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#BlackOscars: The Luke Cage Episode


On this episode of the #BlackOscars we are  joined together to talk about the newest hot TV show called Luke Cage, found on Netflix.  Join us as we discuss the show and explore the critical response to Luke Cage, on top of the significance of black superheroes in comic books and the silver screen. 68 more words



Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA. USA; Millennium City, MI. USA

Group Affiliation: Current deputy leader of the Squadron eXtreme

Alignment: Good… 453 more words

UNTIL Superhero Registry

Meteor Man Art: Robert Liu-Trujillo

This was posted back in October 2012, saying he was “just playing around.” Well, if this is what he does when playing around, I can only imagine how good this could be if he actually put some effort into it! 101 more words


Meteor Man Art: Neko L. Harris

This guy is clearly a fan of Meteor Man. He first posted this a few months ago. A fierce-looking image of Meteor Man vs. Simon. 206 more words