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Money Money Money...

it’s all I hear about, it’s all I hear about, the news, the cost of everything, it’s all I hear about, day and night, and if that doesn’t get me, then I hear about the lottery I just missed, it could be you two, and it flows and flows, like those images in the paper, under wear busts the gossip the cars, all pointing, money money money. 124 more words


orwell einstein

Orwell Einstein was a rather clever man, when all around were chasing goals, Orwell watched
and say what was going on. one day he tasted meat from the local butcher, it wasn’t real smooth… 183 more words


The Holy Spirit

Imagine it, a power from Heaven, that comes with the help, Imagine it, you can say what you like against the Son of Man, imagine it, you can say what you like about Jesus, you can be forgiven, but say anything against the Holy Spirit, just imagine it, well you don’t have to, it’s written, that’s one border you can’t cross, and it renders the demon useless, amen.


Love and ashes

(I started this post early in the morning and was pulled away from it many times for dad’s care. It is now late evening on Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday, but I wanted to finish it, to share my heart with yours. 721 more words

Christos Yannaras: “Repentance"

“To share out your soul freely, that is what metanoia (a change of mind, or repentance)really refers to: a mental product of love. A change of mind, or love for the undemonstrable. 50 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

Walking backwards into the future?

Bear with me as I don’t reference the film where Marty McFly goes back in time and finds he is in danger of his parents not marrying and having children. 527 more words