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Stretching Your Legs


It can be so much fun. It can ease your stress, clear your mind, and among countless other things, create worlds.

It’s really quite incredible and captivating to think about that, really. 905 more words


Words matter in the Presidential Debate

If there’s one thing this Presidential race and debate have reminded me of, it’s that everything is subjective. A few thoughts on the content of the first 2016 Presidential debate from a linguistically-inclined cognitive scientist: 325 more words


Lesson from a Mountain

Still and silent, I stand
At the foot of the mountain,
I gaze up, intimidated and fearful.
There are so many obstacles,
Slippery surfaces and steep inclines… 162 more words

True Story.

sea glass

Have you ever been to the beach and picked up a clear smooth stone. Very cloudy but just transparent enough colors can peek through. So finding them in the sand is usually a great challenge. 467 more words



It starts slowly. A thought, an idea, a trigger. And then it grows. It feeds off the strength you use to ignore it, gobbling your resolve and belching its omnipotence. 159 more words


Arrest me

I quite like taking things that don’t belong to me. It’s not that I am greedy or a thief, although really I am both, but I like the meaning behind the stolen stuff. 268 more words


Spoiler alert: Nobody will win the presidential debate

As a culture that celebrates success above all, we are obsessed with winning. We love to quantify things that were not necessarily meant to be quantified. 609 more words