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META-MOURPHIN POWER RANGERS! The ups and downs of being/having a metamour. Part II

If you read part one of this entry, you’re probably wondering if there is anything positive about metamours.  Between the anxiety, jealousy, and time sharing, it’s a wonder people get involved with Polyamory in the first place.  744 more words


META-MOURPHIN POWER RANGERS! The ups and downs of being/having a metamour. Part I

If you’re new to the world of Polyamory, you have probably heard the term “metamour” thrown around more than a few times.  Or, maybe you haven’t.  759 more words


November Write 13

To my metamours,

Thank you.

And I’m sorry. For every offense I have made, for every time I made you feel left out, for every time something I’ve done or said something that has hurt, offended, or made you uncomfortable – I am so very sorry. 284 more words


Comparisons: The Poly Pitfall of Doom

You know one of the quickest ways to tank your self esteem as a poly person? Start comparing yourself to any of your metamours or things your partner(s) are doing with other partners. 1,227 more words


A metamour is someone who is involved with one of your partner’s, but not you. That is the definition for me and what I’ve noticed for people I meet and talk to. 225 more words


sexual fantasties

I have fleeting sexual fantasies, some are merely a passing thought and I don’t really dwell on them, perhaps I’m conditioned not to somehow, years of indoctrination that indulging into a sexual fantasy isn’t healthy and especially if you have a sexual fantasy with someone other than the person you’re in a relationship with it’s already a betrayal/cheating of sorts. 542 more words

Real Life Experience


It’s strange to admit this, but making plans to hang with a hot friend of mine, I realized that when it comes to partner selection that I put just about as much thought into what sort of metamour situation I could possibly be creating as to my level of interest in the person. 879 more words