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Assignment 4: critical review – second draft

Revised essay for peer review.

Comparing the use of metaphor and metonymy as tools for photographing the unphotographable

The indexicality of photography tends to imply that ‘authenticity’ is one of its primary qualities, so we generally expect documentary photography to depict concrete events, places, people and things to tell its stories. 1,966 more words


The Women

A woman once told me
The roses will smell good
Only if the roots are watered good
And the shoot is given light enough.
And her eyes once told me… 133 more words


Tetris as a Metaphor for Life

The pieces are always falling, and you are always spinning, jimmying them into position and together.. Eminently arranging your selves, your thoughts, your time bits and pieces and hours and days and weeks.. 291 more words

Contemporary Poetry


  • I was napping at a hotel and in my dream I went and felt the pool water. I think then I was asked what my job was and there was an older woman leading the tour (instead of the younger guy).
  • 301 more words

Writing Through A Brush

The one time my brush composed the words to this piece of free verse. 60 more words


Rusty Chain Reactions

If you’re not prepared to feel a little bummed I would suggest to stop reading here.

I saw “I’m Not Ashamed” the other night, a movie about the Columbine High School Shooting on April, 20th, 1999. 298 more words


Writing and Zero

Recently, I’ve been filling out applications for scholarships, which is sometimes the most painful process. Every essay I’ve written has either asked me the most generic question or to write my whole life in 100 words. 624 more words