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White Noise

It’s hard to be what you need through a static screen, Been trying to speak for weeks and weeks, Open my mouth, All that comes out is white noise and incomprehensible sounds, And all you ever do is turn me down. 92 more words

Lone Wolf + Teamwork = Disaster?

For most people, our first involvement in peer group activities occurs in preschool or kindergarten. We learn how to work together to clean up the classroom or we sing a song about the months of the year as a group. 1,439 more words


Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Shift from the Ego-Perspective to the Soul-Perspective (5/8/12)

What a world of difference there is between categorically dismissing the ego as a pernicious barrier to one’s ‘enlightenment’ and the mature, disciplined effort to monitor and to moderate one’s accustomed identification with the ego! 1,173 more words

The Concept of a Definition

Concept : An idea of what something is or how it works.

Definition : A statement that describes what something is. OR The quality that makes it possible to clearly see the shape, outline, and details of something. 1,101 more words


A Discomfiting Word or Two about Ease, Comfort, and Convenience (11/15/12)

On the mundane, practical level, the ‘values’ of ease and convenience have perhaps been exalted to historically unprecedented heights in contemporary life. It is the implicit aim of the service provider, teacher, writer, artist, dietician, and product manufacturer to make things as easy and effortless for us—the ‘consumers’—as imaginably possible. 956 more words

Metanoia and a fireside espresso, please: reflections on life spent curled up and whole

This month, April, has been about dreaming well.

Easter weekend was a whirlwind of berry hibiscus tea, cinnamon-and-raisin brioche with caramel apple butter, blood orange waffles, Asparagus Tartine on toasted baguette with black pepper goat cheese, sprouts, chamomile flowers, and sun-ripened tomatoes, and tropical ginger blends, to be sure. 760 more words


Haunted ☀

Long lost words whisper slowly to me, Still can’t find what keeps me here, When all this time I’ve been so hollow inside, I know you’re still there… 116 more words