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Forever isn’t a given, it’s a privilege.
Time is used as a metaphor if we really think about it.
Today is someone else’s yesterday.
Seconds turn into minutes, which turn to hours that turn into days, weeks, months, years; 77 more words


Brush struck
Like a blade,
Umbrelling into a thousand bombs
With a thousand thousand clusters.

It swept its treads downhill, lasering through meanders,
Drilling oxbows into the landscape, 179 more words


Mishaps or Miracles

The other day he told me, “Darren,
I need your help, and forgiveness.”
So I rose from our bed nervous
for a moment I stopped breathing… 192 more words



“He who makes a beast of himself removes himself from the pain of being human.”
— Dr. Samuel Johnson


Messy Room, Messy Mind

My mind, much like my bedroom, is cluttered and completely chaotic. It always has been and I have this innate feeling that it always will be. 176 more words

Cracking up.

Skin yields like parchment
Too long dried in the sun. Peeled
Cracks show emotion.


Starting Fresh

I’ve spent the last two months getting a feel for Lighthouse Poole, and writing first draft material for a pamphlet of twenty or so poems. The poems will be a response to the place, the people, the smells, tastes, sights, sounds, conversations, and all the thoughts that bounce off those surfaces. 467 more words