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How to "positive"

If you’ve been following recent posts: the premise of “positive thinking” material is that our feelings and experience of reality reflect or mirror the quality of our thoughts. 1,108 more words

Don't Simply Think Of Things As They Appear!

To develop interior insight, aim to use consciousness in the discernment of what may be termed the spirit of all things. Do not simply think of things as they appear on the surface, but try to think of things as they are in the spirit of their interior existence. 198 more words


Quantum dream reality

Deep within our mental state

Deep within that quantum place

That manifests in energy

Particulate piece by piece

In quarks we dream

In neutrinos we speed… 67 more words


Kant's Last Word on Philosophy

Toward the end of Kant’s life he summarized philosophy with these last words

Philosophy is not some sort of science of representations, concepts, and ideas, or a science of all sciences, or anything else of this sort; rather, it is a science of the human being, of its representing, thinking, and acting–it should present the human being in all of its components, as it is and ought to be, that is, in accordance with its natural determinations as well as its relationship of morality and freedom. 50 more words

The whole world is burning

Fire, fire, the sky is on fire

Maybe it’s a sign the whole world is burning down

Fire, fire, the the sky is on fire… 101 more words


Black hole

I dream I am being drawn into a black hole

Everything around me is folding

I feel the pressures of the vacuum

I see the endless infinity… 66 more words


Causality: a Rough Draft

In an extended (and sometimes heated) discussion with colleagues at the Center for the Study of Digital Life, it was determined that one of the key things needed to advance in our work is a clear understanding of causality.   2,392 more words