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IMVU: Pay Less, Find What You Want

Sometimes in IMVU you may come across a ZCD (Zero Change Derive), in which the creator has increased the price but has not changed anything in the derived product. 24 more words


Diamond Orbit

Diamonds that orbit around your pelvis in IMVU, turning you into a sun for precious gems! Derivable.


Little World or some new experiences

Oh yes, i know !

some want now yell at me, i know, i know ! It’s Sansar, and i’m sure you have seen plenty of pics, video, info of all kind about this new world the last days. 74 more words

Non Classé

Are You Experienced? Sansar, Day One

Sansar, the new virtual world from Linden Lab, opened it’s beta period to the public yesterday. Last night, after reading Ciaran, Inara and Daniel’s… 974 more words

Danko Whitfield

Seashells Everywhere

Here are two new derivable products in my catalog with a seashell. While the other is a simple prop, the other is portable which you can listen and also… 14 more words


Group: The Art of Realism

Are you interested in taking your IMVU style in more realistic direction as a creator or customer? Or just interested in the realistic art? Then consider joining the IMVU group… 6 more words


Improving IMVU Graphics (For Example)

In IMVU you may know the graphics that have jagged edges for the lack of settings for antialiasing, but those settings can be implemented with a bit of help from your GPU driver — and it shows! 7 more words