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The Paradox

It seems to me that:

If I take, I loose. If I give, I get.

If I talk, I am ignored. If I listen, I am heard. 39 more words


Metaphysics and Virtue in Sufism | Ismaili Web Amaana

In Sufism, Metaphysics is always linked to spiritual realization

by Titus Burckhardt

Sufi doctrine possesses several branches, the two most important of which are the domain of Universal Truths (Haqâ’iq) and the domain relating to the human or individual stages of the spiritual way (daqâ’iq); in other words, metaphysics (the science of principles, or of the Principle) and virtue (the “science of the soul”). 75 more words


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2015-10-08 @ 10:30 CDT

This morning I received an email from ASCAP containing this link about music, language, and the brain. I don’t have time to go into detail about it, and it’s pretty self-explanatory anyway. 53 more words


Subtle Onions of Familiarity

Continued from: http://docsuesszueszen.com/2015/10/08/subtle-butterfly-wings-of-un-begun-shedding/

Using a tried and true metaphor we are all familiar with to further confuse and clarify the issue of subtle-ness:

Subtlety could also be said to be like an onion and its skins. 85 more words


Subtle Butterfly Wings of Un-Begun Shedding

Subtlety can be found,

In seeing, in seeing, it becomes apparent all things are of subtle nature or nature of non-nature.

When something is subtle, it is no-thing in particular, but simply a subtlety of  itself, this subtlety is so to speak bottomless. 139 more words


Realized Masters and Coffee

A master asked me “Have you found realization?”

Esteemed master,

If I told you I have, it would not be true, because I am here speaking with you. 147 more words


No. 1166

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Asking Why. By CpSingleton © 2015

Fractions, factions, Saxon priests,

Voices, choices, gentle beasts.

Upstairs, downstairs, feline cry.

Lay there, stand stare, asking why. 75 more words