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Never Again....

he’s changed, even considerate, buying her flowers again, has even began to clean up, the days roll on, the progress grows, then one night he says, maybe a glass or two, well he drinks on the quite, the party begins, she’s nervous he’s certain, I’ll never do that again, the drinks become a bottle, his eyes begin to change, she’s seen it before, it was when… 18 more words


The Guru

That’s who I am, she’s a character, he’s a guru, lets believe in him, busy the head, banish all other thought, whatever he says, she’s where it’s at, new guru follow that, she got married, pity about that, new guru is free, lets follow her, who am I, where’s the medication, grab me a beer, she got married too, he’s got a girlfriend, I thought he was a guru, what do you mean, forget that, getting a new award, party afterwards, whatever that means, meet you outside, little pissed little drunk, thought you were interested in me, initially took you seriously, disillusioned dream chaser, he’s just another guru, therapist in disguise, talking you out of money, nothing new, amen.


4. Waiting

15 minutes pass.

10 months pass.

3 years pass.

There goes a lifetime.

We are constantly awaiting the next step, the next move. We speak of a one day that we hope comes sooner than later, just so we can await the next one day to make it’s presence. 227 more words


Come back Lover~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa — OUR POETRY CORNER

Come back Lover Dead are the nights now you’re gone So cold even the midday sun How could I have let you run What was I thinking, what have I done?

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We all Have Wings

“You’ve got wings, and God has given you a clear open sky. Wings are not those feathered things that sprout from armpits. Wings are ideas nurtured with love.

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Fear Guilt and Love

fear, stuff that makes us unwell, guilt, stuff that reminds us of our fears, love, the stuff the helps it get over both, amen. so i ask, if love is the drug that keeps us upright, why do do many push fear and guilt, just asking, amen.