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Cynically her betrayed her

And he broke her heart in two

But she was more than he imagined

Stronger than he understood

And the betrayal he inflicted… 27 more words


New encounters

Everything about everyone you meet us incredible

Every aspect of their being is a joy to perceive

So when you meet somebody new

View the with a positive and open mind… 62 more words


Concussion of colours

A concussion of the colourful

A collision of the light

The glint of a myriad stars sparkling so bright

A rainbow array of hues and shades… 62 more words


Stressed out days

There is stress in everyone’s life

Days where nothing seems to go right

There are times when you just want to give up

Where the world seems so devoid of love… 85 more words


The Answer

This morning.

Very early.

I’d been dreaming – a comfortable, satisfying dream featuring people I love doing useful, good things.  Each action, although there were separate little scenes, linked to the rest and I was feeling as if we were really getting somewhere.  462 more words

The Post Kennedy USA Timeline

Yesterday was the 54th anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dallas Texas in 1963. I was in grade ten at that time, in a small town called Neilburg in Saskatchewan, a prairie province in western Canada. 1,030 more words

Ascension Information


The beginning of re-birth is where you already are. You do not need steps, improvement, gradual change to get you there. All you need is a shift in your consciousness – looking at it all from a different angle. 45 more words