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an abstract painting,

meaning lost and found in the explosions of reds and blues

a modern art form,

collecting tears and throbbing hearts

nothing special

but, absolutely



Harassment: Why Now?

Have you ever gone to a party super hungry? You get there and the food is set out, crisp, beautiful, undisturbed. You haven’t eaten in days and want so much to dive into those appetizers. 239 more words

The Kite

Don’t know how to keep you here:
strings and fingers disappear
in the sun where we’re one
as you fly up to the sky.

You taught me how to play, 110 more words

Song Lyrics


I am building a home

where the floors are made up of strength that creaks with courage in each step that walks all over it, 190 more words

Love In Song and In Mixed Metaphor?

In the history of music, there have been countless songs written about love and relationships. Falling in love, falling out of love, looking for love, giving up on love. 340 more words


A Week in Hell


There have been 3 weeks of hell in this process so far. This past week has been one of them.

The first one was the week of frantic driving to the Mayo Clinic, three days of invasive tests to receive Michael’s devastating diagnosis, the reality and shock only beginning to settle in as we drive home through the most terrifying storm, the most Biblical storm, I’ve ever driven in. 2,484 more words

Candida Maurer

The Locksmith #2

He was sitting in a darkened room, cross legged, a firm cushion raising him slightly from the floor. His back was straight, he sat perfectly balanced with no perceptible tension in his body at all. 365 more words