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The Velveteen Rabbit

Apa itu riil? Apa ciri-ciri riil? Apakah mainanmu riil? Mainan yang kaubawa kemanapun, kaumainkan, menemanimu saat tidur, riil-kah ia? Buku ini sangat dekat temanya dengan anak dan menjadi jembatan pada pemikiran mendalam tentang ‘ada’, ‘eksis’, ‘menjadi’. 48 more words


Defeating Archons with the Secret Book of John: part 1

We hear the word Archons quite a lot. Its a pretty cliched concept, made infamous by the likes of David Icke et al.

Despite the mockery, it is worth investigating. 350 more words


Derek Parfit: Why anything? Why this? 

The great philosopher Derek Parfit died recently. At the time, many things were posted about him, including where you can find his works online. One such work is this:: … 107 more words


Ape Appreciation Club

I can talk to the animals
Even squeak and squawk with the animals
A doctor of do little in faith

I can dance with the animals… 96 more words


Pollution and destruction 


Of resources

Earth, land sea,

Taking away

Never giving back


The air

The earth

The sea

How you gonna


When you

Cut down… 192 more words


General Weekly Reading - 20th-26th February (NEW MOON* In Pisces) - Emotive waters ~ 

Main Theme – Knight of cups, Surrounding cards – 5 of pentacles, 3 of swords, 6 of cups, 7 of cups.

Numerological break down calculation – 2oth – Ultimate balance, (enhanced by the presence of the 0), duality, (accepting the good with the bad), finding harmony within two opposites, equality, masculine, and feminine merging, shadow integration, love, togetherness – 26th – (2+6) = 8 – Karma, breaking karmic chains/binds, doing things differently, witnessing a never ending cycle, the infinity symbol, the twin flame dance, prosperity, wisdom gained, Higher consciousness. 1,014 more words

Esoteric Knowledge

Spiritual Peace | Subliminal Healing Affirmations | Delta brainwaves | Deep Sleep | Isochronic Tones | Binaural Beats

You all need to feel a deep peace. You all need to feel love. You all need to share love and light to the world. This healing music with tones will take you to a place where you can be one with Source, where you can find inner peace. 466 more words