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Metaphysical Science - Diversity

Metaphysics teaches us to embrace our differences and our uniqueness.  We are:

  • One Planet
  • One Race
  • One Ancestry
  • One Destiny

TIME... Thinking by Harlen Shelton and SeDesignsLLC

The child is an old spirit with a young body. The arrows are the mind, body, spirit or ideas and balance. The ruins are what was, the brightly lit castle is symbolical of wonderful dreams manifested in the future. 121 more words


Are you serious About Enlightenment?

Hi, This post is kinda a rant. And may contain dangerous amounts of Frankness. If this concerns you, Go. Away. nobody is forcing you to read it! 1,298 more words


Water, Sky, Space, Ground


Is clear,

Does waver,

Always bends,

Exists as one thing,
containing many.



Is clear,

Does waver,

Always bends,

Exists as one thing, 71 more words



we have evidence, evidence of evidences. papyrus and leaves, sheaves, oily discs, babies wear abacus wrists, love deepens or hates as aged regardless of assurances. 95 more words


ㅖChaos: Order~? Display 4 Malfunction,ㅊAlarms===

piano keys smile a disjointed calliope insane, flying though cartoon horror and unreality becoming desperate grasping and ritual Freudian magic

side-views of old wooden stairwells, spindly dowels smelling of grandma and victorian atmospheres, flatulating layers of architecture bellow wildly out of control, 121 more words


The human body.

In these times of extremes and excess it is timely to be aware that the human “perfect body” aspired to as ideal is, in fact, unnatural and, therefore, not in our best interests.