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A Message From the Family: Heaven Can Wait

Nothing in physical reality maintains its form forever. This includes the shape of spacetime itself, if “shape” can be used to refer to a nonphysical, nontemporal probability construct in which the phenomena of energy and matter can form regular recurring patterns. 893 more words


"Floor 1,250 please."

Think of some combination of The Twilight Zone and Doctor Who, what do you get? A space elevator. By 2050, Obayashi, a Japanese construction company, plans to begin building a-no joke-space elevator. 408 more words


Trump in the Shadow of the Hegelian Ego

On September 15th, 2016, less than two months until the U.S. presidential election, the New York Times posted an opinion editorial titled When a Crockpot Runs for President, which asked — or, rather, fervently challenged — if the media is failing in their duties to honestly frame the narrative of Donald Trump relative to Hillary Clinton (Kristof 2016).  1,354 more words



Releasing what no longer serves you is so powerful . When you hold on to something, a situtation, or person that no longer resonates with your present…you are seriously preventing blessings coming into your life. 69 more words


A Running Thought Being Interrupted.

In his own words he had damned himself for eternity, to follow his lost soul into darkness and in that darkness he found a new light of dawn. 85 more words

About Nothing

The world is deeper than you think. There is a layer beneath every layer you will ever manage to peel off. The point where you will begin to think that this might be the end, there is a whole new set of layers to peel off and situations to consider. 125 more words

That time again...

Oh!! This you should know.

Yesterday was the first day we entered into the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde!!

Explains everything right?

So when the parasites start acting up and your friends and family and even your realest self starts looking like a stranger, you know part of the reason why :) 18 more words