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Coining Language

One of the aspects of polyamory that really excites me is the opportunity to coin new language. We have these new and interesting ways of relating, and so we get the chance to come up with memorable terms to describe these experiences. 153 more words


I have to try.

For the first time all year, I feel like things are okay. Maybe not perfect, but maybe I don’t need them to be. I’m not depressed. 919 more words

Breaking Down. Part one of a series.

And so it begins…..
Doug Lindsey and I had an amazing weekend.  But first a little history.
We all had met at Atlanta Poly Weekend this past summer.   1,933 more words


It's Like She Gave Me a T-Shirt that Says "World's Best Metamour"

“It would be ridiculously nice not to have to worry about metamour drama. We both know how terribly that can go,” she wrote. “One of the reasons I would be open to exploring something with him in the future is because I know how awesome you are.” 843 more words


Shifting the Paradigm and Couple’s Privilege

Couple’s Privilege was the topic of the hour in my poly community a while back. This makes sense to me on a certain front. I have definitely seen examples of couples holding unreasonable expectations of their other partners. 1,528 more words


Your advice

Poly friends, I need to consult your wisdom! I know I haven’t written anything for a while, life has been busy and got in the way, but it has also bought some challenges with it that I don’t know how to resolve. 260 more words


Dear Lovers of my Lovers

All the love I have for my lovers I also have for you. I love all the pieces of them, therefore I love you. What makes them happy and content matters to me and you are a part of that puzzle of their life. 201 more words