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I’m in a place where I finally decided I can’t take it anymore. Being led on. And built up. Always to be let down in the worst of ways. 174 more words


French Toast

Keep making French Toast

Even though I don’t like it

But this time I could


I'll be broken til I'm dead...

When I was 18 and in my partying prime, I’d been at a party in the bush all night. When it was time to leave I felt this annoying weird thing on my neck, I showed my friend and we concluded it was some kind of scab or something that I had scratched the shit out of during the night. 716 more words


The Blindness

I stand in a valley surrounded
By hills and trees mounted
The sun shines on the opposite hemisphere
And the moon can be seen nowhere… 106 more words


The Struggle behind Dark Places

This is merely a continuation of some of my thoughts from last night.  At times, I wonder why I speak in euphemisms instead of blatantly saying what I intend to say.  616 more words

LU Transit Metaphor

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re waiting for a bus? Waiting so long that it feels like forever. So long that you actually decide to… 400 more words

Wesley Nicholls

Decades in the writing; months in the publishing!

I can see that my prolific output – five novels in four months – could seem somewhat off-putting and could also cast doubt upon the quality of my writing. 935 more words

The Lyre Of Logres