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Wikipedia and the Harley Lyrics

Ask many academics about the value of Wikipedia as a research tool and you will probably get quite a frosty reception. I certainly have been told on many occasions that it is a wholly unreliable source of information; often by lecturers. 911 more words


“You’re Different than Them”: Centralized Authority and Outsiders in Buffy

Abstract: This paper explores the rejection of an important dominant discourse in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Hush” (S4 E10). Primarily, the author discusses how the episode depicts organized institutions in a negative light, showing them to be failures when it comes to solving problems of importance.

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Critical Theory

Undertale: Adventures in Metanarrative

Undertale by Toby Fox easily falls into my top five games of 2015; which is quite an achievement in a year that included Triple-A titles like… 961 more words


Psychogeography and the Kashi Texts

Psychogeography is defined as the study of the effect of geography of a place on an individual’s psyche. It is the “study of the specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals” says Guy Debord (qtd. 2,999 more words


Time for a Great Cartoon! (big picture people 2)

Again, Watterson has communicated a profound philosophical concept via the medium of a cartoon! Post-modernity says that no one metanarrative is the correct one. A “metanarrative” is an overarching story, a viewpoint that says “this is reality.” 260 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

How to Write 50 Essays in 9 Short Months

Since April I’ve been working on a column—Bergamot Ink—with the The Good Men Project, which is why I let Nerdy Dad Shirt go untrimmed, and for good reason. 235 more words

Big Concepts

Balance to the Force

This is “the” The Force Awakens post. It’s probably the only big one I’m going to do – the movie a few hours in the past for me now, filtered through first impressions and subconscious dream states. 1,426 more words