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A metamour is someone who is involved with one of your partner’s, but not you. That is the definition for me and what I’ve noticed for people I meet and talk to. 225 more words



It’s strange to admit this, but making plans to hang with a hot friend of mine, I realized that when it comes to partner selection that I put just about as much thought into what sort of metamour situation I could possibly be creating as to my level of interest in the person. 879 more words


Meatmours!* Or even metamours!


I’m kinda smitten.

With my metamour.

It’s a different kind of smitten, but she’s…really fucking awesome. We’re scary alike in some ways (What?! You don’t do chocolate and peanut butter either?! 824 more words

Missing Me

Ash never misses me. When we are not with each other it is Kai time, whether they are together or not. If they cannot meet, Ash misses Kai; if they can, Ash does not miss me. 124 more words

Dealings With Feelings

No Fucks Left To Give

For a while now, I’ve taken extra care in the morning before an open night to put my things away, fold the blankets on the sofa, tidy up the kitchen, and generally make Ash’s place more welcoming for Kai. 104 more words

Dealings With Feelings

My Shadow

What do you do when your metamour’s toothbrush is on the sink next to yours, their left-over food in the fridge, their dirty sheets on the floor, their name in every other conversation, their feelings and plans a factor in your life; when they are so present that their shadow and you have a relationship of your own. 85 more words


Is Mum The Word?

I tell Ash a lot about my dates. I could probably be better at respecting their privacy, and once I create relationships where we share more private things I will make sure to be. 94 more words