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I AM at your Service; Wisdom of the Master

Energy, thought, must be directed in a conscious way to a definite end. This definite end in my opinion and experience is the unfolding of our Soul and our creative capacity as human beings. 281 more words


A Person and the Other

a person and the other:

the line of futile questioning goes something like this, why do i exist, of course, there is no explanation for why you or reality exists, you simply must accept that it does, that you exist, that other people exist, there is no why. 343 more words


No. 1131

Fragile Shells n Happenstance. By CpSingleton © 2015

Take your slimy hands away,

Remove the ball and bell.

Bedlam is not far away, just

Past that fragile shell. 88 more words


No.  1132

Photo courtesy of pininterest.
Routes to the Gelid. By CpSingleton © 2015

Slipside, bogged down, kippers in the nostril.

Weak step, far cry, onions stewed to hell. 107 more words


What Should I Tell Them?

When someone has to cancel an appointment or change their plans, they always ask “What should I tell them?”

Well, I finally found the answer… “The Truth!” … 64 more words

From one fragmentary mode to the next...


Many minds depend upon experiences in order to exist… without fully realizing that they are those experiences.  Reacting to (and “as”) experiences involves  conditioned responses following each other, in sequence.   122 more words


Progress monitor 04.08.15.

Nerve impaction: A minor inconvenience which may explain, in part or full, many of the adverse effect being felt.

Possible recurrence of cancer: No further comment required. 186 more words