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Veprade - Thought Process

(Locomotives of Veprade)

This realm resembles the colonial wild west, snow and pine sides and the frontier. The natives have been around since the dawn of Veprade, the gunslingers have come and settled, from where though nobody knew. 543 more words


Den'Shrai - Thought Process

(Theme Park)

Den’Shrai literally means “thank you for helping me on my path”.
This land was dedicated to Goddess Lilith, the theme park is the main attraction and the surrounding islands have other things to offer. 447 more words



I have been inspired to send out messages through my art. I will be posting daily drawings that have been guided by Spirit.

These drawings are being given as a means of guidance, inspiration and healing messages for each individual. 59 more words


Kamruel - Thought Process

(The Winding Tree)

The point to this realm is that all humanoids have been put together to experience the meaning of humanity, it is their free will and choice how they shape history, what they do. 489 more words


Ainshen - Thought Process

(A Map)

Ainshen is a realm where everybody lives their life but the world is filled with adventure and a place for those to hang their hats who have been looking for home to settle down on. 2,136 more words


Archnelogius Realm - Thought Process

(The Grove of Legendary Pokemon)

Every local of Archnelogius is starting in a Medieval Equivalent Era.
The people can repopulate but cyclically, if pokemon shifter is pregnant by a pokemon shifter of different pokemon, the baby will be of the mothers race (no hybrid). 1,096 more words