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Mysteries of life’s abundance
Overflow your earthly form.
Trust and love of hope eternal
Hasten from your Spirit warm.
Essentials so freely given!
Reverently I thank you, Mom.


The Living Paradox

There is only One reality in existence, and yet we are each occupying our own reality. No two beings are seeing the same reality, and yet there is only One being in existence. 926 more words

Voting for the Cosmos


Britain is abuzz and asizzle with voting fervour pending the general elections tomorrow. And yet I can proudly say I will be amongst the non-voters. As far as I’m concerned, politics is nothing but a psychotic feedback loop, a typhoon of disengagement – its dialogue a sort of demented meta-commentary that seeks to disguise and drown-out the exploitation, greed, corruption, degradation and genocidal practices that it covertly encourages and allows. 383 more words


IN-Powerment Post of the Day - Kidest OMૐ

If the past or the future is taking up most of your mental space then you are not allowing yourself to fully be in the space where you have complete access to the energy and resources of the Universe. 64 more words


The World as Selfobject

It was Freud who introduced the psychological world to the idea that flesh and blood people could be represented not just externally, but internally, in the form of symbolic representations of experiences. 806 more words


The Way True

here I am right now
every second, minute, hour…
seeking the way true


Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast ~ May 7, 2015

Your personal number for 2015 is obtained by adding 8 to your month & day of birth. (2015 = 8). For instance, if you were born on December 26, add 1+2+2+6+8=19. 1,240 more words