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A Matter of Perspective

God shows itself at the perfect moment.

I had sat struggling to meditate for 20 minutes, hardly halfway through my steps. My mind was full of distracting, dark thoughts from watching Nightmare, a sleep paralysis documentary. 153 more words


The difficulty with spiritual matters

Religion is a big thing in human affairs. Unfortunately much of what we hear about it in the media dwells upon the negative – the violent, the bigoted and the perverse. 1,105 more words


The writing life - Half truths and fictions

Anyway,… there she was, centre-stage, hemmed in between a pair of frightful old waxworks – namely her parents, Monsieur and Madame Lafayette. Madame was one of those jowly old dames who appear permanently displeased, while her husband had the dry, superior air of an old-school academic.
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The writing life - beware the war against rejection and obscurity

Imagine a man who lives on a tiny island no one has heard of. He has a small pension from a lifetime of labour in the mills, but now spends his time in a little house, writing poems. 1,002 more words


A Tap on the Shoulder

During the night while I lay sleeping, someone tapped me twice on the shoulder, and I woke up.  It was not a gentle tap, but I rolled over to see if my husband was waking me.  198 more words

Psychic Phenomena

An Ocean of Words

In the myth of the unknown writer, long years of solitary scribbling will eventually be recognised by the gods of good taste, and the work lauded for the world changing, opinion changing, timeless masterpiece that it is. 712 more words


Have Courage with all People

They say fear is the mind-killer. When it comes to removing fear, a lot of us struggle. Little is said on the transition between fear and courage. 489 more words