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Unapologetic, Unrepentant, Unashamed

I love those 3 words, those are my 3 “U’s.” The Lord gave them to me. A bit hard to imagine, almost comical at this point really, but I used to be apologetic, repentant and ashamed at all times. 1,123 more words

This Galápagos Tortoise Is Having None of It — Discover

If you love nature photography, you’ll want to hop right over to Adventures of a New Floridian, where photoblogger McKenna is currently documenting her trip to the Galápagos Islands, one stunning photo essay at a time.

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Source of Light — Source of Inspiration

How can one live without our God how hopeless this world would be I walk in the Light in this world of darkness shadows sometimes tugging me I walk in the Light even when I fail He guides me to try again God is Light I am, too a soul created from the Source of […]

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The Talent Giver

I look into his eyes so wild so untamed. I see something else but it can’t quite be named. Maybe it’s fear or maybe it’s shame.

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Autumn, reflected — Lady Fi

The bare bones of autumn With rich splashes of colour are delightful. The fiery lanterns of leaves Hang upside down in still waters. And all that gold from the autumn sun Is reflected back on furry coat and field.

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The First Steps

Well, here I am, taking the first steps towards the life I truly desire.

What does that mean for me? I’m not quite sure, but I hope to find out. 547 more words

Jen Sincero


We are easily distracted by the pains and cares of this world, but the Lord has shown me, time and time again, that only what is eternal will last.

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