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There are few things I remember from before I was ten. It’s unfortunate, but nothing can be done about it. That’s just one thing tyrant Time steals from all. 1,695 more words

Well-written Rants


Among you there is one!…
An Asphodel (as unsure of his own metaphorical meaning*, as the goat is of his own, unfortunate, metaphorical meaning**), that will kiss me… -So intimately, that it will be written of,… and evoked, and prophesized, and rationalized, and popularized, and lesson-ized, and lamented, and explored into such an emotionally exhausted oblivion… :But even more than this; it will be plagiarized, by such common language… explained to you with such common language: Paraphrased too you, so commonly, by the immutable echoes and rabble and ashes of every nation henceforth; that it will taste little more than barren Romantics, from the far off wastelands of myth (ology)! 36 more words


I’m wondering

about the tension between your eyes.

Those two deep, etched furrows

creased vertically above your nose

that appear when you smile

that tight lipped smile… 85 more words


Why Did I Have That Dream?

Are you wondering what your dream means? Try doing this:

  • Take a sheet of eight and a half by eleven paper and fold it the long way.
  • 145 more words


we are all
planets, collections of Lilliputian
grains, microscopic in
essence, clinging to one
another to form celestial
bodies that revolve
around the thermonuclear
souls at the centers of our… 46 more words

tip of the day #0389

“Yes Lee,” said Gary exasperated. “When I said don’t shit on your own doorstep I was speaking metaphorically, that’s correct.”

“Right, so,” replied Lee.

Gary held the bridge of his nose between his thumb and pointy finger. 43 more words