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Gods Existential Names

God has a name for every individual and cosmos. My name for our cosmos is Zeno because Zeno was a master of paradoxes and the universe is full of paradoxes.


Everything about marriage is subject to criticism

its theoretical foundations are at first glance so religion and society related that I despair

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Mother and Child

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What is this Mother and Child Pose all about? Every religion has some kind of mother posing with her child, usually male, on her lap. 1,078 more words

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Book Review: The Sublime Object of Ideology

Zizek’s The Sublime Object of Ideology is arguably his most notorious book in an expansive catalogue. His overarching goal in it is to read Lacan against Hegel, and Hegel against Lacan, in an effort to redeem them both as well as present the valuable contribution that the philosophical basis of Lacanian psychoanalysis can add to contemporary understanding of political struggle (2008: viii). 1,722 more words



Days passed one into the other

as pages in a calendar

Through this year and into a new


ten cycles past the new

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Mental Health

This is my home

I look out of my window on the universe

I see so many things that amaze me

The window that I see it through

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When NOT To Use Game Theory (Hint: The Answer Is -- In Life!)

Part of our nature as human beings is to make decisions. We need to act in order to survive in a dangerous and dynamic world. Nature endowed us with reasoning abilities in order to better navigate through the decision-making process, and act on a desired result that will benefit us in some way. 899 more words