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Low Vibrational Lulls 

There is a practice in martial arts (aikido I believe) when you are being attacked that you side step the attacker and their energy boomerangs back to them. 27 more words

Book Review: A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear

Sable reviews “A Companion to Wolves” as part of her LGBTQ Reading Challenge; which, in this case, may also be of interest to Norse Pagans. 13 more words

General Pagan

The root of imbalance: Double standards

Many has been talking about imbalance in spiritual work, but most of the talks are pretty much mathematical, an imbalance of being more in one way and less in another that creates a problem. 812 more words


Metaphysical Problem #2

Law and morality presuppose the existence of moral agents who have responsibilities and are capable of incurring guilt.  But obviously, certain kinds of things can have responsibilities, and certain others cannot; and if people are in fact beings of the latter kind, then morality and law, as traditionally conceived, does not integrate with our current understanding of it.  1,122 more words


The Kybalion Commentaries (Part 2) - The Kybalion Meditation

This article is the 2nd in a series of articles I was guided to write on the teachings of “The Kybalion”. For the reasoning and explanation behind it, please do read article “The Kybalion Commentaries (Part 1)” on this blog. 370 more words

Archangel Raziel

Self [Part 2 – Strawson] (Philosophy 04)

Introduction to Strawson

Professor Sir Peter Strawson (born 1919) studied at the University of Oxford, where he became Waynflete Professor of Metaphysics from 1968 until his retirement. 1,665 more words