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The sooner people let go of this belief in “the one”, the more aligned they will be with meeting soul mates on their same wavelength.



A Journey of 1,000 miles (or 750). . . The Kumano Kodo

I’ve been wandering a bit, looking for a direction for this blog.  I think I’ve found it.  I’m a Lightworker and Adventurer, and here is my journey.  699 more words

Life Journey

Inspiration from Intuitive Reports

If you ever have a chance to sit in on an intuitive report session, I highly recommend it.  This past weekend I was thrilled to be able to visit the School of Metaphysics in Palatine, Illinois to witness 2 live intuitive report sessions and hear multiple reports.  651 more words


A Little Precognition

I wonder how often I have precognitive dreams.  I have not yet been able to fully understand the ones I’ve had so far. One or two were blatantly precognitive.  288 more words

Life Journey

Imaginative Dream

I’m remembering my dreams again!  Let’s run with it!

I dreamt I was participating in a murder mystery dinner play — except maybe no murder, and there were two of us to dinner.  429 more words

Life Journey

Spiritual Dreams

If you happen to have caught me on Facebook: “Teri Karl Joy”, I promised to share about some interesting dreams I’d had this week.  I’ve been blessed to remember a lot of my dreams this week, but I’m PARTICULARLY excited about the spiritual dreams I had (even one just today!) 879 more words

Life Journey

Lost in your light

A gloomy fall night,
fraught with nomadic vibes,
lost in your light.
chapped and chilled.

wandering toward the

farthest reaches with all his might.

Every foot landing… 152 more words

Heart Speaks