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Separation Anxiety (July 2017)

I was never afraid to die
Until I met you.
My golden haired,
Stormy eyed
You appeared to me in your glory
of unsmoked cigarettes… 103 more words


Addict (June 2017)

The toxins run through your veins
As you cry out to the porcelain in your
You can’t get through the day
Without calling me. 82 more words


Toxins (June 2017)

The darkness comes out to play
And she says there’s no better way
Than to spend the day
With my head spinning this way.
Come to me, 55 more words


Thoughts (June 2017)

This house is a prison.
I sit in the dark and wait for them to
Come to me through the shadows.
They whisper in my ear, 87 more words



Failed simulations

Continuing in current life

Mundane monotony 

Filling stomach and lungs 

Like an empty gas tank 

Inhaling days fated code from registry 

Blindfolded black and white  20 more words


The Cornflakes story. Your relationship in a bowl.

Just a little tory to explain a bad boyfriend… many bad boyfriends…. I worked with Strippers