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It’s time to tell a true story about what happened to me on an unexpected one-day trip to Four Peaks, a mountain range in northeastern Arizona.  1,006 more words


Soul Guidance

If you guys actually clicked on the link and came to this post, thank you! It was an oopsie post. So, I am adding this additional content now, after sending it. 679 more words


~ Some Peculiar Facts About Subconscious ~

The article is devoted to people who live their life with active subconscious mind, and can’t figure out “what’s wrong with them”, sometimes.

In esoterics, subconscious mind is the sum of all incarnations that a soul has had. 1,276 more words

Self-Development. Self-Management

Lion's Gate 8/8/8

Today is the magnanimous Lion’s gate.

Every year on August 8th, it is said that the energies of the Sun’ light consciousness flow towards the earth through an open portal. 362 more words


The Trip - Day 6 - Pateley Bridge

It is with regret I leave Scarborough and the North Sea coast, but not before a surprise awakening in the night! On the first occasion, it is the amorous couple across the landing, again. 1,271 more words


Aliens Visiting Wisconsin

Those aren’t planes, dude.

In the beginning we thought the world was flat. Sail the seas long enough and you’ll fall off, right? We were convinced the center of the universe must be Earth, that the Sun traveled around us instead of the other way around. 385 more words


An Encounter With an Entity

Today marks the anniversary of my journey. It was exactly one year ago in July I started looking into energy and the universe. It’s been a long struggle upstream and I’m finding there’s always something new to discover. 491 more words