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Explosion of the No-Zone

Memories return like spooky quarks, just the same. Appearing from nowhere and returning there. I guess they are both here then.

We fizzle up from the no-zone mirror like galactic seltzer. 88 more words


Spoken Un-Word

The paths of rationality all proceed from and come back around to, the central point they radiate from.

Which are improvable assumption.

However, they tend to work for the their own purposes else why are they designed? 17 more words


Alignments Passing Through Themselves Are Fixed Around A Location-less Center

Coming into alignment, one observes self crouching in the corner of a slanted mirror.

Hard to see, harder still not to.

Council of Gods, powerful, but subject to persuasion as they posses their own passions and have no qualms… As ones with elevation are wont not to have on things below them. 135 more words




Determinism was made popular by John Calvin in the 16th century.  It is a theological belief system that claims, people have no ability to control their destiny.  16 more words



The 48th week of 2015 is teeming with numeric patterns and sequences, and is perhaps the most powerful week of the year. Both 4 and 8 are manifesting energies, but there are distinct differences between them. 1,488 more words


Still-Glass Orbs

Letting things go clear…

One sees through eye instead of with it.