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Over expanding empire, the usual suspects, no, no, it wasn’t anything christian, it wasn’t christian at all, it was man, the idiot who polluted the skies, demonised women, the ego thief, who started more wars than there is time to write about, crack head, fool, twisted header ball, that twat, yes, woke up one day, hung over, the local priest with his wench girl friend, she’s his wife, he has a vision, we should be doing this all over the world, riding in golden chariots, living in palaces, servants, even kings bending down to us, come on, get celibate chaps for awhile, they’ll never be able to beat us. 67 more words



Well, what does history say or what does it mean, usually comes with more baggage than a jumbo jet, the past, the mistakes, the reasons not to trust, a cause for concern, fear comes to the top too easy, one day you’ll learn how to forgive and wonder what you’ve been doing all your life. 146 more words


The World of Yesterday

I hear there is a planet called yesterday, it’s a far off place, seems few even get there, and what happened on yesterday is yesterday’s business i guess, so what happens on yesterday, the chance to do something new, to do something about it, not on yesterday though, I wonder what happens today on yesterday, is this confusing, all the stuff I could have done if i had been on yesterday. 92 more words


Sowing the Seeds

just an idea, why are you saying this, i thought you liked me, he looks are her, why he wonders does she behave like this, the sowers of doubt, where does it come from, a previous experience, and the harm it caused, she’s been tossed around, used in the past, it is her hidden history, now she uses it like a sword to cut the heart up, of others, getting even, seriously. 159 more words


I Changed My Mind

As someone once said:

“The only way to prove that you still have a mind is to change it occasionally.”

While the statement is meant to be humorous, I want to ask about the potential truth within it.

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Forgive the fact that her mic went off during the performance of the acoustic ballad ‘Lovers Tiff’ with guitarist Nii Quaye. Ignore the factthat rapper M.anifest didn’t show up for the rendition of the soulful tune ‘Julor’. 420 more words

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Ephemeral Personhood (8/14/15)

Why am I gradually beginning to think of myself as a meaty metaphor in motion rather than as an abiding entity?

Starting with my body—if a ‘real’ entity is generally held to possess enduring constancy or a more or less stable form, my body is ultimately no more ‘real’ than an ephemeral, melting snowflake or a metamorphosing insect larva. 710 more words