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Scraps Of Every

Detached skulls laughing out their insides
Rotten cores the destinations of rotting to
Skeletal interplay between thought and action
Autonomous monsters destroying ambition
This hallway leads to madness… 39 more words




The subject
Of emotions
On the specimen
In examination


A question
What is the objective
An answer
To combat the void

At least it’s not boring… 15 more words

Can You Keep A Secret

To compel them
To remain silent

Escaped from
A gaping hole,
Lower portion,
Bottom half,
Of the face

Archetypal dribble
Spreading virus, 24 more words

conversations with love: a metaphor so unsubtle it’s not even really a metaphor anymore.

Love, hi.
It’s nice to see you again.
Won’t you come in?
I’ve just put the kettle on.
That’s alright, just one cuppa.
Oh! No, okay, it’s alright, really – 130 more words


SRHE 2016 Educational birds - Singing for freedom 'Old Tongue'

Reflections inspired by critical interpretation of Jackie Kay’s poem, Old Tongue

The following reflective pieces were taken as ‘fieldwork’ for our SRHE 2016 paper on metaphorical inquiry. 1,126 more words

Learning And Teaching

SRHE 2016 Educational birds - singing for freedom 'The Moment'

Reflections inspired by critical interpretation of Margaret Atwood’s poem ‘The Moment’.

The following reflective pieces were undertaken as ‘field work’ for our conference paper at SRHE 2016, ‘Educational birds: a hybrid metaphorical enquiry’. 1,128 more words

Learning And Teaching

Chasing Gravity in Neverland

I never wanted to be the girl who said never.

Past experience has taught me that saying never doesn’t really mean all that much anyway. Let’s face it, I said I’d never have anything less than bright blonde hair, then they invented ombré. 918 more words