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How to Read the Bible (video series)

The How to Read the Bible series walks through each literary style found in the Bible, and how each uniquely contributes to the overall whole. While the Bible is one unified story, it cannot all be read in the same way, as each literary style lives by its own rules and structure; this we will explore in detail in each video. 397 more words

Story Of God

ASSESSING STRESS, AUDIO EDITION #5: Torchwood, series 3 - "torchwood_ cascade_ CDRip.tor"

Welcome to DoWntime’s not-too-regular column, Assessing Stress. That’s where we assess … stress. Or more accurately, talk and debate about the newest episodes to hit the television screen, the new releases from Big Finish, and all these good things. 2,861 more words

Assessing Stress

Bringing the Book to Life.

Now that we’ve essentially killed an author or two (read the previous two blogs…), it’s time to bring the book to life. 

Or well… at least bring my project to life.  905 more words

A Christian Philosophy of Education

I was reading George Knight’s classic Philosophy and Education on a recent flight from Charlotte to Memphis when Paul, a young man in the seat beside me, struck up a conversation. 1,560 more words

Medicine And Science

Why Stories?

A story is a wonderful thing. A creative work of a human’s imagination, stories actively engage the rich, colorful, intuitive side our brains, causing us to reexamine assumptions, realize truth, and relish beauty in ways otherwise inaccessible to our logical left-brained world.  302 more words

installing our metanarrative

And there, in the vast, hollow space erupting between us

We no longer speak to learn but only to elevate ourselves

Sweetness, evacuated – at what point I cannot remember… 382 more words

Broken Girl Cured by Love: On Tropes and the Lies They Tell

Author’s Note: For the past few days I’ve been in Tennessee at a workshop hosted by Madcap Retreats about writing cross culturally. It was an incredible, eye-opening experience, and I’m only sharing a snippet of what I learned there, so I highly recommend you participate in one of their workshops if you ever get the chance to.  1,174 more words