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You are the world after the rain has drenched the sidewalks into grey.
I am sun-kissed heat that floods inside lilac drapes on an August morning. 186 more words


Can You Solve This Riddle? I

Molecules compounding forming a new chemical reaction, emotions never before encountered, a transformed synapse bound to expansion, collecting thoughts in its attempt to enhance life… 11 more words

By Ori Aander

Metaphorical Déjà vu

What’s worse than getting hit full on your chest from point blank range with a bullet of a shot, falling on your face, and then getting hit on your ass with the rebound shot? 717 more words


Not a Rhyme Scene (A Senryu)

Not a Rhyme Scene (A Senryu)
by FT Ledrew

a poet’s heart bleeds
on an ink-spattered sidewalk
poetry congeals


Wolf Hunt

The wolf for the girl who cried it
Is told that without bite marks
There is nothing they can do
And who’s to say it’ll be the right wolf… 45 more words


A Symphony of Misjudged Actions

The tentacles of hell keep me trapped, no light could ever reach the density of this eternal plane’s darkness.

It is more than just a demon, a symphony of misjudged actions, convoluted. 29 more words

By Ori Aander

The Rink

This is another practice from English class: a metaphor poem. What inspired me was a haiku by Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa:

On a branch

floating downriver…

139 more words