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The Challenge of Interpretation

Towards the tail end of the year I had a series of highly stimulating conversations with a friend of mine. They covered a lot of ground but it all revolved around the question of whether Jesus is the prophesied messiah of the scriptures. 2,484 more words

Bible Study

The Metanarrative of the Doom Slayer

[Originally published May 30, 2016]

The new DOOM is a masterpiece of carnage and speed, but there’s more to it than stellar mechanics. It boasts a surprisingly robust story – both fun and full of hidden meaning. 440 more words

Game Crit

#1 The Death of Society

Man wakes. He sees himself wedged into a realm of objects. While he sees that basic components of himself are constituted by the material, he views himself as distinguished from nature and the other beasts. 318 more words


Postmodernism: Vicious Circles and Metanarratives

In the class I’m teaching, we just finished our discussion about Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers with some comments about vicious circles and how the characters seem to be trapped in these ever repeating loops that seem to go nowhere. 799 more words



My generation is the generation of storytellers. We may not necessarily rally ’round the bonfire to relate spine-tingling tales of fiction (although we might), and we may not all be hooked on the latest trilogy of best-selling novels (yet we probably are), but we are the ones who sit down together and say, “Tell me your story.” Social media gives us the ability to heard hundreds of anecdotes and reports a day, and we absorb them all, connect them all. 1,233 more words

Public Theology

261. puissant

Just came from an encouraging session with my therapist.

I’m often left a bit dubious or even suspicious whenever things go positively. Maybe I’m carrying around the notion that therapy must be fraught with powerful emotion, or the measure of work in therapy including profound revelations, breakthroughs into the nature of what brought one to therapy in the first place. 965 more words


259. iatrogenic

It’s Pride month again in Minneapolis, and another year finds me not feeling very proud… or particularly fabulous. Some of this does have to do with the attack in Orlando on last Sunday, that another bigot turned their hate into bullets, and how I don’t really feel like celebrating when so many people died and we have a majority in Congress who don’t give a shit that a bunch of dirty fags were killed in a gay nightclub. 935 more words