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A Running Thought Being Interrupted.

In his own words he had damned himself for eternity, to follow his lost soul into darkness and in that darkness he found a new light of dawn. 85 more words

About Nothing

The world is deeper than you think. There is a layer beneath every layer you will ever manage to peel off. The point where you will begin to think that this might be the end, there is a whole new set of layers to peel off and situations to consider. 125 more words

That time again...

Oh!! This you should know.

Yesterday was the first day we entered into the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde!!

Explains everything right?

So when the parasites start acting up and your friends and family and even your realest self starts looking like a stranger, you know part of the reason why :) 18 more words



Friendship has put me in places with people and people with places.


After I died. 

After I died.
After I died I became a thought, a consciousness, a way of thinking perhaps. The body around my mind had been detached like the falling of a leaf from a tree or a raindrop leaving its cloud. 251 more words

Heidegger's Political Theory and the Concept of the Event

Amogha Sahu
University of Toronto


In this paper I would like to answer four questions:

  1. How (and more importantly where) does politics arise in…
  2. 5,258 more words

On intuition 

The heart is the sacred temple of our Inner Master.
The Inner Master speaks to us through intuition (feelings, perceptions, hunches). If humans obeyed these intuitions, they would live without problems.When human beings rebel against the voice of their Inner Master, they create problems for themselves. 12 more words