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Why is there a middle school in the Upside Down? - A Reflection on the Metaphysics of Evil in "Stranger Things"

There is a dramatic scene at the end of Stranger Things Season Two that got me thinking.  The scene pulls out of the middle school winter dance, showing the outside of the school building, shortly after moving to a version of the same school but in the Upside Down, the parallel universe in which everything is falling apart and there are interdimensional monsters trying to break into our world to destroy it.  351 more words



The spirit is the manifestation of our souls; the ego is the manifestation of our minds.

Mihail Militaru

Spiritual Life

Law of Gender

Magic is sex. Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about sex or the Law of Gender. The Law of Gender is the seventh Hermetic Principal and it states, “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principals; Gender Manifests on all planes”. 1,585 more words

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Never nothing

The clock melts

And time dissolves,

Like my memories

One day they’ll go,

I sit in rooms

Empty and bland,

These are times

I may never understand, 156 more words


Born bad

Is there such a thing as being born bad

I see pictures of young killers and it’s sad

to think they can commit such brutal crimes… 87 more words


Star creation

Look up at the stars

And realise what you are,

A spiritual miracle soul

That’s travelled so far to be here.

Keep your feet on the ground… 111 more words


Language, The Münchhausen Trilemma, and Skepticism

Ambiguity, intellectual arrogance, and a lack of spontaneity haunts the current academic scene.  From vague scientific concepts, the meaning of life, the self, reality, the rejection of theories / methodologies that attempt to go outside a popular worldview, etc.  1,682 more words