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A Phantom Force, the Astral Light

“THE astral life of the earth is young and strong between Christmas and Easter. Those who form their wishes now will have added strength to fulfil them consistently.” ( 2,527 more words


Being Who You Are: Proof of Reincarnation

REDWOOD trees live in families. “They have very shallow roots, but redwood trees are connected to each other through their root system” says pioneer nature defender Julia Butterfly Hill. 3,173 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Why Love Matters, and Why it Should

LIGHT and shadow always appear together, and this is clearly as it must be. Our perception of everyday objects is dependent on those ubiquitously persistent, often paradoxical twins. 1,360 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

There is No Beginning – The Big Bang Never Happened

HERE’S what H. P. Blavatsky wrote concerning the expansion of the universe. Compare it with what our modern physics has to say. In The Secret Doctrine… 1,745 more words


Unfolding Children's Powers: Music and the Brain

THE emergence of a new spiritual epoch may have dawned far back in the late 19th century driven by Theosophical principles.

New educational reforms encompassing spiritual development are evident in the formation of visionary new schools today, public and private sector, many of which embody the eternal principles championed by H. 793 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Quo Vadis, Materialism? Nowhere, It Seems...

I mentor a few young philosophers; which basically means young readers of philosophy pester me for answers, and I annoy them with corrective questions.  Occasionally, I do give them something like an answer, but it is mostly for the purposes of spiking their silly ideas into the sand, causing their thought process to begin again fresh, humbled.  1,429 more words


The Psychology of Reincarnation: Prodigious Prodigies

EMILY BEAR is a pianist and composer from Rockford, Illinois. Wikipedia explains:

“When Emily was 2 years old, her grandmother recognized her talent at the piano. 1,352 more words