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Stone Pairings: Connecting to Ancient Egypt

I have a strong connection to ancient Egypt. Egyptians were very advanced for their time, developing new technologies, writing systems, and architecture. Not only were they advanced in science, but energies as well, communicating with higher beings who were said to have given them the means to many of their systems. 342 more words

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Beating and Breathing

To deal with daily stress, we have to be like a cork, buoyant, always floating to the top of life. Events swirl, they jostle, they jam and jar, and to be healthy and happy we must find a way to keep ourselves bobbing along, always rising above, transcending that which might harm us. 1,115 more words


Chakra Animal Guides: What they are and how to find your own

One side of the metaphysical I connected with on my journey of the self was learning about my animal guides. Native Americans and Shamans believe that animals hold lessons to be taught and have spiritual/inspirational powers attached to them. 782 more words


~ Todays Guest Post `In Dreams` By Daydreams ~

For quite some time now I’ve been a dedicated fan, friend and virtual soul-colleague of an amazing blogger and artist Daydreams from “Card Castles In The Sky”.  716 more words

Spirited Mix

Choose to go within

FB just reminded me that 3yrs ago (Sept 2012) I posted this pic with the caption, “On most days I’m like the guy on the left … so why even bother with yoga!” 370 more words


Crystal Pairing for Autumn

The 23rd of September marks the Fall Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of Fall. There is such a warm magic at this time of year. 315 more words

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Crystal Pairing for Prosperity and Wealth

A few months ago I was on a desperate search to find a job in my career field. I sent out countless applications, followed up, and even went on multiple interviews, but I was not able to land a job. 214 more words

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