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Defined and Explained: Creating the Metaverse in the Real World

Two years ago, I restarted my effort to make sense of the Metaverse. Today I can confidently tell you that I understand what the Metaverse is in the real world, and how it actually works. 1,975 more words


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Some Further Thoughts on Plus Regions

I decided to purchase a Plus account. Not because I wanted perks and benefits, but because I wanted to first hand see what they were all about, as well as being able to find another way to contribute back to InWorldz financially.  955 more words


Where is Heaven? part 2

I got totally distracted last time. Let me finish here. Earth is in a universe along with billions of other universes. All of these are in the metaverse. 371 more words


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ネットで調べた参考資料を基にして造ってみた。このregionはmedieval atmosphereを中心に考えているので近代的なものは何もない。


The Multicultural Menu Part 1: Itadakimasu!

Pssst! Not in the mood for reading? Skip the babble and go straight to The Multicultural Menu Part 2: Direct TPs.

If there is one thing I miss about my homeland, it’s definitely the food. 439 more words


Wearable Tech for Your Nails: Augmented Reality, Holographic Fingernails and 3D Animations

Melbourne, Australia-based company, Metaverse Makeovers, has developed the world’s first holographic nail art with its holographic stick-on fingernails. By using the free phone app, the user can scan their intricate nail designs and add on-screen 3D animations. 70 more words