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"Overpowering realities when we are in them..."

“Blake saw all possible human situations as ‘already-made’ states;  he saw every aspect, every plot and drama, as already worked out… as mere possibilities as long as… 51 more words


First Consciousness or Reality?

Quora question: “Consciousness gave rise to reality or reality gave rise to consciousness? Which one precedes the other?”

When answering the above question, please provide definitions for reality and consciousness because I’m not even sure I fully understand what they are.

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Across the Gardens

We may not be able to see or touch them, but you can rest assured we all have companions in spirit who draw close to inspire and assist us when the time is right. 1,345 more words


New (Black) Moon in Libra 30th September 2016; Balance, Justice, The creation of the unified self. 

Numerological break down – 30th 3 – Creation, manifestation (maximised by the potential of the 0) – infinite creation & manifestation – particularly of the feminine aspects of self. 248 more words



Nemesis.  The word evokes images of Downfall, weakness, Vulnerability, Achille’s Tendon.  The Goddess was a punisher of scofflaws.  But the asteroid is Coming into our Consciousness in a big way during October, we need to find a way to turn those Negatives around.   1,141 more words


2016-10-07 Sun Square Pluto (Thor's Hammer)

2016-10-07 Sun Square Pluto (Thor’s Hammer)

This repeats in two versions, each once a year. The other one was earlier in April, and both will repeat in April and October for the next few years.  86 more words