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Shift the Dynamics of Your Life

The law of attraction is more than a way to manifest what we want. It is a way of looking at the Universe and understanding our placement in it. 364 more words

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The 33 Vibration (Master Number)

This is the number of the Master Teacher. The potential of this number is almost limitless. Seeing someone who has drawn out the full potential is extremely rare. 396 more words


Where to focus

Have you any doubt? That is where to focus – to release and accept.

Bless the Highest Good to express itself easily now.


Light and Shadow

Freedom is the greatest challenge humankind has battled with since time began: the conflict between individuality and a collective herd mentality. Somewhere along the way a balance between individual freedom and the wellbeing of the whole is constantly being evolved, and endless generations grapple with the enormity of being part or being whole: some seeking wholeness through mass mind; others individual alignment with Higher Consciousness. 340 more words


No Rest

Aeric Traxx’s story is continued to be told by future generations. This part of his story is set when he becomes the mayor of San Angelo. 107 more words

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Smudging Your Life

Smudging. You may picture a crazy, older woman wearing flowing robes dancing among a cloud of smoke all throughout her house, choking on the inhalation of sage and chanting to her… 834 more words


The Gaia Websters

By Kim Antieau

Set in post-apocalyptic Arizona, a woman uncovers her shady past will be key to saving her desolate community. Can she marry together the ghosts who haunt her dreams and her supernatural healing powers?

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