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Dialogue from Film - “Dogma” ~~Jay~~

Metatron and a Woman emerge from the church. The Woman stares at Bartleby. Bartleby cowers.
The Woman lays Her hand on his shoulder, helping him to his feet. 424 more words


Mini-Interlude 50 - Jophiel And Elisabet

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Well, that would be one complete and utter waste of time out of the way, Elisabet silently announced while leaving the room where she and the other Crossroads Committee members had just finished yet another discussion. 4,062 more words

First Thursday

Today was my first Sabbath – I set a structure for myself this year that I would be taking Thursdays back, transforming them from nightmarish endless cycles of bad news and worse circumstances into days of journaling, reflection, and spiritual growth without working on anything work-like, without screens or social media. 727 more words

Just Blogging

2018: Terraforming our Reality Landscape

Well it is here…2018. We haven’t had an especially bright outlook for planet Earth in 2017, and it appears there is more to come in the dismantling of decent behavior and compassion by many of the leading governments of the world. 738 more words


Raphael / Metatron / Uriel / December 26, 2017

Raphael / Metatron / Uriel / 12-26-17

Published on Dec 26, 2017

Channeling – Raphael – Metatron – Uriel:
Hello, my beloved! I came to you today to follow your fellows – the Archangels Michael, Raphael and Seraphim – to tell you about my role in people’s lives and in the process of the Ascension of the Earth.

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The Benefits of the Metatron Device and How It Works

Understanding the technology, about the ways the new devices work is not easy at the first stage. Consistent researches and development in every field lead to the invention and the modification of different technical devices, which are used in different areas. 282 more words