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Flat Earth Conspiracy: I understand the skepticism, but don't let this distract you from the real fight

Yeah…this flat earth conspiracy thing just isn’t real, man. There are real conspiracies, but this isn’t one of them.

There are several obvious problems with this theory; the biggest problem, however, is: the uniformity of gravity precludes such an earth; gravity would be categorically and self-evidently different if the earth was flat, or disc shaped. 317 more words

Physics And Metaphysics

Fear lives in the minds of the beholder, same as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Fear lives in the minds of the beholder, same as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  It is the perception of fear that lives within the imagination of the paranoid. 179 more words

Rainbow Of Life

Nesting Spinor

“A spinor visualized as a vector pointing along the Möbius band, exhibiting a sign inversion when the circle (the “physical system”) is rotated through a full turn of 360°” – … 144 more words


Within Dependent


Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. We can never freely be
Unless we freely let the others live.
We’re not given to receive… 175 more words


Real Love Never Has Conditions

No one is going to change because I don’t like something about them… they will change when they don’t like something about themselves.

Therefore, I should stop judging people & start Loving them instead… no matter what! 49 more words

A Massive Impact: Leszek Kołakowski on Philosophy

“A modern philosopher who has never experienced the feeling of being a charlatan is such a shallow mind that his work is probably not worth reading”. 133 more words


We are... (Multi-Photo)


We are the mountains

We are the golden sun

We are the butterflies

We are the stirring spoon

We are the bird’s song

We are the turning key… 54 more words