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So I finish my last piece on the enigmatic way the universe sometimes reveals a glimpse behind the curtain of reality, hinting, by means of syncronicity, at perhaps more revelations to come. 506 more words


Knowing nothing

What do we really know for sure? When it comes to defining the nature of reality there’s actually very little we can be sure of at all. 709 more words


Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, write like no one's reading.

Inhibition. Self consciousness. It makes our dancing stiff, our singing flat, faltering, subdued. We know we can do better, but the crowd or at least the suspicion of its scrutiny puts us off. 1,212 more words


Alien Cosmic Expo

Okay, I’m over the top now.  I will be going to Brantford, Ontario to the Alien Cosmic Expo June 24 – 26, 2016.  I will be anxious to hear of others’ experiences as I’ve had a few of my own.  33 more words

Psychic Phenomena

Corporate mindfulness?

It’s with a mixture of surprise and confusion I note the term Mindfulness cropping up in the Corporate literature these days. This is rather like coming across Mary Poppins in a brothel. 928 more words


I. Write. Fiction

I did not think to find her here, not in this corner coffee shop. She frowned to be discovered, but not enough to frighten me away. 788 more words


Breaking free,... of time.

I was walking along a corridor in a familiar office block, thinking to myself: what if I found some money on the floor? How would I reunite it with its owner? 1,207 more words