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Sometimes, it's the little things

Getting a cancer diagnosis either at the early stage or the advanced stage is a massive deal. There are the big things you worry about; would I be here to watch my kid(s) grow up? 605 more words

Thyro... what?!

I had started dreading phone calls and conversations in the last few months as the hoarseness in my voice always made it into the conversations. The oncologist also wasn’t too happy with the fact that my voice wasn’t back to normal. 428 more words

New Pain ......Has the Cancer Spread?

One of the biggest fears that all cancer patients encounter is the fear that the cancer has come back or spread. Every new bump, change, or irregularity is automatically questioned and suspected. 848 more words

Cancer Journey

Wnt and Activin are part of vital step in stem cells

Salk Institute for Biological Studies says that stem cells, which have the potential to turn into any kind of cell, offer the tantalizing possibility of generating new tissues for organ replacements, stroke victims and patients of many other diseases. 141 more words


Pre-existing inflammation can lead to metastasis

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology says that allergic reactions — or at least the pre-existing inflammation from these reactions — may set the stage for cancer to spread from one area to another, researchers have learned. 36 more words


AACR 2015: Bringing Cancer Discoveries to Patients

The beautiful spring in Philadelphia provided an inspiring setting for the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and the nearly 20,000 scientists who gathered to share the latest advances aimed at understanding and ultimately conquering cancer. 1,521 more words


Dr. Nina’s What You Need To Know About Cancer

Our body is truly amazing. It is comprised of an estimated 3 trillion cells that form tissues and organs and work harmoniously together. A cell is our body’s basic unit of life. 1,055 more words

Dr. Nina Radcliff