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Descriptive Passages from Literature

Examples of description

It was the early afternoon of a sunshiny day with little winds playing hide and seek in it.
– How Pearl Button Was Kidnapped by Katherine Mansfield… 228 more words


Other People's Outhouses

This is IF: Chapter 9. 

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Peter McCarthy scares you. 2,103 more words


Ramblings: Part XXVIII. 

You always seemed to prevaricate when I asked questions about the past. You would just tilt your head and give me a flashbulb smile, before smoothly changing the subject and leading me, sternly, back to the present. 71 more words


poem- adversity

Four lanes of traffic gush past

the single stunted sunflower

stretching through a cleft in the pavement,

blooming in adversity.



I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of a mountain,
And I could fall off at any moment,
But my sweater is caught in a branch. 31 more words


Insect of Inspiration

There is a cage of plexiglass over the bulb, and though he buzzes and whirs, though he slams his body against he barrier between himself and the light, he cannot pass. 14 more words