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When The Bones Join The Plot With Lung Cancer!

When The Bones Join The Plot With Lung Cancer!


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When Lung Cancer Spreads to the Bones…

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Back on the rollercoaster ...

SO, after not having made a post for a while, I’m afraid that this is going to be another one of “those” posts …

Last week, after completing two cycles of chemotherapy, I had a PET CT scan to check how the cancer was reacting to the treatment. 423 more words

Living With Breast Cancer

Why Cancer Happens

    According to Greek mythology, Cancer was the crab that the goddess Juno immortalized in the night sky after the lowly creature sacrificed himself in a fabled battle between Hercules and the nine-headed Hydra.   1,025 more words


Are Migrating Cancer Cells Like Rafting Monkeys?

Early in the morning, before getting sucked into the e-world, sometimes even before having coffee, I’ve been reading a book called Cancer: The Evolutionary Legacy… 908 more words


Are You Ready To Die?

The thing with Palliative Care, is that, the Doctor and the rest of the palliative care team not only manage the Patient’s condition, they “process” the Family as well. 260 more words




That’s a word that I’ve heard on a few occasions this past week.  The first time was last Thursday evening when I received a call from hospice regarding my Dad.   445 more words

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