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cover up, can’t go out looking like that!,

why not?


the conclusions we rush to,

the sudden judgement,

the barriers erected,

the unfounded fear, 90 more words


SP True Stories: Just getting started

True stories of Supernatural Provision…

Just getting started on his provision journey…

Great week. Got 41 hours of payable hours in 4 days.  I’ve got a second job starting out tomorrow that’s going to pay in cash… $40 for a couple hours of work.   378 more words

Supernatural Provision Book

Angel Wings

Be like Thee Wise bird: Protect and defend Young Ones.  

Source: Angel Wings


The Access Code

The heart that loved was the access code, there was no other means, it was that simple, just as said 2,000 years earlier, and it was where Holy Spirit dwell ed, in the invisible soul, as invisible as soul, unless you were aware of how it manifested itself. 54 more words


Gay Bums and Ass's

A bum or an ass, the corruption of language, the double meaning, it was about the context, the timing changed the meaning, over a cloud, upon a cloud, under a cloud, the meaning of sky, who could understand it, only those supposed to understand it, amen. 102 more words