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I’ve been avoiding routine blogging and writing in general just to find some clarity. I’m stuck, once again. I am living in the shadows of the unknown and basically utilizing the only the concept of survival. 113 more words


The Austerity Monster

It’s about time someone punched that austerity monster right in the nose. Go Greece Go! If they were smart and brave they’d give the EU bankers the metaphorical finger, renounce their debts, re-issue their own currency and re-organize their economy from the bottom up. 551 more words

The blacksmith's advice (on asking to marry his daughter)

“Marriage is a metal,” the huge man said, pumping the forge so the flames roared and the heat swallowed us. “You need fire or you’re wasting your time.” 184 more words



where does time go when it passes
is it relaxed or is it tense
is it always crystal clear
or imperfect in every sense

does old time wait with grandfather… 117 more words



(Please forgive the crappy mic, it doesn’t know any better.)

I heard a distant rumble, my eyes knew where to look. A cloud.

It was fluffy and interesting; colorful and mysterious. 526 more words


Carl Jung Quotes

I love these quotes.  Some wonderful metaphors in them.  I think I will put some of them at the beginning of chapters in the book I am writing. 6 more words


How our stories were found: On Matt Bell's Baldur's Gate 2

Part of what created this investment was a precise lack of detail writers call “flatness,” a way of making room for the reader to fill in motivations, psychology, physical details, or other attributes of characters and settings…you begin to fashion explanations for this behavior, imagining its effects on the character you’ve conjured in collaboration with the game.

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