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The White Fox

“Why the White Fox?” I hear you ask.

There is a good reason I promise! It may seem a bit abstract when you read that as a title, but I did some soul searching to come up with the right metaphor. 162 more words



to the depths
of turbid waters
long submerged
is the weight of
a bruised heart
its flesh marred
by the beating
of a tide’s unrest. 24 more words


Shades of Fire

I dreamt of fire – wild and outrageous, devouring bodies.

It set ablaze our souls and charred mortality.

Uncontrollable it was: 95 more words


Look Over the Edge

There’s something unsettling about being higher than the clouds, knowing that the only way down is through them.

I keep going back to this picture, taken during my time in… 228 more words



A wildflower

Unplanted. Unwatered. Unwanted.

In hostile soil where a garden once died.

And yet it grows. Glows. Overflows.

Until the barren heart pulses with new life. 21 more words


written by Eva, Romeo and Ollie in Michael’s 4th & 5th grade classroom
edited and illustrated by Kayla Kennett

Red is the color of
a ripe cherry, 50 more words