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Ep 60 - Last Episode Before the Hiatus


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– The epic finale to our Meteor Man actual-play (running since episode 1) – using Rory’s Story Cubes.

– Part 2 of RpgGamerMum reads Kudrun so you don’t have to – and we talk about the gaming ideas inspired by this medieval German saga of love, loss and griffins. 8 more words


Ep 53 - Bill Slavicsek


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– An interview with Bill Slavicsek of StarWars, West End Games, Wizards Of The Coast and Elder Scrolls Online fame.

– A new instalment of Meteor Man – our Rory’s Story Cubes actual play. 21 more words


Ep 50 - Happy 1st Birthday


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РA celebration of our 1st birthday with a plethora of lovely guest contributions and thanks to our first patrons.

– RpgGamerMum summarises the life of King Arthur (according to Mallory) and we discuss the gaming ideas it throws out. 8 more words


Starlog #195 October 1993

This cartoon was based on the superhero comedy movie “Meteor Man” from 1993. I never saw the movie so I don’t know whether or not he had to learn how to use his newly acquired super powers. 16 more words