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If Not For You

If it weren’t for Second Life, I’d never have…fill in your blanks. On Twitter.

#BecauseofSecondLife is a new Twitter #hashtag to spread the word about this virtual world. 19 more words

Danko Whitfield

Because of Second Life...

Strawberry Singh has a new Monday Meme. She blames Draxter Despres for starting the whole thing and who am I to argue with her? 67 more words

Danko Whitfield

Baby Steps

On Tuesday, Philip Rosedale’s new venture, High Fidelity, went live to the masses.

On Wednesday, I logged in for the first time.

Beware of noob! 10 more words

Danko Whitfield

Hi, High Fidelity

High Fidelity has opened to the general public this week. I read about it on Inara Pey’s fine blog. I’ve just downloaded it and logged in. 154 more words

Danko Whitfield

Thoth Jantzen - Faces of InWorldz

I met Thoth Jantzen previously when poking about some of his displayed creativity on a platform above Quadrapop Tree’s region. I was first drawn to the Egyptian items that he had created, but learned quickly that there was way more to it than  first meets the eye. 2,224 more words


#874 A new Fashion Agency in SL

Haute Monde Agency (HMA) has opened it’s doors and this past Sunday held their inauguration show called Extravaganza Eleganza with Fashion by Heth Haute Couture. HMA is owned by Hethwen Collinwood and run by Lady Falina Katze-Elmer and is part of Metaverse Pageantry, Modeling Academy & Magazine. 148 more words

Second Life

The 3D Web with JanusVR

I recently discovered this project, JanusVR, yet another iteration of attempting to develop a 3D web.Using a markup language that sits easily within HTML, (also with my familiarity of the similar… 66 more words