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3 Strands of DNA ~ Metanoia and the Next Step

On Sunday we had a great day. We were able to baptize some people, which is always amazing and I got to share on Metanoia. Metanoia is a word that is all about changing direction, and taking a new step. 605 more words



by David Cook

For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel,
has said, “In repentance and rest you will be saved,
In quietness and trust is your strength.” 689 more words


7. Life's Uncertainty

It is assured that nothing is assured in this life.

Your plans, as meticulous as they can be, will never go truly according to plan. Even the most mundane of actions have their surprises. 284 more words


39: Witless

But the witless can no more become wise than a wild donkey’s colt can be born human.” Job 11:12 NIV

Here is a verse that seems rather hopeless. 589 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily

Ascending Into Higher Heights Pt1(Christ Consciousness)

You have been called to Liberty, and it’s found IN Christ, through repentance…that is Metanoia.

A change of mind/consciousness…a return to something, change of consciousness back to a higher state/place…to one’s original place/state of origin. 216 more words


Take a journey of change. Grow and learn about yourself. Learn what you like and what you don’t like.

It’s scary facing the unknown but it’s better than facing a life full of “what if’s”. 19 more words

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