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Communications Log Entry 4: 222

I continue to seek a deeper connection with my inner self and what lies beyond.

Angel Numbers

Days are starting to blend together now, but the angel numbers are consistent.   622 more words

Life Journey

Communications Log Entry 2

My second log!  These are already becoming quite long, so feel free to skim, peruse, go to your favorite sections. . .  whatever calls to you.   2,119 more words

Life Journey

Communications Log Entry 1

In the health center where I work they keep a communications log so that the owner, therapists, and office staff can all communicate quickly with each other and have an easy record of the responses.   971 more words

Life Journey


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Born squawking with a curious furrow in my brow, I had no choice in the matter of my birth. Later, I was to learn I had been born into a large country and into an even larger universe that I am still learning to comprehend. 690 more words


I had a huge breakthrough today on the lesson of “Perspective.”  Years ago I received my Dharma Report.  It told me that I had spent many lifetimes exacting what I saw as “justice”.   437 more words

Life Journey

The Geography of Language

Why did humans stop speaking one universal language?

While there is no consensus to the origin or age of spoken human language, at a point in time, there was one, and by 2017, there are nearly 7,000 (not all of which are currently spoken). 394 more words


On the Violence of Social Media 

In the 1960’s, the French social critic Guy Debord inscribed his magnum opus The Society of the Spectacle, 1,161 more words