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Press Release for EurekAlert! Preclinical studies involving resistance to antiangiogenic therapies

New blood vessel growth, or angiogenesis, is critical for cancer to grow and spread throughout the body. Drugs that target vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) — a key driver of angiogenesis — are now approved for the treatment of several metastatic cancers. 263 more words

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Radiation, Eyebrows & Anxiety

It’s amazing how quickly radiation is passing, especially in comparison to chemo. As of today, I have completed half of my radiation treatments.

Fifteen down. Fifteen to go. 334 more words

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Stopping metastasis before it even begins ... Can we do that?

The idea that one could stop the initiation of prostate cancer metastasis before it even starts is fundamental to the idea that we might be able to eliminate prostate cancer as a cause of death. 313 more words

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How breast cancer can become resistant to hormone therapy

Despite the overall success of hormone therapy, breast cancer tumors in patients with metastatic disease often fail to respond. One new mechanism that can explain resistance to hormone therapy in breast cancer involves two significant changes in the cells – overexpression of the FOXA1 gene and increased production of IL-8. 803 more words


Researchers discover new "spreading" gene in breast cancer

Scientists have identified a new molecule that allows cancer cells to move freely and spread around the body.

The findings could lead to new treatments capable of preventing the spread of cancer cells around the body through a process called metastasis – the leading cause of death from cancer. 408 more words


One blood sample can be tested for a comprehensive array of cancer cell biomarkers: R&D at WPI

One blood sample can be tested for a comprehensive array of cancer cell biomarkers: R&D at WPI

Curator: Marzan Khan, B.Sc

A team of mechanical engineers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have developed a fascinating technology – a liquid biopsy chip that captures and detects metastatic cancer cells, just from a small blood sample of cancer patients(1). 935 more words

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