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Defying Gravity: The Secret Substance of Space and the Appearance of Worlds

“THERE are many false ideas that are derived from Big Bang dogma. But the point is simple: This dismal, depressing, lifeless, soulless, disconnected, Godless, pessimistic goo is what allegedly constitutes our reality. 760 more words


A New Year's Lesson: How the Ancients Achieved their Gnosis, or True Spiritual Insights

ONE of the best ways to describe what Theosophy is, as arts reporter Ali Snow said recently on a Utah Public Radio show, “is to think of it as a kind of fusion of religion and science.” 1,553 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

All Hallows Eve: Astrology for Oct. 30 to Nov. 6

WE step through the veil this week, the veil that separates the material world from the more subtle worlds, the world of fairies, magic, and the realms of the dead. 2,280 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

The Invisible Physical Around and Within the Material Body

ALWAYS ready to argue for the existence of an invisible physical world, within the visible, the writer of The Secret Doctrine was adamant.

She continually challenged the materialist beliefs of the modern science of her day. 1,496 more words

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A Spiritual Brain: Connecting the Body, Mind and Soul

STUDENTS of metaphysics and Theosophy are sometimes called to task for being too ‘intellectual.’

For such the force of thinking alone is enough to hammer out truth, dismissing feelings and emotions as confusing the picture. 1,535 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Healing Messages from the Afterlife

THE twin doctrines of Karma (responsibility) and Reincarnation (hope) are keys to freeing us from the dark jungle of ignorance.

These doctrines make sense out of two of humanity’s most persistent puzzles — the purpose of life, and the meaning of death. 1,114 more words


The Soul's Tapestry: Look Inward, thou art Buddha

DISCERNING the how and why of human uniqueness, from the likes of Mozart to the fearless passion of Julia Butterfly Hill, is always perplexing.

Lacking the seer’s knowingness, we’d be forced to trudge for clues into the intricate threads of reincarnations, and sift the karmic sands of countless past lives. 2,249 more words

Psychology & Human Nature