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Sow the Seed

You may think that you can only get things through effort and detailed planning. You may think that hard work always pays off.  Nevertheless, you know well that this is another flagrant lie from this world. 662 more words


Sunrise Eyes Are Empty Bursting Sky

Sunrise and Sunset are beautiful, so beautiful we often forget,

Moon rise and Moon set,

Star rise and Star set,

Planet rise and Planet set, 71 more words


11/27 Update On Spring

Thank you all for sending your prayers and healing energies.

Since our last update Spring has continued to struggle through the healing processes of her health battle. 67 more words


Why Does Mankind Suffer And How Can You Help?

“It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.”  Eugene Wigner, theoretical physicist and mathematician. 847 more words


Blocking Disclosure

The ‘we are alone in the Universe’ cover story began shortly after WWII when humanity attracted all kinds of cosmic visitors in the wake of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan and subsequent testing of nuclear bombs. 553 more words

Ascension Information

Be Not

All doubts are removed, all past and future gone, with one sublime glance of the Solitary One. Pray for the unconcealment of that blessed moment in which His glance catches yours and annihilates all separation and duality, and all things merge in one eternal glance. 100 more words


The Sliding Path World Plank Pivot People

Center, or balance is not found in the balancing of two extremes.

Extremes cannot balance each other, as you simply slide from one to the other. 323 more words