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I May Die Laughing and Crying

All we really know is
This one moment in eternity
This raw uncensored experience
That lasts for a breath in
And a breath out
And then… 87 more words



The withdrawal has started
Slowly but surely we’re shutting up shop
The doors are still open
But the stock is dwindling
We’ve started to review…

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The Claws of the Ocean

The ocean, I feel, is a representation of humanity. People spend their entire lives trying to understand it, getting PhD’s, living on it for months or even years, producing a whole career out of it. 274 more words

Of Cookies, People And Individuality

People aren’t all the same shape and size
As though there’s only one cookie cutter,
Nor are they placed neatly onto a tray
To bake until they’re all exactly right. 91 more words


Domestic Violence Metaphor Illustrations

These illustrations represent the two sides of domestic violence. The top relates to the effects of an abuser and how the victim feels silenced, while the bottom encourages victims to fight against abuse with their voice.

"Friends" Metaphor Poster

I designed this poster as a metaphor for the TV show, “Friends”, in which I aimed to capture the idea that friendship isn’t always easy, but can be easily mended as long as friends stick together.

Off with their Heads

7 Parts of Full Article: the Symbolic Beheadings, Part and Parcel of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Hey, if you’re reading this could you do me a favor? 242 more words