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Commemorating events of war.

In commemorating events of war in the manner we do we are crystallising in our psyche the cult of war instead of emphasising the need for finding peaceful solutions to all conflicts.


Thesis Rewrite Project

MSR’s Case Against Emergence

Within the MSR website, there are several entries talking about the inadequacy of the concept of emergence when applied to consciousness emerging from unconsciousness. 946 more words


A little about me and the purpose for this blog...

So, the hardest part of the beginning of a blog is actually sitting down and collecting all of these thoughts that run through your head. I’ve had several folks tell me to write a blog and I just thought that was a silly concept. 1,495 more words

All Are One

The Journey Continues - The Double-Edged Sword of Duality

One of the many curiosities that this lifetime has presented to me has been why it seems it is so much easier to invoke (call in from outside oneself) and evoke (call up from within oneself) those things that are negative and cause us pain. 998 more words


I do not have eyes. I have telescopes that peer into the universe of a single atom of consciousness. This vision is the interior design of one room in the cosmic mansion, a room adorned by thought form crystallizations that illuminate residential darkness like stars in the night sky. 142 more words


Freddy the Farmhand

Originally posted:  4/21/14

Freddy (I got his name, and I see him in overalls, farm work clothes.  I’m standing with him in the hayloft of a barn) 366 more words


Invisible yet real

Humans don’t have the keenest sense organs in the animal kingdom. Sight, hearing, smell, almost any sense we can think of, we can also name an animal that has a better version of it. 637 more words