. 517 more words


Meeting Your Metamours

Hi there. It’s me again, Martina J.  Let’s talk meeting metamours, and hostile metamours.

I started exploring polyamory seriously two months ago, when I met a wonderful man, let’s call him Sphere. 927 more words


META-MOURPHIN POWER RANGERS! The ups and downs of being/having a metamour. Part II

If you read part one of this entry, you’re probably wondering if there is anything positive about metamours.  Between the anxiety, jealousy, and time sharing, it’s a wonder people get involved with Polyamory in the first place.  744 more words


META-MOURPHIN POWER RANGERS! The ups and downs of being/having a metamour. Part I

If you’re new to the world of Polyamory, you have probably heard the term “metamour” thrown around more than a few times.  Or, maybe you haven’t.  759 more words


November Write 13

To my metamours,

Thank you.

And I’m sorry. For every offense I have made, for every time I made you feel left out, for every time something I’ve done or said something that has hurt, offended, or made you uncomfortable – I am so very sorry. 284 more words