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Remembering Mary

Yesterday, on May 21st, I turned 45. Officially at 4:35am.

My Birthday is a mixture of happiness and sadness.  Happiness because I’m still here despite living with a terminal illness and sadness because I share this day with the passing of my Grandmother and the infant daughter of a high school friend. 419 more words

Breast Cancer

Stage IV Needs More

Breast cancer in the breast is not life-threatening. However, when breast cancer travels outside the breast, usually brain, liver, bone, or lungs, it then becomes metastatic or Stage IV.   689 more words


What’s Up Doc?

My senses have been doing the happy dance on the whole food, plant-based diet. Every morsel is bursting with flavour… tangy lemons, sweet pears, pungent arugula, earthy beets, minty mint, zingy ginger, and so on. 711 more words

The Fight Continues

This week my tumor marker results were great.  My tumor marker dropped from last month, 54.7 my current medication is working.   A weight is lifted off my shoulders, although brief I cannot explain the relief I feel.   564 more words

Moore Fight Moore Strong

Surprise! Happy birthday to me.

It’s my birthday on Tuesday and I’m so grateful I’m still here to celebrate my birthday. I have nothing to complain about really I can still walk, talk, taste, hear, I’m still functioning well and everyone tells me how good I look even though I’m bald now with my chemo. 517 more words

Breast Cancer

Better Late Than Never - The Conference Weekend

This post is a long time in the making. I had every intention of putting my thoughts together after the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Convention. So much happened in that weekend, but then as I got to the airport and was settling in to work on my blog I received a text message to call as soon as I could. 695 more words

Breast Cancer

Journey Continues...

Frequently I am asked how I feel, my usual response is good, and for the most part I do feel good living my new normal.  The pain is constant, and despite being for the most part greater than ten on a scale of one to ten I often work through it or just carry on with it. 724 more words

Moore Fight Moore Strong