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On intuition 

The heart is the sacred temple of our Inner Master.
The Inner Master speaks to us through intuition (feelings, perceptions, hunches). If humans obeyed these intuitions, they would live without problems.When human beings rebel against the voice of their Inner Master, they create problems for themselves. 12 more words


Object-Oriented Ontology: Radical, Autistic or Both?

Like many academics, I’m using the summer holiday to work through my reading list.  As such, I just finished Ian Bogost’s Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing… 728 more words



Everything starts new and fresh and ready to accept but slowly it all rots. Even this blog, when I began it, it was fresh and I kept it that way; I mean I kept it fresh with posts. 170 more words

Look here. 

Have you seen the here and now? What miracles it holds ? The sounds , the lights and life it breathes. Have you looked at the marvels and the beauties the world around you has to offer. 39 more words

Turn a new leaf. 

Posted below is a series of three pictures. These are of plants right in my garden. I made an observation, like every new born leaf we too are born different. 89 more words


Ok beloved Empaths, highly sensitives, clairsentients, intuitives and others who pick up on others energy and blocks before anyone else in the room does, this ones for you. 373 more words


The Heart Doctrine in the ‘Voice of the Silence’

The Voice in the Silence says, the heart doctrine teaches man how to become “sky walkers” or as the transcendent sages [仙人].

“But St. James teaches two kinds of wisdom; a teaching with which we fully concur.

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