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Are shadows merely the poor cousins of reflections ? Could it be that a shadow, that implied absence of form, is actually more free than the spectacle of beauty which rests in the reflection ? 70 more words



m i n d
m. i. n. d.
no -- me -- inside – resides --
myself; i am. neurons. i am. 23 more words

Someone asked, "What differentiates good from evil?  Is it religion?"

Good is all that is based on the motivation of love—it’s focus is unity, and it looks toward the needs of the large whole, that is, the welfare of humanity and of life in general. 248 more words


The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle- REVIEW

The Goblins of Bellwater was one of the most unique stories I have ever read. I applaud the author for choosing to write a book about a supernatural creature that does not get featured in literature very much. 238 more words

Extroverts, Introverts and the Mystics

I would first like to lay out some spectrums:
Dissociation/Abstract ——— Association/Literal
Transcendence ———– Immanence

In the above 2 spectrums, we would have mystics to the far left, introverts in the middle, and extroverts to the far right. 451 more words



I remember watching Avatar in 2009 and thinking this is a cool movie. My brother died shortly after this movie and that led to my enlightenment and rebirth. 1,240 more words

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If you dig far enough into any group's history, you will find wars and conquest of one people over another. Of course, the victors write the history, but there are always those that have been Guardians to the whole truth. In my humble opinion, the conflicts today are the same as when the first human bashed another in the head with a rock and took his stuff. Only the weapons, and the ways we communicate those actions have changed. A few have awakened and are trying to make true changes, but mostly it's just talking heads.

Prophecy Awakened by Tamar Sloane

I requested to review this book from NetGalley as I was intrigued by the synopsis and cover. The story follows a reclusive teenager named Eden who feels a strong deep connection to a boy named Noah who also feels the same strong mutual attraction. 304 more words