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Skin metastasis - April 2017

Into the 4th cycle of my chemotherapy I felt small lumps on the surface of the left breast and it was red and itchy.  By the end of the 5th cycle (5 weeks later) it spread across the whole area. 68 more words


Diagnosis and treatment - 2017

I celebrated my 50th birthday in the summer of 2016. Going back to after the summer I started feeling poorly and developed a chronic cough. In December 2016 I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.   359 more words


Carbon dating cancer: from inception to spread

Told you, I’m going to post more regularly now. Also, it seems natural to have these little pre-article sentences now, so I may as well carry on. 673 more words


Time to death among men with nmCRPC by NCCN risk group

One of the abstracts to be presented at ASCO this year gives us some insight into risk for and time to death among men with non-metastatic but castration-resistant prostate cancer (nmCRPC). 367 more words


A fresh perspective on cancer (for me!)

By Mhairi Morris, Loughborough University

Current estimates state that nearly half of us will develop cancer at some point during our lifetime, either a benign tumour that doesn’t require treatment or a more aggressive malignant tumour with the potential to kill. 720 more words


A collective route to metastasis: Seeding by tumor cell clusters

Kevin J. Cheung and Andrew J. Ewald (April 7, 2016) Science 352 (6282), 167-169.

Summary & Highlights

  • “Although conventional models suggest that metastases are seeded by single cells from the primary tumor, there is growing evidence that seeding requires the collective action of tumor cells traveling together in clusters.”
  • 442 more words
Collective Migration

Metastatic kidney cancer clinical trial keeps jazz pianist playing on

Billy Foster is an accomplished jazz pianist. He is also a cancer survivor. More than a decade after surgery for stage 1 kidney cancer, Foster’s disease recurred and metastasized, or spread, to his lungs. 612 more words