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The 'World Cancer Day' post

I’ve been dabbling with the intro to a new blog for weeks now and not getting very far at all.
Mostly it’s because I didn’t have anything I particularly wanted to say. 701 more words

How Could a Blood Test Be Used Soon in Breast Cancer Care?

We’ve heard a lot in the news over the last year about how researchers are working to develop a blood test to detect cancer, sometimes referred to as a “liquid biopsy”. 1,330 more words

Research & Clinical Trials

Cancer Overload 

I’m really not a cry baby pity party attention seeking whiner.

I try to remain in a fluid place where there is space to move amidst the reality of what IS. 138 more words


Quality of Death

Someone told me once that we live in grey but our ideas are usually black and white. I find that statement interesting. Facing my death is changing the way I look at my life. 407 more words

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Whole Brain Radiation

Whole brain radiation is one of the easier treatments I’ve had to date. Its quick and has minor side effects compared to chemotherapy. ¬† The main side effect for me has been coping with the fatigue that comes a couple weeks after treatment. ¬† 9 more words

Advanced Cancer

15 Days In and I Already Want a Do-Over

I’m not going to lie. The end of the year was rough. There was what felt like, an unprecedented number of deaths in my circles. So, when January came a knockin’, well I was all too happy to close the books on 2015. 294 more words

Breast Cancer

We Need to do Better

Most readers of Get Up Swinging know that my number one priority to my breast cancer is more money for research for metastatic breast cancer. You know, I do it for my… 732 more words

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