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Well it’s the end of staycation today. Usually I spend April vacation hanging out on my own. Now that Tim is retired he is around all of the time. 1,036 more words

Metastatic Breast Cancer

5 Years Ago Today I Chose Not to do Chemo

Thanks to Facebook, I was just reminded that 5 years ago today, I chose not to do chemo. As I look back, this is probably the biggest mistake I made in my cancer journey. 708 more words

Breast Cancer

The week that wasn't

Sooooo…….two weeks ago was either the worst week or second worst week I have had since I started this whole cancer adventure. It is in competition with my very first week of chemo. 1,858 more words


The Day After I Told Everyone I was Slowing Down

Wow! Yesterday, I told everyone I was slowing down with my HKelly designs business and focusing a little more on me and my mental health. I’m moved by the concern and helpfulness of friends! 492 more words

Breast Cancer

Khrystne Haje, Metastatic Breast Cancer and a Convoluted Drug Development Story

Actress Khrystne Haje was recently featured in a People.com article. The headline elicited much discussion among metastatic breast cancer patients. Written by Julie Mazziotta, the story can be found here: “ 1,418 more words

Metastatic Breast Cancer

What Kind Of Cold Is This?

From April 6 up until the morning of April 10, I have felt like shit. It has been hard to eat. Hard to walk. Hard to move. 306 more words



I have two slightly different sets of goals. “Local goals” and “worldly goals.” The local goals are things that I need to either do to myself or can do in my area. 620 more words