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The Tampon Of Despair

My tampon is full of blood

I send texts I regret

Buy wine I cannot afford

Your opinion is too heavy

It is all I can carry… 51 more words

Never Even Fell

Never Even Fell

Red or green, no matter the sheen

Wormy and poisoned at the core

Stuck fast, having a blast

No picking could even the score… 19 more words

Remeber me?

I’m that crushed piece of paper,

with infinite scars.

Waiting inside bin,

to be dumped off too far

Where the memories of your pen,

are still visible on me. 95 more words


The Weekly Re-Motivator: Press Your Luck

There was this show, pretty big-time in the 80s, calledĀ Press Your Luck. My dad absolutely loved this show, and so did I: it was basically a run-of-the-mill pure luck-based game where you spin a wheel to win cash and prizes. 438 more words


Auditions, Step-Stools, and Pill Bugs

As a theatre major, audition dates and rehearsal dates can start to pile up and it becomes difficult to look ahead to the futureā€¦.So, I invested in a step-stool. 324 more words


The History of A Universe in One Sentence

To the bright, untouched eye the dust clears

into a wind-painted cacophony of colours

that pours through our skin though we cannot see,

try as we might, so we run, 119 more words


Viewing a Self Destruction

Scientists believe that we will have functional robots by 2020. This means that after years of prototyping and difficult algorithms trying to be so exactly precisely correct, there will be a final product. 229 more words