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Breaking free,... of time.

I was walking along a corridor in a familiar office block, thinking to myself: what if I found some money on the floor? How would I reunite it with its owner? 1,207 more words


Art & Wellness Event

I will be signing books at Radiant Beings’ Art and Wellness show at the VFW in New Baltimore, 35011 23 Mile Rd, telephone no. (586) 725-7100. 41 more words

Psychic Phenomena

Instagram - a life in vignette?

Social media can enhance human interaction, it can inform, connect, communicate to a degree previously unimaginable. It can also amplify the most shallow depths and allude to meaning where there is none. 828 more words


Town and Country

So, today I went back to Marsden, setting for my novel Durleston Wood, also the place I was born. There’s a walk here I’ve been doing since childhood -woodland, meadow and riverside. 1,252 more words


Invisible Beings

To become conscious of one’s self is in part to journey along a path towards the realisation of one’s absolute invisibility. More than this it is also to realise everyone we meet along the way is invisible as well. 903 more words


Peace of the mountain

The mountain path, the lofty peak, the plucky pilgrim. It can be read as a symbolic representation of the journey to wholeness, to self discovery, to enlightenment, individuation, and any of a hundred other labels for the psychological archetype known also as the spiritual path. 542 more words


A Matter of Perspective

God shows itself at the perfect moment.

I had sat struggling to meditate for 20 minutes, hardly halfway through my steps. My mind was full of distracting, dark thoughts from watching Nightmare, a sleep paralysis documentary. 153 more words