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Story Time

“What time is it?” It’s the question we have all asked but have we ever paused to consider what we mean by it? Of course we know what we mean by it, don’t we? 3,985 more words

Bible Study

History and the Mission of God

Around the turn of the New Year Lesslie Newbigin’s name came up a lot on this blog and even more so in my reflections. The first time I heard of him came from a staple name on this site, N.T. 3,384 more words

Biblical Metanarrative

SAMUEL WELLS on the logic at the heart of the universe

In his chapter ‘Refashioning the Clay’ Samuel Wells acknowledges the huge contribution the Big Bang and evolutionary theory have made to science, but cautions against turning them into theology, for “you get a single word answer: … 99 more words


Building Bridges to the Current Culture

Have you noticed the shift in our society?  We have gone from a society grounded in a Judeo-Christian worldwide to a diverse, generally post-Christian culture.  There were many contributing factors in this shift—the Vietnam War, the 1960’s counter-culture, and the sexual revolution among them.  1,404 more words

Trogo: Something To Chew On

The Challenge of Interpretation

Towards the tail end of the year I had a series of highly stimulating conversations with a friend of mine. They covered a lot of ground but it all revolved around the question of whether Jesus is the prophesied messiah of the scriptures. 2,484 more words

Bible Study

The Metanarrative of the Doom Slayer

[Originally published May 30, 2016]

The new DOOM is a masterpiece of carnage and speed, but there’s more to it than stellar mechanics. It boasts a surprisingly robust story – both fun and full of hidden meaning. 440 more words

Game Crit

#1 The Death of Society

Man wakes. He sees himself wedged into a realm of objects. While he sees that basic components of himself are constituted by the material, he views himself as distinguished from nature and the other beasts. 318 more words