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Echoes Through Time

Endlessly repeating

Chanting mysteriously, in this

Hollow, cavernous space, words I can’t catch

Over and over they go, lost to time… 20 more words


Nature Is Sacred

The aborigines of Australia believe:

All nature is sacred, but in creation place, spirit power manifests more readily, these are places where great events of creation took place. 142 more words



Blessed is the SOUND of life in all its shades and tones. Give yourself over to the SOUND and rejoice!

Unfolding, unfurling – undoing old patterns of discord we venture forth into new territories. 81 more words


Setting Intentions with the NEW MOON!

“Setting Intentions with the New Moon” By Rubys Readings

There’s a New Moon comes together early on Wednesday morning, which makes this the best time to set some powerful intentions around your future goals with the Universe and work a little Magic! 1,032 more words


A Shift in Perception

There is old Zen story that a blogging friend once shared with me about a farmer whose only horse gets out of the barn and runs away. 290 more words



Blue as the summer sky.

Warm as the sun.

Gentle as the softly blowing breeze.

She of the Land stood, arms outstretched

to catch it all… 191 more words

Steps For Peace

Start With a Preliminary Sketch

Recognizing the framework of future possibilities makes it possible to make good choices. It is also a necessary prelude to creating form. No body is created without first establishing its skeleton – no work is ever done without a plan or pattern. 25 more words