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Breast Cancer: Chemo and radiation -- cancer spread to lung and bone

Hi Dr. Teo,

I am writing here to make an appointment with you for my mother who is having last stage breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and undergone chemo and radiotherapy. 166 more words

Breast Cancer

Round 2 - Zometa

I’ve been meaning to provide an update regarding my last Zometa infusion but it’s been a pretty busy few days. I wasn’t always one to embrace super busy days but I’ve found that being busy takes my mind off cancer for minutes at a time; I definitely can’t complain about that. 960 more words

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer patients with high levels of ALK1 protein more likely to develop metastasis

American Association for Cancer Research says that breast cancer patients with high levels of the protein activin-like receptor kinase (ALK1) in the blood vessels of their tumors were more likely to develop metastatic disease, research shows. 269 more words


'Important' dates

Time to update my calendar on the next few appointments I’ve got lined up:

June 18th – Second Zometa infusion. I’m trusting God that the side effects won’t be anything like it was the last time. 370 more words

Breast Cancer

Where's the line?

I hate the fact that I have to think about cancer as often as I do. Remember my last post about feeling at peace with the news about the recurrence? 823 more words

Breast Cancer

CRPC, "personalized" medicine, and the science of whack a mole

We have known for decades that prostate cancer is an “evolutionary” cancer. In other words, clinically significant prostate cancer and prostate cancer-specific mortality are the consequence of a series of events over time (probably both genetic and epigenetic) that lead to progressive and then to metastatic disease of variable levels of aggression. 863 more words


Hepatic (Liver) Metastasis Therapeutic Pipeline Report 2015

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 05, 2015 ) Global Markets Direct’s, Hepatic (Liver) Metastasis – Pipeline Review, H1 2015 , provides an overview of the Hepatic (Liver) Metastasis’s therapeutic pipeline. 18 more words