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Casey Winston Ellis Numerology Report

09/13/1992 Birth Time: 11:23 pm Place: Washington D.C.

Your Life Path Number is 7

Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one. 2,348 more words


Occupy my mind...

Laurel: I can’t stay awake if I’ve got nothing to occupy my mind.
Hardy: I’ll give you something to “occupy your mind”…

One of my favorite mystical teachers, A. 175 more words

Victims of our own confinement

We decorate and gild our cage

Make it nice and decorate

The confines of our own entrapment

The bars of our own restraint

And we focus so much on this… 60 more words


Your game

You push me away

But then give me them eyes

The come hither looks

And I fall despite

Knowing as you draw me in you’ll push me away again… 138 more words


Time enough

Time grinds

Time the irresistible force

Time no holding back

Time something we lack

Living by time

Time goes so fast

Live by time

Things never last… 75 more words


Ill In Love

Last night’s dream has left me

But I am ill in love

Oh so still in love

Salesman churn out advertisements

Disappointing little dreams, in love. 46 more words

A reason an purpose for all things

All thing exist for reasons

All things have a purpose

All things are energy

Flowing in this quantum place we live

You don’t use your eyes to see… 80 more words