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Important Message from Higher-Self

My children, the time has come for you to initiate the exposition of your own truths and the truths of those who have gained control of your hearts and minds. 1,183 more words

Powerful Eclipse, Moment of Change and Destiny Alignment

I label this work as one of my finest compositions to date. This came to me during the week of the March 8th eclipse. I was so full of energy that it was just off the charts. 814 more words

Physics, Energy, and Reality

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Coming Soon...The Globe of Souls

The plotting, drafting, writing, rewriting, and editing are all done for book 2 of my Darkwind of Danaria series – “The Globe of Souls.” Now, I’m waiting for the final design of the book cover from my designers. 56 more words

Tricia Sullivan

The 2016 Edgington Lectures: Kit Fine

King’s student, Samuel Kimpton-Nye, will present his work on the laws of nature and counterlegals at a graduate workshop led by Professor Kit Fine. The workshop  accompanies the 3rd biennial Edgingtion Lectures, and will take place on June 3rd and 4th at the… 12 more words

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I see symmetrical shapes
Surrendered to geometry
Which approximates
For soulless suspicion
At the underlying order
Sinking and sagging
The surface of spacetime
And the great mathematics… 35 more words


YouTube Channel Upcoming: Brand Expansion Underway?

Aside from being guided to put myself on Instagram and now WordPress, for the past week roughly I have had a persistent feeling that I should start a YouTube channel. 804 more words