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Another Weekend In The Hospital

Let me start by telling you I told my Javiee last week that I was craving mashed potatoes and meatloaf. I never eat that! You’ll understand why I told you this soon. 446 more words

Update on my cancer treatment

I am re-posting my latest journal entry from my Caring Bridge page, so that if you follow my blog or my Facebook page you will be in the loop. 295 more words

Daily Topics

What Are You Afraid Of?

Last week, I had a nagging headache for most of the day. I felt a little tired, a little sluggish, and stressed about some things in my personal life. 628 more words

Breast Cancer

The Massively Ruinous Inspection

Thursday afternoon saw me back at the Cancer Center for another imaging study.  It started out with a tech who, after I warned her that my veins behave badly and don’t like to be poked, bragged that she never had any trouble.  675 more words



Hi my sweet friends and family. I am sitting here on a Friday listening to Prince. He came to me in my dreams the other night like an angel all dressed in tight white sequins. 1,045 more words

The Rhythm of the Ups and Downs

Finding rhythm in life is a tricky thing, because it always seems like something pops up that throws us off our game. Or maybe that’s just me. 1,070 more words

Breast Cancer