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Metaphors: Part 4

A man lays in shock on the shore of a popular beach in the Pacific. His leg, bloody and exposed, twitches as paramedics tend to him. 171 more words

Cinderella and Her Hateful Sisters: learning from envy

The new Disney version of the Cinderella fable departs from other popular versions in that it focuses on Cinderella’s capacity for courage and kindness.  This is especially poignant in the midst of the envy and cruelty of her stepmother and sisters. 611 more words



Dear Joko,

As I’m typing this right now sipping my perfect cup of tea (Earl Grey if you forgot), you’re probably deep in your sleep due to your headache. 543 more words

Journal Entry

The Sun

Every day the sun
sets, and it rises again
the following day.

AB – 1.4.15 | New beginning every day, new chance to leave the wrongs and start anew



Life is one big debate.  I dislike opening my mouth.  It’s like you want to shove your tongue down my throat in some passionate and yet revolting display.   214 more words



I once painted in black and white. Every finite stroke of the brush, every dull drop of ink, every tediously crafted detail was monotone. Simply whites and blacks, melting into a limp grey. 83 more words