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And why shall you?

This poem is about Life when it f’s you up. I also you the metaphor of a soccer match to express that it is also a ‘game’… 136 more words


It’s hard to love you

when you shred me,

slice my skin on the sharp tips

of those needle teeth.

It’s hard to love you… 57 more words


Apollo II (20.02.15)

Agonised, I call out desperately to the Sun god.
My anguish falls unnoticed
As Icarus,
And the effect is the same.
I grieve.
Am I a fool to let this consume me? 131 more words



Observe a river from a distance.  It appears to be one smooth, uniform body of water, flowing simply and evenly in one direction.

Now move close to the river, along the shoreline.  45 more words


Opening the doors to miracle: Taking that risky first step

It is easy to live in the land of ‘I Cannot’ or ‘I Dare Not’ or ‘A Secure Income Comes First’…

It is easy to put dreams and visions on hold indefinitely because of material-based fear. 805 more words



Cursed by thirst unquenchable
beneath a blazing sky,
Gaze distorted by burning mist
that wells within her eyes.

A soul that weeps before mankind,
for truths they’ve never seen– 53 more words


poem- bloom

There is a certain futility

in buds blooming in a vase,

but undeniable beauty

bursting open without hope

of bearing fruit.