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Weekly Forecast ~ Feb. 12, 2016

Your personal number for 2016 is obtained by adding 9 to your month and day of birth. (2016 adds up to 9).  For example, if you were born on January 18, add 1+1+8+9 =19.   1,272 more words


New frontiers

There are other world’s all around us which we do not get access to, higher scales of reality in which our universe is a tiny part, a single unit in a structure, like a cell is a single unit in a human. 118 more words


Metaphysics: On the Other Hand

This is the Left Hand of someone who is referred to as a Gateway.

Christ was a Gateway, which is why he is quoted as stating: 248 more words



“Why do we struggle so much? Why do I struggle so much? – Because of resistance.”

Resistance means nothing if what you are resisting will eventually have to happen in the future. 311 more words



“Gratitude cultivates the feeling of love for everything else, and that is why we should practice gratitude.”

I am so happy right now after finding out this awesome low light app or program (google f.lux) that allows my screen to adjust to the suitable brightness it has to be in certain lighting conditions. 369 more words


Je Suis Kali

Firstly, the hole of the Universe, and Multiverse and any other Universe that may happen to exist is Innocence. You are In No Sins, I am In No Sins, We are In No Sins and They are In No Sins. 956 more words


Consciousness Researcher & Physicist Thomas W Campbell - Author of My Big TOE- A Short Introduction

Source: Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell is a physicist and consciousness researcher who is the author of the My Big TOE trilogy.

This short introduction to Tom Campbell and his work is designed to enable you to easily share this information with others by sending a link to those whom you feel would be interested in his My Big TOE theory, but don’t have the time to watch full length videos.