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Loud and clear - Mars transiting Mercury in Scorpio

Last Friday, the 27.05.2016, Mars moved backwards from Sagittarius into Scorpio and will stay there until 02.08.2016.

As my natal Mercury is at 29°10 Scorpio, it was intensive for me. 326 more words


Ms D and Mr B - it's all about Communication


The relationship of Ms D and Mr B is all about communication and the honest expression of feelings and the good news is that all the ingredients are present for this to go very well – however just make sure that you don’t ignore other key aspects of your relationship, especially the physical – otherwise it may well have difficulty standing the test of time. 284 more words


Mr B - the new friend of Ms D - how does he stack up?!

Summary – Mr B is a dynamic, sexy, highly romantic, manipulative man who is not keen on facing, much less sharing, his feelings. Refusing to play by ordinary rules, he  always gets what he wants regardless of the consequences. 459 more words


The Curious Case of Ms C (continued) & Her Fiery Mars

Things are heating up between Ms C and the certain Mr A (the subject of the prior post) and from what I’ve heard, she probably thinks that she’s winning in regards to her ‘man-eater’ role. 685 more words


What's Preventing You From Moving Forwards? Cards Revealed :)

If you haven’t yet picked a card and would like to give this a go, you can find the original post here

Here are the cards and their meanings :) 2,362 more words


Today's transits - May 30, 2016 - Monday

Approaching Grand Cross at mid degrees involving Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun, including the new Moon on June 4th.
Time for widespread breakdown under stressful challenges involving humanity’s poor, migration, alchemy and technology. 72 more words


Nudging Towards Perfection

“Why are you taking a full year of metaphysics?!?” my dad asked me after freshman year on college. Yes, that was odd but the professor was brilliant and incredibly gifted at engaging the students. 536 more words