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Epic's Tim Sweeney: Deep Learning A.I. Will Open New Frontiers in Game Design

“ AI is still in the dark ages,” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney told a crowd gathered for Games Beat’s 2017 industry summit.

The video game industry has witness a tremendous amount of growth, thanks to the incredible increase in computation power in terms of visual representations. 607 more words


nobody at home ?!?

you’re right !

I’m not here around for the moment, i mean, it’s hard to split, and nobody can be everywhere, isn’t it ?

but no trouble, you can follow my noise here: … 46 more words

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Personal Thoughts on Persona 5

Like so many other game series I’ve touched on here, I had never played a Persona game before jumping into this one. This was one I had just intended to watch my fiance play through, but by the time she made it to the first Palace (term used for dungeons in this game) I couldn’t help but get in on the action too. 889 more words

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An alternate method for dealing with Orphaned MetaVerse Objects

Update 21 April ’17. The LithnetMIISAutomation PS Module now has a -Force switch for Delete-CSObject

As often happens in development environments, data changes, configurations change and at some point you end up with a whole bunch of objects that are in no-mans land. 374 more words

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EXCLUSIVE: Maria Korolov Now Calling the Shots at InWorldz, Magnuz Binder Now Sets Policy for Great Canadian Grid, New York Times Runs Story About New Jersey! Oh the Humanity!

Okay, now that I have everyone’s attention…

Maria Korolov has decided that InWorldz will no longer release grid stats to the general public.

I know, you’re thinking, “When did Maria Korolov become the big cheese at InWorldz?” I was wondering the same thing. 941 more words

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Time For A Reboot

First, this Hypergrid address…

(If I didn’t do that, my buddy 111shawn would bust my chops loudly enough to be heard throughout the Metaverse. And I just can’t have that.) 2,074 more words

Danko Whitfield

10 Dope Things To Expect At Metaverse: Heavy Meta Art Car Fundraiser

Festival season is approaching and who wouldn’t want to see a DRAGON AT THOSE FESTIVALS?! That is some Game Of Thrones sh*t no? As previously posted Heavy Meta is a 26’ long, 18.5’ tall metallic dragon vehicle with interactive fire, sound, kinetic, and light components. 537 more words