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Chinese authors contributions to Bentham's iournal 'Current Alzheimer Research'

Pan-Amyloid Oligomer Specific scFv Antibody Attenuates Memory Deficits and Brain Amyloid Burden in Mice with Alzheimer’s Disease

Current Alzheimer Research, 11(1): 69-78.

Author(s): Min Zhao, Shao-wei Wang, Yu-jiong Wang, Ran Zhang, Ya-nan Li, Ya-jing Su, Wei-wei Zhou, Xiao-lin Yu and Rui-tian Liu… 187 more words

Bentham Science Publishers

E-Cad keeps cells tightly bound together but an intermediate amount of E-Cad can play role in aggressive tumours that are capable of metastasis as they play a role in facilitating highly diverse groups of cells to migrate from the original tumour

Institute for Research in Biomedicine-IRB says that the protein E-Cadherin is required for groups of diverse cells to migrate together, research shows. Tumors with intermediary levels of E-Cadherin generally have a poorer prognosis, and the scientists suggest that the phenomenon of heterogeneous cell migration may be related to this.  240 more words


To kid or ot to kid...

Do I want kids? That’s always been the question…

For a while I really wanted them. Being pregnant looked like a vacation (funny thinking of that now because I’m sure it’s not) and the idea of passing down family traditions appealed to me. 284 more words

Breast Cancer

Everything leads to this...

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. I’m 42.

I’ve already dealt with breast cancer and never thought it would come back. It did. 82 more words

Breast Cancer


From Greek methistanai, to change, metastasis, removal or change.

Change, it’s been 3 days since our journey changed. We knew it was going to happen. 591 more words

Canine Cancer

Changing our route

Today Frida had an appointment for a more extensive check up, as we are just hitting the 6th month after her surgery. It didn’t start good when the scale revealed that she had lost around 2 pounds, that’s almost 850 grams. 431 more words

Canine Cancer

PHD2 inhibition reduced metastasis by normalizing tumour vessels and by de-activating cancer-activated fibroblasts

VIB – Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology says that reducing the expression of the PHD2 oxygen sensor impairs the ability of breast cancers to metastasize (spread) to other parts of the body, scientists have discovered. 187 more words