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The best answer to any question is none

However as it is, we can not go through life this way

Therefore answer the question

But know it is the wrong answer… 12 more words

2. Uncommon Knowledge

Not being common

What is it?

If we do not know what it is

Why do we think we know?

Why do we think we know it? 30 more words

Hernia Track Star {2/21}

{2/21} Another one of my mother’s favorite stories about me was the day she found a lump in my tummy and rushed me to the hospital. 393 more words


1. Common Knowledge

Common knowledge is common

Being common it is everywhere

Being everywhere

It is hard to see it

Perhaps it is not so common


How do hands washing each other tell themselves apart?

They don’t

They just want to get clean

-Dr. SzZ

Argument Finished

Imagining how heavy they must be

Do you still want to win them?

Argument continued

And if you won

What you would do with the argument you won?

Imagine how many you would have to carry with you

And how heavy they must be.